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Life is My Highway

Montana and North Dakota have become home.... dang it lol.

These Girls

Lord help me but these babies wear me out.... they are just perfect!


Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

We are so smexy!

Favorite sport: embarrassing our kids in public


My mini-me is finding her own way in life

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


So we spent our Easter weekend a little different than Easter's of past. My kids are growing fast. Princess is 15 now and driving, Duchess is 11 and too smart for her own good. Dave and I are constantly seeking ways to enjoy time as a family now that the kids have so many outside of the house influences. Both girls still shoot and both still train with various NRA programs and such through our local shooting club.... so when Dave heard about a shooting competition on the over side of the state that includes a history lesson and indepth submersion information about the Revolutionary War. He scheduled it months ago and I booked our favorite hotel, (side note: Homewood Suites by Hilton... $120 a night and you get a freaking apartment.... full kitchen, livingroom with a fold out queen sized bed/couch, seperate bedroom and bathroom).

It was a freaking ten hour drive there and a ten hour drive back. Holy crap that was rough. The kids were great considering everyone has movies, ipods, phones and books to entertain them. I slept. Literally almost the entire way. Dave and Princess traded off driving and I enjoyed shotgun. Feet up, napping and sometime singing along with radio, sometimes just yakking with them.

I took a million pictures of the mountains for my mom. She's missing the mountains and since we moved over to the Badlands, I miss them too. It was just gorgeous! There was still snow on the ground in the Glacier National Park. It literally started snowing on us as we drove through the passes. Just unspeakable glory in God's work. I so wished I could live up in the mountains again.

They so enjoyed their shoot and now Dave and Duchess are signed up to do it in another part of the state in June. :) Since I'm still recovering, I can't with my shoulder until after August.

So Duchess and I were so excited to see that our hotel was literally in the very middle of a wonderful shopping area. Wally marty - check.  Tons of food - check. Nails & Pedis - check. Target - check. Ross - check. We had a blast! And we walked about four miles in our shopping trip. Was truly exhausted and needed a huge nap.

We managed to squeeze in a late night Sat showing of "Heaven is for Real" and seriously, you need to see this movie.

The best part though, instead of dressing up in cute dresses and hunting eggs and etc.... we spent a part of our drive home reading the Easter story out of the bible and praying and talking together as a family. It was a beautiful thing. Such a blessing.

Now the laundry we came home with? Not such a beautiful thing. Crap.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Trade show

Working hard. Thanks to Princess and Dave for assisting 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Softball is upon us

Good lord but it feels nice to sit my fat ass in a camping chair and kick back to some softball. True it's 32 degrees outside. True that it's windy as hell. True that my kid didn't make varsity but true I'm proud that she made JV. True that I'm so ready to leave this little town and their little town ways.

In some ways, this little town reminds me of my hometown. Doesn't matter about your character, doesn't matter about your job or what you accomplish on your own, it's all about how you are, what family you are connected to and lastly, where in town you live. Seriously. We've been here two years now and we've found a niche. We are friendly with several families in town and our kids are friends and slowly both Princess and Duchess have carved out a place for themselves, even if they are super ready to move on. We still run up against the town wall though, the travel team here this past summer was put to the test with the high school team. They are outfielders or subbing bases for girls that are no where near their skill level. I seriously sat through the varisty game bitting my tongue. Myself and several other travel parents, it was terrible and almost laughable. They lost like 27-2. Ouch.

So there I am, keeping my mouth completely shut. Are you shocked because I am still am. These people don't make noise. They don't cheer unless it's their child. They don't interact with each other. They just chill. So there I was chilling. Until it was my kid, then I tried to be somewhat quiet, BULLSHIT, I was her cheering section.

She played third. She's never played third. She did great. She hit great. She then shifted to center field after people kept boggling the balls out there. So yesterday, she played all center field, chasing balls that the infield kept missing. She fouled every damn hit but walked bases. So it was a good two days.

It was fun. I'm getting the hang of how Montana does softball.

But the thing is, Prin is still doing her thing. She's just happy to be playing. She works hard and doesn't complain too loud when people who never practice, get more playing time. She's learning. She's trying to take the high road.

She's a better person that me.

That shit ain't right.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Duuuuuude I'm Out

Count me out for cardio. No matter how hard I try, I just can't get involved in full time gym works.... I'm just not in. My bff who is also preparing for our cruise in 36 days texts me, I'm gonna do the 30 day shed.... gonna kick ass. Good lord, I'm tired thinking about looking that up on the Internet. This damn surgery, the down part is you are drained constantly. I have no energy and the pain just wears at you! It's hard and I'll stop whining for the day. lol  Huge update tomorrow with pics, we've been busy

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Assisted update

Thanks to my shoulder I'm stuck using my phone's microphone as a way to attempt to blog this week because my shoulder is a painful bitch and hurts a lot. Fun stuff the kids and I have managed to make it to spring without killing each other been stuck in the house princesses trying out for the high school varsity softball team she made the JV team and hopefully she can get a spot on the varsity team bounce back-and-forth small-town living at its finest Chinese for games of play for varsity and she can letter as a freshman that be pretty cool for we leave here. 

Duchess has managed to fall in love with the hunger games series we've watched both hunger games movies even though I thought it was a little violent far she's addicted to the books her head in the book she's accomplished no chores no piano no saxophone no nothing she's read she is definitely my daughter. 

No word on the move front but looks like we'll be heading to North Dakota come summer I'm still on for my cruise in May with my BFF FF forever it's my first cruise. 

Our retail stores going well we've had several trunk shows this month and for the year were actually showing profit which is kind of a problem so that means I need to buy some more material or trailer or possibly something ridiculously expensive because i don't want to show a profit yet. Hello taxes but I'll take that blessing!!!!! 

It amazes me sometime how simple our life is how blessed we are definitely come along way but the Lord has had his hand on us. We try hard to keep it simple and make it about the kids. When we do that, we tend to do pretty darn well. 

Sorry again for the rambling but the microphone tends to do what it wants to do and writes what it wants to write. 

At least I can blog more than three or four sentences and a bunch pictures this way I'll try to talk slower and less southern so maybe it'll get all the words right. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Killer Trolls with Hammers

They are living in my head. I don't know if it's the new meds or just lack of water.... but damn this migraine sucks some serious ass. I can't imagine how this feels for the people who deal with these constantly..... URGH..... no.

I've hidden in bed most of the day. Except for the dentist appointment for the kiddo that just couldn't be rescheduled. So I sat in truck with my hat on and dark sunglasses. Fun stuff.

Monday, March 10, 2014


I'm unusually humbled today. Yesterday was a fun day. We got up and rushed around like circus clowns to get to church on time. I fought an anxiety attack during preaching, it was too hot and I was running a fever and basically uncomfortable as possible. But I had my daughter snuggled under my arm listening to the preacher, my husband sniffling and sneezing next to me with his arm around me. I could see my teen across the way, sitting next to an international student she met during softball practice and didn't want sitting alone. It was a good day. Then our afternoon changed a little.

Our office phone rang so Prin grabbed it, thinking it was my mom. She rarely answers the office phone but she answered it with our store name and then proceeded to go downstairs. Not thinking, I kept putting lunch together. Then she comes upstairs and hands me the phone.

It was a family here in our town. They had picked several outfits on our website that they would like their 13 year old daughter to try on. We agreed and made arrangements to meet at their house. We packed up their choices and headed out.

This sweet family has a busty 13 year old who has spent 4 years in confirmation classes through her church and in two weeks she will have her confirmation ceremony. They wanted her to wear one of our dresses.

Blown. away.


We advertise as a modest and fashionable boutique. There is absolutely nothing on our site that I wouldn't let my daughters wear to church. That is kinda of our benchmark. And it reached out to this family and they blessed us.

By choosing us, they blessed us.

I can't wait to see her in her dress she chose!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A little softball Sunday

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Side trip for sanity last weekend


I'm keeping things running from my chair.... Captain oh Captain... thy ass has spread. Good lord but I need to get on that elliptical shopping stat. Overall the days have just melded into one another. The last 24 hours have been fun. In a purely stomach discontent, Bosnian rebels fighting it out in my bowels kind of way. Dave took us for Mexican so we didn't have to cook, so freaking sweet. Except they glutened me and it was bad. The retching could apparently be heard over the sound of Thor and from two rooms away. At least he held my hair.... after shoving three days worth of fiber pills into me, we then set out to make it through the night. I'd like to report..... I'm still sick but feeling better. Welcome to my world. What in the hell will I do when I finally do leave my house and go back to a real job again one day?

As we run full speed into March, I have a full plate. Dave is busy as hell at work. This week he has a company convention in Las Vegas to attend, yes by all means lets feel bad for the boy lol.... Being drug to Vegas with his boss for a few days! Sucks huh? But I'll get a treat, he never forgets to bring me something back. He's a keeper.

Princess is prepping for the high school softball team tryout. Since I can't throw a ball and Dave's swamped, she's working with a private coach to get her arm back in shape and keep her active with drills. A local university has a softball team and that is where we found our gem! I love watching her play. Honestly I thought we'd be done with softball after moving here and joining the travel team. They messed with everything constantly. Trying to change her throw, the way she hits, the way she catches. So when she came up with the plan for the high school team, I was surprised. Even more surprised to see her doing it HER way this time. She's pushing back on any advice that messes with her basics. Good for her. Good coaching fine tunes you, not changes you. Her grades are finally up to honor roll standards so next week, looks like the kid will be taking her driving test. Good lord, she's gonna be a freshman driver. I'm actually thrilled cause she can totally help me run errands and etc. She has been knee deep in our store as well... she's the model/co-owner and gopher as it is..... (can't wait till Duchess gets big enough to model too)

Duchess is almost done with volleyball camp. She's struggling with following directions and mainly just a little hormonal ball of emotions. 11 is such a great age. I get lots of hugs but she's starting to look at me like I'd better what my back lol. The kid is a thinker and kinda scares me. Her class got two guinea pigs as pets and it's all I've heard of for two weeks. That and being that Meri is allergic to pet dander, she pretty much comes home in hives EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Sigh. Obviously she just doesn't care. Although side note, the kid is growing!!!! I've taken to buying her jeans at Wally world (don't judge me) bc I seem to get new ones every two weeks, hem them and then the next week, they are high waters. She's starting to really encroach on Prin's height. Lol She's gonna be the tall one! Go girl. But her little fashion sense has blossomed and she's really starting to do a nice job dressing herself. Like these:

Dave just completed his Masters in Business. We now have six degrees between the two of us. Six years ago, we had none. God is good! Just blessed beyond measure peeps.

Oh and our little retail store? Opened this quarter in the black. Fully seated in the black. We are putting all profits right back into the store though, upgrading our merchandising stuff and promo materials! We are slowly getting there. Here's a sneak peek of some of our goodies we have in stock ready for the next trunk show which will be this Tuesday night here in town.... (shit, that means I have to put face and hair on that day.... the real irony here is that I of all people own a fashion store. shitballz, lol)

So all in all, busy beavers. Oh and my phone died. My poor Galaxy bit the dust and went to heaven. Sooooooo I buckled (had no choice cause he picked it out) and got an iphone 5s. Damnit I hate it, cause that phone is cooler than cat shit. Blah, hate when he's right.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New pics for our store.....

So our little retail business is really rocking.... like in the black, making money rocking. I'm so blessed. Today we got in a great new shipment of clothing, so I took my one armed self and my model.... my kid obviously, and we went out to load up on promo pics for fb and the website. Whatcha think?

The above is our camo shirt. $25

The cardigan with the see thru back is so gorgeous! $30 

Maxi dress........ $25

Gorgeous polyester dress with belt.... $32

Just an idea of what I'm up to these days. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pics Found on Dave's phone... poor guy

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


So I'm sitting here sipping my wine, feet kicked up and finally able to type with two hands although that is the most I can use my right arm. Stupid arm. Today was the first time out of my house in two weeks.... Dave drove me to the next town over for my hair appointment and back. Love his face. After jumping in to help his guys last night, he ended up sleeping in the truck while I was in there so catch up on his snooze. This man slays me, but he's right, I'm not ready to drive myself.

So things are good here. My Duchess is really blooming into her own person. I love this kid. She's a gentle soul who does no harm to anyone and is getting just stepped all over by her friends which really hurts my heart but I'm coaching her to stand up for herself. She's also asked me to stop laying out her clothes. She seriously has begun to put together outfits that leave me laughing but seem to work for her. Today she wore a "my heart belongs to Elvis" shirt with a lacy, funky retro skirt and fleece tights with ankle boots. Dear Lord. Her grades are great and she's doing well in volleyball camp. She's still doing piano and sax, so it's a musical house we live in.

Princess keeps me running. Seriously, because the grades aren't quite where they should be, she's driving on a permit. I won't bend and let her get her license (although she's got a nice ford expedition to drive already in the driveway, spoilt ass kid ... not really it's my old truck lol) until she gets them grades right. She's prepping for high school softball tryouts. I have her training with a local university softball team player cause with my bum shoulder and Dave's work schedule, we can't really do that with her. She's stepping up here at home really helping me out since I'm down in the recliner.

I go in two days for my post-op checkup. Fun stuff right there. And stitches come out. GAAAAAAG

Otherwise no word on the move front so we're just kinda not worrying about it. Juggling flooded downstairs laundry rooms/bathrooms, neighbors on vacay who volunteer my kids to shovel their walks and drives while they are gone, school schedules, work schedules and my upcoming trunk show. Life is pretty good.

I'm  blessed.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


So im living in my recliner. .... recouping from shoulder surgery.  And as usual we have tons on the horizon.  I'll get to that.... but dude im all about may.

See for years. Years..... ive been after Dave to take me on a cruise. Hes been all over the world and well ive been raising babies and wifing it. Its a great gig. But since I've completed my MBA.... my mom has been after me to schedule a trip. Dave and me. And somehow the two of them came up with the best idea on earth. May 11-15 .... I'll be cruising to Mexico and back. With my girl Connie and my mom was in the plan but due to inventory she cant. My other two bfff are scheduling moves not long after so hopefully I can drag them along next time.

He's jumped in to help me plan. We got an awesome cabin with big ole view. The top most deck so we're close to everything.  Scheduling horseback riding excursions ( since shoulder will not be up for most other stuff still ). Im kinda in awe.

Dude. This is gonna rock. The only other trip ive had is visiting said bfff in Florida last year. Its strange to have girls trip but fun!!!!

The kids swear if mine goes well that my mom and me better take them next.

All aboard! !!!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Post op.... urgg

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Joey

Princess is 15. She's a happy 15. She's also very vested in the family which means that while she's starting to pull away from us in certain areas, she's still close to us in others. While there are girls in her school posting pictures of cleavage, questionable body parts and inappropriate wording all over their social media, my kid working hard to get her grades up, prep for softball, help out at home and find her own footing outside of that "normal" world. I worry that it will be hit us soon, that one day she'll join the ranks of the undesirable teen but for now, she's my Joey.

The kid has this thing about spending time with me. If she doesn't get my attention, she finds a way to put her hands in my pocket.... which starts the "Joey" skit.

(lord help me if I have no pockets at the time)

Regardless of where we presently are, if she turns on the "Joey" everyone around us knows.

She starts singing at the top of her lungs in a fake British access about "I'm your Joey in your pocket mum" and "don't forget your Joey mum"....

I usually end up a pile of mom and teen giggling pissy mess. Meaning I'm pissed and laughing at the same time. Poor people around us, surely they have to think she's mentally special....

But she's my Joey.

My incredibly athletic 116 lb Joey who wants my attention "right-the-fuck-now-please" lol

Saturday, January 25, 2014

D's.... not boobs either

So Princess walked in my house with a D in English. Now I do realize that we're having huge issues with the English teacher.... who buy the way, managed to have "the janitor throw away ALL graded papers from the ENTIRE semester before ANYBODY saw them". So Prin isn't the only one doing poorly, however... life isn't fair. At all. Not fair. So guess what, she's gonna do the time anyway.

So keeping in mind the circumstances that the D came with, I'm allowing her to keep her drivers permit. I'm allowing her to keep her phone and electronics. However, she's grounded from hanging with friends until I see an A on midterms. She's also paying me in chores....

Today's chores:
-help dad cut the antlers off the dead head of his buck (meat came back from the processor)
-dig out all the dog poo in the yard (chip that crap up girl it's ghetto looking)
-gather all trash and clean up garage
-scrub down all bathrooms
-vacuum back stairs and clean out shoe closet

That should rub it in and remind her that hard work pays off. Seriously, I get that it might not be all her fault but in life, you still have to work hard and fight for what you want. She'll have to fight to get the grade in English she wants.

Plus I've ordered us both home copies of all the books that they are covering in English this semester. I'll work with her to try and stay ahead of the curve.

But I'll get my payment for that freaking D somehow.

Side note: I owe Duchess a shit ton of money.... honor roll for the baby

Friday, January 24, 2014

Update.... two years too late

So since I'm degre-ed out the arse and am running my store while still consulting, it has come to my attention that my Linkedin profile picture is a little dated. Taken over two years ago when my company was doing bios on management, my little black and white headshot was my favorite picture ever. I looked fantastic in my humble opinion.... cause it was professionally edited too!

But sadly, I'm no longer black haired and I have aged in over two years so I gotta update... I finally put it off and got dressed, did the hair and makeup and ended up with two options....

1st option: casual.... Ignore the fatter face
(I'm 25 lbs heavier than my last profile pic so that's obviously gonna show, craaaaaaaaaap) 

 2nd option: updo..... This is my professional look (dude, seriously Dave's like it's Hawt Bitch face)
lol..... but seriously it's my pearls! 

So I went with my professional looking one. If you disagree, leave me a really long rambling comment that I'll read three years from now. Seriously though, pearls win hands done every time. Every single time. Classy for the win!

Like a BOSS

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bad Murther&^%$%^&

It was a long long day. I've managed to slowly drag myself through my week. My surgery is this Wed and frankly it can't come soon enough. So freaking hurting. However there have been setbacks.... driving is painful at this point.... but I can't brag enough on my husband. This poor bastard has hugged me when I just wanta cry cause I hurt. He chastises the kids when I have to do laundry or chores because they aren't helping enough. He orders dinner when I don't look like I have energy. Seriously, I am so freaking blessed in my husband. He's my person. I really need to work on being a most awesome amazing wife to him.

Sidetracked.... anyway, tonight I asked him to drive me to the store after Chinese food dinner. See today three different light bulbs blew. It was a house of semi darkness.......

And since it's an icy mess outside and I tend to fall alot, Dave is walking me past the back of his truck to help me in the passenger side....

Me: What's that smell....

Dave: I'ma bad murtherfucker

Me: Yo, you farted?

Dave: Nope, Got me a severed head in the back of the truck

Me: Ummmmm human?

Dave: nah, picked up my deer

Lord help me.....

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I got some serious shit done today. Let's see.... I finally picked up those jeans I dropped off to get hemmed two months ago. I managed to drop off bills for mail. I tracked down my kid a winter softball camp at a local college (local is a very loose term here, it's about two hours away). So every Sunday afternoon I'll be driving her over so they can work her to the bone. Well we'll get her ready for the high school softball tryouts one way or another.... cause with my shoulder, there is no softball in future for a long time.

She's up against a little problem making the high school team. It's what we call "not from this tiny little backwoods Montana town". Believe it or not, that is huge. Every sport we've seen the newer girls have to work twice as hard as the locals. Princess is in a hitting slump lately so I'm bringing in the private coach to work her ass off.

Plus the busier she is, the better her grades and right now, she totally needs to be busier cause if a D in English walks through my door, Ima kick her Democrat. (aka ASS)

I also got a nap in.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Damn, I'm rebudgeting

We pay for A's. Don't judge us. We get the A's we want, lol. However, we overplayed out freaking hand today. We ended up owing the litle one $350. Yeah, we're not paying her $50 per A again. 

So today I got to order her an American Girl doll. Because within reason, she could spend her money how she saw fit. She wanted a look alike doll. With earrings and glasses and a cute outfit and and and that fucker was $178 freaking American freaking dollars. 

Yeah, she's only getting $25 per A from now on. 

Slow week.... pic review