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Life is My Highway

Montana and North Dakota have become home.... dang it lol.

These Girls

Lord help me but these babies wear me out.... they are just perfect!


Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

We are so smexy!

Favorite sport: embarrassing our kids in public


My mini-me is finding her own way in life

Sunday, November 27, 2011

We are here....

I had the tween and the dog. At one point I put her in the car equilvent of a corner but otherwise 1600 miles of jamming out. We got here and promptly I fell on ice and busted my ankle. Bagged snow is useful, who knew

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chasing the sunset

We made pueblo and we crashed.  We have the two vehicle train going west and north. I started my day on a tank top and its now 19 degrees. Duck a fudge. Cold. Tomorrow we head to Idapimp.

Friday, November 25, 2011

On the road again

Well we are officially three days behind on move. Thanks to moving company. But we are Idaho bound. Two adults, two cars, two kids, one dog. God help us

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Sometimes life slows down to a creepy crawl. In the middle of utter chaos, it's almost like someone threw the slow-mo switch. Today in the middle of cleaning out my fridge I had a moment. I thought about the upcoming move and how I was equally excited and mourning. I'm excited to go be with Dave on his ground and I'm mourning what I feel like I'm leaving behind. Except I'm not leaving the good stuff behind. God is so good to me.

My momma may not be in the same state with them this time next week but she's there. I can literally feel her in the same room with me when I talk to her. She's there! That's enough. She's the reason I am how I am today, she gave me the tools to be who I be. (So blame her if you have a problem with that, lol)

My bestie, BA will not physically be in the same state as well but nobody has the same stupid sense of humor as me. Nobody else likes to sit their ass in the same chair and watch tv together while talking shit and trading insults on facebook, like her. I've learned this leason with two other dear besties that to this day are urgently important in my life so I'm just gonna take her with me.

My work was a journey I so needed. But I made connections there I'll take with me and the peace that the journey brought will be with me.

This morning I sat across from Duch and had two typical Duchess conversations. 1. We need to google barrior islands because she is fascinated by them and wants to know how many are in the US. Ummm I have no clue. 2. Did I know there are a million different "nicknames" for the toliet. This kid is hysterically smart and she truely is a unique cat. I love that about her.

Prin is happy a little lark in the woods with her daddy and Don-Don hunting. She texts me about every hour to see what I'm doing without her. I may not be physically there, but I'm with her. Get the connection yet.......

And Dave, well we talked earlier about a number of random things and just hearing the smiling pride in his voice being there with his firstborn on her first hunting trip just brings this all into focus.

He's missed alot of firsts in their lives but previously that was out of our hands. Now, by working his ass off and making his own scheduling flexible and US MOVING to where his job is......... he's not gonna miss anymore firsts.

I'm in awe of how blessed my life is.

I'm picky about the people I let into my life and even pickier about the people that get to stay in my life but there is reason.

I'm honing in on the important, the necessary and the rest is static that I don't need. I'm just embracing my blessings today.

And trying to figure out how I've missed that rotted onion decomposing in the back of the veggie drawer of the fridge, nasty!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Break time....

The house is clean, kinda. Okay the oven is immaculate (I'm so not cooking it in now Damn that wad work). The stovetop looks new. The bathrooms are sparkling. This is all after spending the night with BA watching a studly sparkly guy woo and finally sex up the emo girl and spawn a baby destined for a werewolf. Yummy.

So now it's me and Duch. Prin and Dave are at the hunting camp. They be back later, just in time for move.

And I'm currently waiting on my toes to dry. Dark grey polish, how Goth of me. And I'm doing it sitting in BA's confuse reclined. Dinner is cooked and I'm waiting on her ass to drag in here from work. I'm a great friend.... Scratch that shit I'm not doing the dishes. But B leaves for Oregon to spend thanksgiving with fam and I'm leaving the state Wed. So I'm getting my bfffff time when I can.

This reminds me, I'm totally scheduling trips to go hang out and paint my toes at my other bffffs house cause this is kinda cool.

Peace out

Phase 1 Complete

Liquid Goo Phase complete. Otherwise known as complete my last day at work and withdraw the children from school phase. Yesterday was busy and I was running around like a mad cow trying to get everything as up to date and under control as possible for my guys. Then the food was delivered and the potluck sides put out but before everyone started eating, I left. The goodbye were so hard. I wasn't done there, I still had things to accomplish for them and I really will miss my family there! I cried and prayed the whole way home thanking God for giving me that opportunity because after my former job, I needed to have that family experience. I needed to see that I could fit in and work somewhere that I loved and was happy to jump out of my car each morning. It was a huge blessing. One that I will treasure!!!!

Then it was straight home to clean my raccoon eyes and head to the schools. It took less than an hour to withdraw both kids from their respective schools. I was so pleased that they were both adamant that they wished I would reconsider and leave the girls, lol. My babies will be missed. Their grades are great and they are happy kids that fit in well wherever they go, got to love them Military Brats!

I managed to get me some B time to snuggle with Boo on the couch watching preschooler shows (I literally felt my IQ dropping, wow those shows suck) and then it was off to the airport to pick up Dave.

Dave flew in to "help" with the move.

Dave probably flew in to ascertain that my sentimental ass actually leaves the state of Texas on time. I can't blame him, lol. Except, since Princess is happily tucked in at the hunting camp for her first season with Pepaw.... that is where he is headed this morning, lol. He's off to hunt till Monday with her and I'll get most of the ground work done here before we joins me for the final push. The movers get here Wednesday. Watch us get busy up in this mug!!!!!!!!!!!

So gotta scrub this house and finish laundry and drag all the boxes out of attic. Time to get this place ready for the packers cause all I'm doing is emptying the trash. My guy is a stud. And what better way to ensure I leave Texas on time than to have someone else pack my ass up. I'm just saying.

Cross your fingers and hope that the automatic oven cleaner works like a charm cause otherwise I'll spend the rest of my day inside the belly of that nasty beast. Damn Prin and her sloppy baking habits. Damn me and lack of notice till just now of the gross ass oven. Sigh.

Later peeps, I got to go buy some rubber gloves and a sonic drink. Oh and some rum for later. Cause all the rum is gone.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's a tough job but somebody had to do it

The kid had plans. The kid leaves in morning for hunting camp. Her first year hunting with her own gun.... Handed down three generations. So I sucked it up and shopped for her gear.... Cause we are Dang near the same size.... I know cause lazy butt kid wore my new levi jeans to the ballgame... Sigh.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Shit Storm is Coming

Well tomorrow is my last full day at work. I'm not ready, they are not ready. But it is whatever the hell it is. So the mover called today and generally ducked up my plans for the next two well thought out plans. OMGawd, they're gonna kill me. They are picking up my crap on the 23rd, that's next Wed right? And delivering them to Idaho home on the 26th, that is a week from Sat right? HOLY SHIT.

And why is the RUM gone? I need some rum to process this shite. So I'm gonna take a deeeeeep breath and then make a list. And another list, and yet another list. Oh sweet peas the lists that will be going on over here. Good grief.

Pray for me. I needs it badly yo.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There are some things that are just wrong!!!!

So I just got a call from my bestie...... "get your ass in the bathroom...... tornado". So there starts my evening. Except we get the all clear and we're all stacked up in the dining room eatting deli roasted chicken, quick mashed tators, and coleslaw then Duchess disappears to the bathroom.

She is yelling at me from three rooms away......... she wants her book.

On the toliet.

And sitting next to her, a plate of chicken.

I took the chicken away.


Really child?

I don't know which proper, manner lecture this falls under but I gotta find one! Stat!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thou Shalt Not Piss Me Off-fa-fa

I am not a patient person. I'm also not a good person, a friendly person or even on a good day, a thoughtful person. I try really hard to always put things into perspective but there are things that really light my fire, to be fair I'll just give you the short list of things not to do to me:
1. put down my kids (this includes, smack talking, being rude, and etc)
2. ignore my kids (unless you don't care for us then go ahead and ignore us, makes life easier but if you are part of their life, act it)
3. talk crap about my marriage (Dave was completely right when he told me that most people look from the outside in and don't understand our life and how we do things, so what you don't understand... leave alone)
4. be malicious and spiteful (this will get you cut off and cut out of my life with a speedy ax chop, and I will sleep like a baby afterwards)
5. expect things of me when you offer nothing in return (yep, this is a big one! I'll bend over backwards for people but if you EXPECT something from me then you'll be sorely mistaken.)

I'm not a doormat. I'm also not the maid to clean up messes left by others.

That said, tonight I'm seething mad at somebody that was thoughtless and rude. I'd like to think that normally I'd turn the other cheek but right now I'm thinking of ways to curb my pissiness. Oh and I'm about to defriend me like a million people on fb too cause that ain't helping none either.

So I will not be snarky and send an ugly email.
So I will not be snarky and post an ugly "up - your- ass" post
So I will turn off computer because I'm having trouble with not being snarky.

Yep, it's time to unplug the electronics in the house until I can trust myself again.

Stupid people suck

Friday, November 11, 2011

Catch Up....

Well I'm in the middle of a much needed break. Roadtripping again, but this one is just for me. I'm sitting in my Nanny's house beside the fireplace all toasty and hopped up on cough meds. Perfect combination. It's my last trip to Louisiana before our move to Idaho and it's tugging at my heart pretty hard. I know I could never live here but I do like being so close. Maybe one day in the future we'll live near enough again so I can just jump in the jeep and drive over whenever the urge hits. 

But since I can't sleep yet, perfect time to play catch up. Trip down memory lane real quick to hit the high notes of the last month. Life has been pretty crazy but that is nothing new around here.

 Prin has decided to get back into the piano. She is "reteaching" herself the steps from her previous lessons and once we settle in Idaho, will be ready to land another instructor. She is also angling for a drum set for Christmas. Help me!

 My girl B had a birthday! Yeah B. Dave happen to be here that weekend and took us all out to dinner, kids, us, and her mom, then liquored me and B up, then paid for it all. My man has a solid heart of gold and if someone is important to me, that is all he needs to know. It's gonna be hard leaving my B, but like with my other bffs... I'm not leaving her but taking her with me. Damn I have me some seriously good core friends. They truly lift me up and I love them all. (sentimental H4G brought to you tonight by some seriously awesome shit my doc prescribed for my cough, hello!)

 My girl, Prin, chilling. So if the dishes are done, the homework is done and Dancing with the Stars is not on tv.......... this is where she is found. Talking on the house phone with her bff (also, B's daughter). I'm so glad I have Vontage, I'm gonna have to keep one line for the kids and get my office a seperate line. Geez.

 Since Prin is doing so good on driving, yo she mastered paralell parking last month..... sweet, Duchess got her chance to get behind the wheel. Dave is all about his girls and while he isn't home much right now, that will change once we get up to him in Idaho. I can't wait to see what mischief comes next.

 Big news....... my mother was with me in jail. So long story short, I finally got around to legally changing my first name. It's been a sore spot with me for years and I have "gone by" my middle name since longer than I can remember. So to do so in the State of TEXAS (all caps, by state decree yo) you have to be fingerprinted. That was fun. At the jail, my mom got the biggest kick out of that shit. But then we went and stood before the judge and officially got my name changed. :)

 Is my almost teen not the cutest dang thing you've ever seen? She has an apron fetish. Very southern proper of her.

 Someone sent me this and I seriously fell out of my chair reading it. In a meeting, and then I snorted. Not so good for the professional reputation. Worse, nobody blinked. Apparently they are completely used to me and my behavior. I am seriously gonna miss my job and my coworkers. Sigh.

 We had a huge company bbq recently and I found the bestest bbq sauce on earth. Seriously, order some of this shit and be in awe. I'm in love. Yummy doesn't even begin to describe the ribs that were marinated in this stuff. It's very old school so you heat it up and mix in a little Sweet Baby Rays with it and boom, love at first bite.

 My Duchess. Who is not really looking like much of a baby anymore. Now if only I could get her to quite baby talking. Good lord, I have spoiled the "baby" of the family.

 The man I adore and crave. If you ever wonder how on earth this guy has put up with my crazy for 15 years, here's your first clue. He has a great sense of humor and has no problem calling me on my shit. I love him and there is the fact that I want to rub up against him any time he's in the vacinity. (ummm yeah cough meds, remember)

 Brought to you without makeup, my mom bought all us girls footie jammies for our Idaho trip. Mine were tinkerbell, until Princ stole them. We now wear the same size and she is taking all the good crap!

 Um yeah, it's "wife porm", this is seriously the hottest damn picture I've ever seen. My stud, those arms, that gun.........yum. Damn cough meds. Could only be better with an LSU hat.

 My girl Prin. We recently had a scare with her health. My kiddo is a healthy, year round softball playing, 6 pack ab carrying 12 year old. Well one with hyper thyroid too. We went in for routine stuff and her thyroid popped in the blood work. Twice. So off to a specialist we go. They have ruled out Graves but we are still looking at quarterly check ups to keep an eye on her levels. Last visit was a miracle, her levels were normal! Yah!!!!!

 She was just happy not to have to give more blood, or do another ultrasound on her "butterfly thingy in my throat".

And leaving you with this...... since Prin stole mine, momma found me the perfect pair of footie jammies. Pink with black skull/cross bones on them. Yeah baby. That's so hot stuff right now!

More to come soon. Next week I finish out my last week at work and then move into hunting week at the camp with the kids. Hoping Prin gets her first deer this year!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fish on the Hook

I was recently reminded of a story from the "dating years". To this day, this story makes me want to smack him upside the back of his head. But for the record, when you're fishing with your guy and you've got a "thing" about touching live fish stuck on your hook......... there is actually little fish grabber thingys that you can use to hold the slippery bastards while removing the hook. That would have been nice to know before I kill the damn fish trying multiple things to do to get his ass off my hook... you know things like dragging him over rocks when I thought Dave wasn't looking, or stepping on his tail and yanking real hard (again when I hoped Dave wasn't looking), or even just whipping your damn rod around like a crazy woman in frustration before said laughing dork ( I mean Dave ) comes over with said handy tool. That poor fish hopefully has a CASTLE and a huge lazyboy chair up in Heaven cause I put his little nasty butt through hell over that whole hook thing before he gave up the ghost. I might have cried a little too over that afterwards, I felt kinda bad.

But the point of that............. well, this week I'm the damn fish. Work has it's hook in me and I'm fighting like crazy trying to get off and they are dragging my butt over the rocks. Bless their hearts. There is no replacement authorized for me till Jan. So every project, every deadline has all been moved up to be completed by me before I leave. They are totally wigging.

I feel them. I've been here before. Poor damn fish.

I'm gonna miss the hell of that place and those people.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My My My....

Now this sure does make my heart sing..........

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We B Moving

Well it's official. I wanted to wait until it was completely official but it's now that time. Dave's promotion means less travel and less travel means more time in Idaho twiddling his thumbs at night in the apartment he shares with a coworker. The same coworker who's family lives in another state and is in the process of beginning a move as well. The same coworker who has two teenaged boys living with him. So this means that Dave pulled the card: so we b moving. I follow his lead so here we goooooooooooooo.

Idaho. Now if you know me, then I bet money I know what you're thinking. Yeah, I swore that I'd never come back to Utah after getting the hell out of crazy ville dodge BUT it's a state away. And, I've learned many lessons since then so I'm taking this self-realization, my tattoo and dyed hair, rum and coke drinking, cig smoking, Jesus loving, southern girl baptist self right on up there. And I'm gonna work it baby!

In the boonies, this new town of ours is tiny and far removed from city life and I can't wait. While on my vacation, we got a house, signed the contract (hence the sneak a peek pic on the main page), we've contracted the movers and I gave notice at work. Giving notice about damn near killed me, can I just say.

It's now an all out free for all trying to get crap to the point to where we can go.

The kids are excited. They are ready for a move and while they will miss their friends/schools they are making the steps needed to "take them with us" via phone calls, internet and etc. Not to mention, scheduling trips this summer for "play dates" lol.

It's with a very sad heart that I'm leaving my job here though. I love my work, I love the people I work with and I will spend the next two weeks busting my butt to get them ready for life after me. My boss is an oak and is bending over backwards to make sure I can squeeze in dr appts and kids' school stuff as needed while I try and get the office ready for life after me. They have my ego all swollen and puffy but I know that they'll be just fine. I just have to make sure to leave them with a big ole "SOP" on how to do things until my replacement gets authorized. Then whoever takes over after me will have a starting place. It's more than I had. I kinda feel like I'm losing a family made up of all older, crazy uncles but dang I can already tell I'm gonna get misty eyed when it's time to hand over my keys and badge. Crap!

So now that it's all out here, I can post all along the way.

So here we go.............

We survived Halloween 2011

The move is in full swing, more on that soon.....but we made time for fun

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Be back tomorrow, been whelmed