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Life is My Highway

Montana and North Dakota have become home.... dang it lol.

These Girls

Lord help me but these babies wear me out.... they are just perfect!


Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

We are so smexy!

Favorite sport: embarrassing our kids in public


My mini-me is finding her own way in life

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Busy Beavers

We literally make lists of things we want to accomplish when Dave is home. Being that there are some things we prefer to do together as a unit I'm sure this is understandable even if that sounds very very pervy.

So we have run just about all the crazy weird errands, like renewing all his truck tags, getting him a new tire and etc plus we managed to get the whole kids' thing going.

One of the main reasons we decided to settle back into regular life was to allow the kids' their activities. Both of my girls seem to be better behaved and get better grades when they are busy beavers. The fuller their schedules, the better they do. So I'm filling the gap with things they love.

We start piano lessons next week.....we....cause I'm taking too, giddy little laugh. Very excited that Princess' favorite youth director will be coming over to the house every week to give us lessons.

The girls also start this week in tumbling/cheer. Princess is one level (actually one handstand away) away from the cheer team so I anticipate that soon. Duchess is a beginner tumbler so here we go.

Add this to the church activities and the AR reading goals Dave/I have upped....and the homework/studying /guidance/help we give them after school and we are pleasantly busy. Not slam packed full but just busy enough to eliminate boredom and time for little girl attitudes. Woohoo.

Very blessed that Dave is amazing. Very blessed that he encourages me to continue to stay home and be as involved in my kids' lives as I currently am. Oh and that he encouraged me to take piano lessons with my kids, cause I've always wanted to know how to play.

So with a skip in my step, I'm off to finish dinner, laundry, listening to Duchess read her AR book aloud while smiling the whole time.

Blows my mind that I'm so completely content and happy without working right now. Never thought I'd end up right where I am.

Now excuse us, while we go Griswald the hell out of the rest of his time home! Cause that's how we roll.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So I Threw Up

I have this thing for shoes......I think that is a well documented fact. Another horrible confession is my love of purses. I collect them and unless they are seriously worn I keep them (until Dave sees the full purse box and makes me weed some out).

I love purses from expensive designers, I love purses from feed stores, I love purses from the clearance rack at JC Penneys. I'm totally not prejudice from where my purses come from. However, I like a purse that is a little odd, a little distinctive, some might say a little ugly but I have my own style.

So this weekend, while my girl was visiting we were talking purses and I told this story....

I have been given my four most expensive purses. I didn't personally buy them, cause I'm so dang frugal that I have a hard time parting with alot of money for a purse, even if I do lust after them. The problem is that my purse fetish has become kinda of well known fact.

The King Ranch purse: purchased by the husband for my anniversary one year. Cause he knows me, and spoils me. I still carry it.

The Brighton bag: a parting gift from the board of directions I served when we got military orders to take us out of state. Gorgeous purse, still looks brand new, still carry it.

The Michael Kors purse: passed to me via a girlfriend who didnt' care for the's the one I'm carrying now.

However it's the last one that made me sick, seriously!

Two years ago, the VP that was one of my supervisors went overseas on vacation with his wife. A few short weeks later, wife came into the office handing out sweet little bags of candles and goodies to everyone. Except me. She smiled, hugged me and left me a box. I opened it and about died. It was a great knockoff version of a Louis Vuitton purse. The VP and his wife made my day just by thinking of me but I haven't really carried it because it looks a little dainty to carry my gun around with me.

Except when my girl was here, she and I were talking bags and I mentioned this one. She pulled it out of the top of my closet and examined it. Then looked up the serial number from the inside of bag.

It's a real Louis Vuitton bag.

That's sat for 2 years in my closet.

I moved it to the safe.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Do you hear that?

Sounds like a stud in a big arse truck is heading my way......this week is getting better and better. Oh boy! The kids will certainly be surprised when he bursts up in here at midnight but with only 6 days down between his assignments, we'll take what we can get right now.

Now I have to go and crack the whip to make sure my 6th grader finishes her AR book tonight. I gave her enough rope and 2 weeks to get to page 56 is not enough. She's finishing the entire book tonight even if she is still awake when her daddy walks in the door. Then she's getting on that bus in the morning if I have to carry her on in her pjs.....mommy is done playing. It's getting ugly up in here peeps.

What is Wrong With Me?

So I am a glutten for punishment. I have had two calls this past week and I can't say no to anything anymore. Not only am I volunteering to coordinate the picture day at the primary school this week but I'm also attempting to create a Halloween door for Duchess' classroom to be in the competition for homecoming week. If only I were a creative freaking person. What the hell if wrong with me?

Good grief.

Seriously I have to get a freaking clue. So I have decided to attempt to make a paper mache project for this damn door. Things are going to get really interesting around here.

I'm gonna run up and grab some goo-be-gone just in case I accidently glue myself to the countertop again.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Five years....and counting

It's been five years since we "saw" each other, but this dang girl is seriously my other half. She got off the plane wearing the same exact outfit I had on and we get one another like very few people get us. So yeah, I had a blast with my friend this weekend. Not only did we stay up talking to the wee hours of the morning but she showed me how to retile my coffee table....spent 3 hours taking the crappy grout out that we'd attempted to use and then in 10 minutes had it looking amazing. I wanna be her when I grow up!!!!

Here's to you girlie!

The next weekend we meet up in New Orleans and lay by the dang pool.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dancing with the Dork

Every morning when the bus drives away with my babies, I come straight in and crank up my itunes. I'm a music person, a dancing person....just not in front of others. My taste in music drives Dave nuts, I think my dancing does too, so when I have this place all to myself....boogy shoes!

This morning though I said a little thank you prayer when I had a flashback to getting into the office way early, before any of the banker hours' people. My ipod was a constant accessory at work so I'd jam away doing all my about office needs, copying my stuff, packing up event boxes, etc....early so I wouldn't have to roam the office later and actually speak to people, I'm a shit. But I'd dance and way through the first hour of my morning....offkey. It was great. Until the time one of the managing partners walked into the kitchen while I was butt in the air doing a dance and singing off key while digging out my breakfast. Opps.......

This is why I keep my blinds closed in the morning.......


Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Sight

I have three course periods left to get my degree. Today I signed up for my new 3 classes and although I've been taking 2 at a time, I'm gonna start pumping out 3 at a time to get done. Whew! Although, strangely enough now that my degree major classes have all been taken I'm noticing a pattern....all my professional electives have been criminal/law enforcement classes. Hmmmm...interesting.

Anywho, I'm cleaning house and preparing. Tomorrow my BFF military wife girl that I haven't laid eyes on in 5 years is flying in for the weekend. While we got out of the military, they stayed in and are now stationed in a nearby state. To make up for the moving blues, her hubby bought her a ticket to come see me. SO FREAKING EXCITED. Let the girls' weekend commence!

True Love

I love you more than myself:

This is the message I got when I got out of the tub last night after the kids were completely asleep and the house was quiet.

Murphy had left his brand new chew bone on my pillow.

And was tail wagging and waiting to see what I thought.

I love that dang dog!

Even if you do have OCD tendencies like having to circle around three times before you go potty, and moving your food bowl away from the wall before you eat, and sleeping with four paws in the air and your face pressed against my leg everynight.

Murphy, I love you more than my luggage...that says alot.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Hero

My mom's facebook post tonight reminded me how much I love me some Madea...Seriously, she's like my #2 hero. So when I get upset or frustrated, I tend to quote Madea alot.

I used this one today on the unsuspecting:

She don't know about us, We Baptists, We tear this place up....

Yep, in case you didn't know....we're Baptists and we'll tear it up, lol.

Come to think of it, give my mom a few years and she'll be giving Madea a run for her money!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This Should Tell You ALOT About Me....

Yes, I love you too, you control freak....

This is an email I got today. It made me smile....cause it's true, I'm a control freak.

Dear Auto Parts Store Man

You have met your match. Be warned.

You took forever to get my part in, then you left it on the shelf instead of calling me, then I chewed your arse, then it was the wrong part stuff.



Although my daughter tells me that I swing my attitude around too much, I killed'em with my "so sweet that sugar wouldn't melt in my mouth" personality (#5 of 12 I think) and not only are the parts coming but overnight at no cost to me........

Why yes, yes I am!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Monday

Dear Monday,

I kicked your butt! I got the kids on the bus with all their poop on time. I made it to the library, exchanged some jeans for Duchess, bought toliet paper, hit Sonic, signed up as Duchess' room mom (help me), cleaned my house, wrote a paper, cooked a full meal, did 1 hour of reading with Princess, helped make study cards for a 6th grade science test, quizzed a 7 year old on vocab words, spelling words, math timed quizzes and answered several disturbing questions about insects, dealt with doc office, made appt to put car into shop tomorrow, set up a proctor exam for my legal class, sweet nothinged my husband, and dealt with house repairs.

Now I'm too dang tired to do the dishes.

Frankly, I just don't care. My give a ^$*) has got up and left.

Tomorrow I aim to spend some time reading on the couch! Dang!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What A Blessing:

Today has just rocked from the ground up!

After trying a couple of local churches in our new small Texas hometown, we finally threw our hands in the air and drove the 45 miles one way to the church that had captured our hearts when we were RV-ing down here before summer. It was like coming home. I learned so much from the sermon and during praise and worship while swaying to the beat, I was digging through my bible to mark the verses we'd use in the upcoming sermon, I was literally hit upside the head by a verse that really hammered home everything I'd been strugging with this week. It was def a moving moment!

We had a nice lazy afternoon and then Princess mowed the parts of the front and side yard not covered with dirt from the yard re-leveling my landlord man is doing (come spring I'd better have a heckava nice yard!). Duchess loaded the dishwasher and push-broomed the house. I tidied up and started laundry. Then the girls cleaned out my car. Now, we're making chicken and dumplins (THANK YOU GLUTEN-FREE BISQUICK) and doing family reading time before bed.

What a perfect day to start my week.

I'm so very blessed.


I'm really excited. I got renewed yesterday after a good talk with the husband. He always knows what I need to hear. Since I'm in the middle of a very rural area where I'm apparently over qualified for just about everything per the few interviewees I've spoke with....I'm gonna focus on my babies. I signed up to be a homeroom mom for the 6th grade. Oh boy! That should keep my arse busy. I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing....being there when my babies get off the bus with a snack and spending the rest of my day with their homework, dinner, and just hanging together.

Sometimes I think when I get the chance, I have the habit of stacking my life overly full so that everything has me juggling and running non-stop which is not good for my stress levels (my tummy does not thank me then) and then somebody get's the short end. It won't be my babies. :) Thanks Dave.

Friday, September 17, 2010

It Don't Take Much

I'm apparently extremely easy. To please that is (get your mind out of the gutter Mary).

After my crazy week, I am finding myself with a huge ole smile and a light heart this morning.

Dave is working nights up in Yankee country so once I put the babies on the bus we have a chance to catch up...he had me on speaker talking while he was strumming his guitar.

Yep, don't tell him but I'm apparently extremely easy to please when it comes to him.

Now I'm gonna go mop my floor and sing a little song of my own.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

All It Takes...

My kids. They solve all problems. They lift my heart up and make me dissolve into a puddle of giggles. I'd put my kids up against anybody, they are a handful....

Duchess is in the AR reading program for 2nd grade and every other day is bringing home new books to read then takes them to do her AR tests. She is turning into a reader like her mom. Except, she has her daddy's tastes in book materials. Every book so far has been a non-fiction about an animal. We've read 40 pages about each of the following: chipmunks, horses, frogs, hummingbirds, and etc....except last night we had to read about rattlesnakes. OMG. I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate snakes for the record, very strong negative feelings. So right before bed, I curl up next to her and she reads me these books every night, except by the time we learned all about reptile species, pit viper classification, squiggling babies verses eggs, smelling with a flickering tongue and ears that are inside the body....I was sick to my stomach and when she closed the book, I was like "EWWWWWW". We agreed..NO MORE animal books for awhile cause that was disturbing. Except she gets off the bus and promptly hands me her new book (it's like a new toy for her, strange) and I was very dismayed to see it was about raccoons. Sigh........her excuse, "But mommy it's not about reptiles, I checked inside before I checked it out". Sigh......

Since tomorrow is Friday we had quite the homework tonight to prepare. Vocab test, timed math test and DLR for Duchess. Science test for Princess. YUCK!

Duchess and I went through vocab like a knife through butter, she's got this. She aced her spelling test earlier today so we lucked out there. The DLR was quick too, no worries. The timed math tests.................3 hours of work. She has to do 50 problems in 3 minutes. She made a 48 last time cause the kid freaks out with the idea of a clock ticking away and the teacher walking around during the test. She cried and told me it made her gassy (OMG) and sweaty. So we did test after test....failed each one. Until we took a break and danced in the kitchen, ate dinner, and did dishes. Then I got smart. I eliminated the distractions and put her on the kitchen floor facing the wall. She passed with 34 seconds left and got all correct. HELLO! So then we moved to the bar stool facing the wall. Another pass. Then we moved the bar stool to the counter, fail. Dang, so I'm working on teaching her to hunker down over her test paper and block out everything around her. Say a prayer for my baby, she's gassy and sweaty. Then we read about raccoons. I'll spare you the details.

Princess has spent every night this week holed up in her room with the science test practice study guide getting ready for this test. But come mommy verbal quiz time, she blanked on over half. So we spent quite a while going through the materials and quizzing. Then it was down to just ONE question she couldn't nail.....6 steps to scientific method. I got inspired and my 33 year old arse made up a cheer complete with a kick at the end and we belted it out in my kitchen over and over. She went to her room, practiced it and then came back and did it again. Finally, she nailed it! Woohoo.........I can totally see her doing the cheer in the middle of her science test in her chair to remember it tomorrow, lol.

What Won't Kill You...

Will slowly drive you can quote me on that if you need to.....

So this week as been a handful. Duchess made her first "F" cause turns out she gets really anxious and freaky when there is a timed math test. Bang head on wall! So mom has been doing math drills and trying to help her get past this sudden fear. I'm such a showoff, I love tests and timed stuff cause it's just another way of showing my stuff so I'm working hard to relate to this, my poor kiddo.

The brand new floor in my new house is buckling. Started a month ago, so my sweet landlord has been keeping an eye on it. Well yesterday he popped over to check it out. We found moisture/water damage on the subflooring and the beginnings of white mold. HOLY CRAP. So I now have two industrial hepa filters and dehumidifiers going round the clock. Today his crew is under my house digging french drains and putting down moisture resistant plastics then who knows what else to stay on top of this drama. Poor Dave, I had to call with this kind of news while he is busting his butt up in a northern state (yankee country y'all) completing this assignment while doing school work and paperwork for the next assignment.

I'm eyeballing jobs, part time at this point cause there is only so much cleaning/grocery shopping and laundry to do....I've started watching daytime tv....this is NOT good peeps.

I had a lovely argument...I mean talk with my doctor. Turns out that I'm a walking mess. Seriously, a mess. My blood sugar is too LOW. Ummm, how is that possible? I eat a ton of sweets, carbs, and that is all I eat. So I'm being monitered for that. My cholesterol was too high so I'm now on meds for it, that makes me want to jump out the window of my car peeps. Seriously don't I take enough freaking pills? Turns out though that my hormones are great so there! Hah! No moody....menopause bitchy crazy woman for me....I seriously told everyone who suggested it that those are my nature personality qualities but no one listens to me. I'm also excited to say that since my surgery I have lost and KEPT OFF 22.5 lbs. Turns out the doc was right and I'm so much healthier after my hysterectomy. Yeah!!!! So I'm 7 lbs from being the weight I was at my wedding. I can't tell you how exciting that is to me. Except my shape has changed, let's just blame the kids for that proportional issue, shall we?

Lastly, I have a lesson for you all. If you work in a highly secure area....please leave all weapons and ammo at home. For someone who carries a handgun everywhere with her, this one is hard for me to remember but Dave will remember now. Last night, his truck was searched at the facility he's working at.....the dog smelled gunpowder. Turns out, he had a box of 22 shells for my kids rifle under his back seat.......luckily they were super cool about it. And very happy to say that he'd left his handgun back at the rv. Bless his heart, when he texted me I seriously couldn't breathe.......good lord!

Well on that note, I'm gonna go sear a roast before putting it in the crock pot for dinner then I have an accounting test. Oh excuse me, a financial management class. Same damn thing. Sigh.

Monday, September 13, 2010

An Interview...I swear

so when you start getting bored during the day, you occassionally stroll through the want ads looking at jobs and when you see a cool one, you apply. And occassionally they call you and give you one hour notice that they would like to meet you for an interview. And occassionally you'll throw on clothes and go forth to said interview...

These are (seriously* hand to the Lord) a FEW of the many many questions I was asked by a six panel board.

*can you deal with blood, urine, or possible feces soaked materials?
Ummmmmmm yes if there are hazmat clothing nearby

*are you comfortable debating with someone older and more senior to you?
yes I can hold my own
*really? you sure?
Ummmm yeah, I might be 5 ft nothing but I can hold my own

*can you testify in open court about your job duties and how you handle this job if you are chosen?
*are you sure?
*now court is very stressful....
I've worked in open court and am very familiar with the process
*but testifying....
If I've done my job to the best of my training and abilities then there shouldn't be any reason to be stressed

*are you overqualified for this job?
excuse me?
*don't you think that you are overqualified for this job?
In certain areas I am overqualified however in other areas I am underqualified which is why I would like more information on the training available
*which areas are you overqualified?
You specified that the candidate must type 40 words per minute, I type 80. So I'm double qualified in that area.
*you think very fast on your feet
Thank you!

*what is your best work quality?
I get the job done, everytime.
*what is your worst work quality?
I get the job done and at times it may not be in the friendliest manner.
If I have to do my job and yours to make sure it's done on time and correctly because you took a long lunch or disappeared, I will. However, you and I will talk about it later.
****** (silent man finally speaks up)...hey that is my line.

So I'm not thinking that I'm gonna get a call back from that one. Especially when this subject came up:

*what was your last salary with (insert former company name here)?
(insert my answer here)
*so you made double what we are offering?
yes, but I understand that rural Southeast Texas is a different market (insert sweet smile here)
* (mutters) Christ that is more than I make
---silence on my end-----

Oh good lord, seriously.....

I'm starting to think if I want to work while my kids are back in school then I'm gonna have to go with the whole "my dog ate my resume" routine. Either that or lie..........

Friday, September 10, 2010

Like the First Time

This past week has been such a joy. After 14 years the guy still melts me. We danced in my kitchen, he danced with our girls...we had lunch, he had lunch at the school with the girls. We laughed, oh how we laughed. And he's on the road today heading up to his next assignment. Travel mercies for my baby.

I love how it never gets old......

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Booo...he got a work call and he has to leave tomorrow to report Sunday for his next assignment way the hell up north. Losing a whole day with him. Dang. But it'll be fine it always is. Just will miss him being home. So blessed to have him 24/7 when he's at home though. Totally makes up for his working weeks at a time away.

Rocking my new "librarian" hair do, figured out a few ways to style it up rather than ponytails....see I'm capable of personal growth. ha!

Princess has now graduated up to mowing my yard as part of her weekly chores which is great news for my back and Duchess inherited some more chores so it all works out in the end.

Now I'm gonna sit back and watch as Dave grouts and finishes the coffee table that I was suppose to finish three weeks ago. I told him as I'll tell you....that is outside of my skill-set.

Tomorrow I'm gonna blare my music, pray travel mercies over my husband and clean my house to keep busy while my babies are at school. And thank the sweet Lord Jesus that Fridays are no homework days. Good grief they have some homework these days. I have to say it's nice though that it's all study for test work or spelling work or review work rather than "shit the teacher didn't get around to teaching them so mom can do it" work. I am so in love with this school district!

Life is truly so short and we only get one shot at this rock. This was a discussion that I had with a Verizon salesguy who was setting up Dave's computer with an air card (so my baby can have school access no matter where he's sent to work, and lets be honest so he can relax with gun and/or hunting porn...the guy really does read forums on guns....fascinating). We briefly talked about all the places we'd lived and he asked if we'd seen the Redwoods in California while there. I told him it was a very very special place for me cause it was the moment in my life that I realized that I was totally a spec in this universe and that the world was full of people just like me that were going about their daily lives with no to little thought outside their own little arena. Now that conversation is just popping around in my head.......gotta live outside my little box some I guess.

And tomorrow, I'll tell you all about the one job interview I've been on down here. Oh boy, it's a doozy....totally what I get for thinking of going back to work. Should just shut up and enjoy the time I have at home, lol.

Till then,

I'm Getting Old

For crying out loud, I'm a mess. This damn back is trying me nuts. And oh boy the muscle relaxer the doc gave me is still making me so damn loopy. Good grief, I'm a noodle. And since I didn't take anything to help me sleep, I was reading and staring at the ceiling for hours last night....just hours. Crap. So when Dave had to run back for a checkin with the doc this morning for his blood pressure meds apparently they discussed my non sleeping and such. Cause when he got home and I was passed out trying to capture some of that sweet sleep I've been going without, he made me get up. Cause doc says no naps................... Oh for crying out loud........

So at 33, I'm falling apart.

The good news is that we're making this week the best possible week on earth for us. What a blessing to have him home!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

He Made Me....

So I finally went back to fabulous Lance my hairdresser and got rid of the hooker blonde hair...and I love my new do, as I work on growing out my hair. That was a highlight from my day. Then it was blown to hell, as Dave made me go to the doc. I hate docs.

So the new doc is my second attempt at a regular doc since I moved here. I tried one at the beginning of the summer but he wouldn't look me in the face, instead staring at my breasts the entire visit. Then told me I was 14 lbs overweight. Bastard.

So I tried again cause I was a bonehead two weeks ago and move my big ass coffee table by myself. Which resulted in a pulled lower back muscle. And no matter how I stretch, how Dave rubbed the damn thing, or even how many aspirins I better. So she scheduled me for physical therapy, ummm serious? Yep. Then she gave me muscle relaxers and I gave them back so she gave me lower dosed ones cause I'm a featherweight medicine wise.

Then we discussed my celiacs. And I have to go see HER gastro doc to get an updated evaluation cause she doesn't like the tummy meds I'm on. Fun!

Then we argued over my lack of sleep, low blood pressure and body temp. She drew a pound of blood and is checking my hormone levels cause she is thinking that I'm in need of yet more daily meds.

I'm thinking I need a new doctor..........Freaking drama queen. And this is why I hate doctors.

And he MADE me go!

Otherwise enjoying the time home with said dictator who makes me laugh constantly and spoils me rotten. Watched him come home so happy at lunch cause he went and ate lunch with both girls at their schools today. So very adorable. Gonna miss him when he leaves again Saturday.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Having Fun with My Guy...

homecoming with my guy rocks......

Sunday, September 5, 2010


There is nothing in the world better than coming home from a Wal-mart to see a handsome man sitting on your couch.

I'll be back in a week.........I'm gonna be busy till then peeps.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Looks like the cowboy is coming back to town.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Simple Pleasures

When it comes down to it, I'm kinda a simple person. I don't need fancy anything. Don't get me wrong, I drool over expensive shoes but own only one pair that actually sit on my bookshelf to make me smile verses wearing them often. I don't own alot of jewelry. Dave has bought all my near and dear nice pearls included...the man has great taste. The jewelry I bought comes from local feed or western stores that have funky, unique homemade stuff from locals on display. I buy all my clothes at nice stores but on the clearance rack or with a coupon. I'm thrifty, simple.

Today I was wondering what I'd do with my self-imposed "me" day I'm taking next week. I'm gonna get my hair touched up at Lance's. Then it's wide open, so here are some thoughts of my mommy time:

- bake a bunch of new recipes with my new found Gluten Free Bisquick (thank you Walmart!)
- go shoot a box of bullets through my Ruger at the range
- sit in B&N's reading books I don't intend to buy while sipping a latte
- prowl through Stein Mart's clearance section for hours, not buying anything as usual

The choices are about as different as Republican and Democrats but they are all things that make me happy.

I will probably choose to take a nap though and not get around to any of those options.

Otherwise, I'm house bound with a Duchess who is out sick with a doozy of a head cold and fever. Yep, you can tell they are back in regular school........damn germs. Poor baby. Poor momma.