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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hiding the Crazy

I'm doing a better job of hiding the crazy these days. I'm really enjoying my week so far... it's a little underwhelming but I'm down 6.5 lbs and that is pretty cool for me. I still have 20 lbs to go to hit my goal. Time to be slim and sexy again, cause this lumpy crap is depressing....

I've managed to hit the gym for the past seven days. I'm averaging two miles a morning on the treadmill then I have my weight training then a nice stretch down, although I've stopped the yoga but I need to add that back cause the stretching is super feel good! I've also added zumba twice a week to my schedule. I'm horrible at it but I leave sweat soaked and ready for a nap so I would say mission accomplished. Kickboxing is on hold until they start the womens class, my ass can't hang with the teen and the college kids doing all that cardio. Princess however has a freaking six pack going on cause she is hanging just fine. (don't worry, I stay there and supervise) She is literally working out with the college baseball team, the team captain is also the class instructor. Did I mention that since my 14 year old looks like she's a college chick herself, that I stay and hang out to supervise? Yeah, she's only 14 so moms gotta do what moms gotta do.

So the kids have their own schedule that keeps me hopping too....Let's continue with Princess shall we? She's started softball season here, she did find her a travel team only problem is that her team practices in doors until May when weather permitting they can practice outside and late May-late June will be tournaments every weekend. So she's pretty happy about that, so far she's playin short stop. Then there is kickboxing twice a week. She's taking the advanced class now for a total of three hours a week. Hard core cardio means she is ripped, lol. Means that momma is also trying to force more protein in her but she isn't a big meat eater so I'm having to be sneaky and find protein in other forms to keep her healthy! Now first of March, she starts playing tennis for the high school. She and her partner are the only eight graders on the team, she won't be able to play any legal state games but she can scrimmage and play local games so it'll just help her skills. Grades are up thankfully too! Since we are big on more carrot and less stick at this age, she's going snowboarding this weekend as a treat since we are super pleased with the progress she's made. Another reason to kick your kids junk if they slack off and get off track peeps. But seriously the coolest thing about the kid lately? She asked for and got a purity ring! So impressed with her choices. Although her room looks like ass and I'm sick of picking up her dirty crap off the bathroom floor.

Duchess ain't slacking either. That kid is slowly branching out. She's not my sports nut. She is my introverted girl. She likes books.She's the kid at the library that is reading nonfiction books for fun. ON the way to church Sunday, (our commute is an hour one way) she was reading aloud and sharing information about deep sea animals with us. I'll never look at the ocean the same. Seriously. Ever. She is rocking out grade wise, having just tested a full year ahead in her reading comprehension from where she tested back in August which was still ahead. Her treat for that was a trip to the school book fair, I do so love that. Since she hasn't done anything since soccer she and I have been negotiating. See I'm a huge fan in keeping them moving and active. If I keep their schedules full too, we don't dwell on the fact we are in the middle of fucking nowhere. Seriously. Although I will say, the people here in the middle of nowhere like to be active and busy too. So I talked her into trying kiddo kickboxing and that has stuck. Like Dave, she enjoys hitting stuff. So that is twice a week. Then she was invited to kiddo zumba by her friend so we tried that. She freaking loves that shit. Who knew. So we got that once a week. Toss in piano and bb gun shooting and she is literally busy every night of the week except Monday. I love it. Happy busy kids.

Speaking of crazy. I'll get around to our hiking incident later this week. For now, I have a pork roast in the crock pot to pull and bbq, potato salad to mix and throw in the fridge cause we have kickboxing and everyone likes to eat AFTER. So I'm out.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V Day y'all

It's Valentine's Day up in the crappy strangely flat hills of eastern Montana (let there be no mistake, this is not the attractive part of the state). Today was a good day. Day whatever day of the happy pills (anxiety my ass, appears I'm a bit angry without my cigs).... and I've managed to actually get some things moving and going. As I sit here, Dave is still working... the man is a machine and work is busy, this is a blessing so I will not complain, no really.... so I've got steak marinating and dinner is gonna be way easy and fast. I've been on the run ALL DAMN DAY.

Got up on time and instead of crawling back into bed, I dropped kids off and put on a sports bra and instead crawled into the gym. I stretched and sat there bitching until my workout partner arrived. She is perpetually happy and smiley. She ignores the shit that comes out of my mouth the first thirty minutes of gym time until I stop talking like a sailor and remember my real words then she's all "there she is, good morning sunshine... let's burn some fat" and off we go. Did abs today. Ouch-like-a-murther-fucker. Got my mile in and then did my arms. Taped in too, which was a joy let me tell you. Almost as bad as weighing myself lately. Sorry but sarcasm lives here now ALOT, I'm trying to be better but just hang with me. So I managed to rock out at the gym then come home for a quick ho-bath... yeah some of you know what that means.... I was in a hurry.

Cause I had to drive an hour away to where Dave works for a hair appointment. Word of mouth from some church peeps that have decent hair and I was there. Three colors and all foil, $60. Seriously I was like .... can I tip you too? Casue that is dirty cheap and it looks good. I needed to get some blonde and light reds in there because my damn grey hair is abundant. I'm too young for all this grey!!!!! So that was seriously the rest of my day. But it was so fun. The place is full of old ladies and today some of the special residents from a livein home was there for their haircuts. Fun! I had plenty of people to talk to and one guy kept telling me I was purty.... who wouldn't love that?

Then it was rush home, 50 plus miles in the snow. Did I mention that it was snowing all day? Casue I had to pick up some steaks and yummies for our family dinner. We gonna play monopoly and have steak tonight. Jealous?

Met Duchess at the bus stop, drop stuff off at house and grab her workout clothes and piano bag. Take Duchess to kidz zumba which she and a friend LOVE and would rather do that regular dance, so okay. Then run back to pick Princess up off the bus and take her to piano. Then back to zumba to grab Duchess and switch kids at piano. Then Princess and I sat outside quizzing on her vocab until Duchess was done with piano.

Now it's homework time for kids and blog time for me!

Say a little prayer that tomorrow I'll get up and go to the damn gym first thing to stetch and then walk across the road to big kid zumba.

Cause I'm gonna need it after I make pineapple upside down cupcakes tonight.

I'm out.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Grouchy is the New Me

Amazingly enough, I'm still cig free but it's becoming obvious that I need a way to bleed off my stress. Apparently screaming at somebody who cut me off in the Walmart parking lot is not appropriate, sigh............Dave. Blah!

Kickboxing is great. I'm super sore and my tummy hurts from the damn blurpees. Seriously thought about punching the instructor in the throat when we got to the flipper kicks... yeah huh there's that violent streak of mine again. Strange, Dave may be onto something here. I've lost 2 lbs in a week from my classes and I really need to get off my ass and start measuring myself rather than weighing cause that shit is depressing.

I've been absent from my blog for so long... I've been subbing like crazy for the middle school. What started as a way to keep my finger on the girls' school stuff and meet some of their teachers have turned into a steady gig. A steady gig that pays crap, lol. I have a pile of checks from them that I need to cash one day and buy some shoes. But one of the English teacher has been having seizures and is having long term medical care so I'm working alot. However, considering that I don't have a teaching cert... I've been waiting on them to bring in somebody, anybody else that can create lesson plans to catch these kids up, cause that is not moi. Luckily this coming Wed I'm handing over the reins to a retired teacher coming back to take over. Yes! I plan on sleeping in and spoiling myself rotten. Oh and laundry, I gotta take back over laundry. The kids have been winging it and frankly, Dave is ready to throw all their clothes out into the yard over the wrinkled shirts hanging in his closet. Geeeeeez.

The new house is looking pretty good inside. I've gotten my red accents up in the livingroom and it's lovely! Course not as lovely as my log cabin in the mountains was lovely but it's pretty dang cute. The kids have gotten completely set up downstairs and thanks to their smell goods, they are rocking some really sweet smells down there too, Princess likes the cupcake scented candles and Duch likes the apple ones. So it's really nice and girlie smelling down there, poor Dave.

We actual got a break in the weather and saw 40 degrees this week. The snow is almost all melted and the locals have me convinced that the mild winters follow me around. Cause my old place in Idaho is under 5 ft of snow right now and this the first mild winter up here in Montana in years. Thank you Lord, cause I really do hate snow.

Off to bed for me. More soon. Hope you are all well! We are doing pretty good here. The girls are settled and thriving. Just wishing we were closer to fam but for now, life here is good.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My New Hobby

This week I started kickboxing. Cause frankly my life isn't busy enough.... now I have a full workout schedule. Two days a week of zumba, two days a week of kickboxing and the rest of the week I'll walk/jog and stretch. Hopefully, I'll pull weight soon. I'm down 3 lbs. Yes!

I just finished my second class. Let's take stock:

First night was Wed: it's an hour and a half class length. I made Dave go with me, guilt trip worked. Princess and Duchess took the kids class and Princess moved up to the adult class with us. It's a family thing. The gym is owned by a former military guy who is also a MMA fighter and trainer. I was scared shitless to go in there for the first class but since Dave went with me, I made it.

We did 30 minutes of hardcore cardio. I almost died. Dave really almost died, he was so red and I was seriously starting to worry. Bless his heart, he made it too. Princess just rocked it along. She is kinda hardcore, I'm a little scared of her. We did laps, we skipped, we shuffled, we crab walked, we did pushups, we did burpies, we did alot of shit that I can't remember the names but the damn flutter kicks almost killed me. Then we taped up and worked on punches. Jabs and cross. Did drills, shadow boxed with partners, and then we wrapped up doing some legwork drills. Insane. I had tears in my eyes when I was unwrapping my hands because I seriously didn't think I had it in me to finish BUT I DID!

Then the next morning, I literally could barely move. I stretched throughout the day but felt lousy.

This morning, still stiff. Stretched, then headed out to sub for 8th grade English. Then it was class time again. Thanks to some swelling with my bum knee, I had to make some adjustments to some of the exercises but I still made it through the entire thing. We did kick basics today. We also closed by playing Red Rover. Seriously, have you played that with adults before, yeah I was out first, damn knee. lol......

Again, I'm sore.

Really really sore.

But I feel a sense of accomplishment that I haven't before when it came to working out. I feel strong. I might be fat, but I'm still strong.

More soon.... school finally slowed down so I have lots of updating on here to do. :)

Till tomorrow!