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Life is My Highway

Montana and North Dakota have become home.... dang it lol.

These Girls

Lord help me but these babies wear me out.... they are just perfect!


Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

We are so smexy!

Favorite sport: embarrassing our kids in public


My mini-me is finding her own way in life

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Blowout...Texas Style

As usual, we can't be plain jane normal people. Dave was home for the Memorial Day weekend and we were so freaking super busy. But it was a blast.

 Prin wanted to tryout for the all-star district championship level team, so she did. It was intense and two hours of kick butt work and she did her best. She hung with the majority of those girls and my heart just about burst. The kid has played since March and while she didn't make the team, she did get invited to practice with them and told to have her butt back for fall tryouts cause she'd be ready for them then. Just having the guts to put herself out there for that, won my eternal pride!

 Dave being home and forced to wear t-shirts from his "wife purchased" collection was awesome, lol. That'll teach him not to pack clothes for a home trip!

 Another lesson learned was that the children will soak his butt in retailiate, lol. They got him good. He had to leave dinner at B's house to go home and change, lol. Poor guy.

 Speaking of B and all the girls, we be up to our usual no good. We ran bleachers, ran the track, swam with kids and general caused trouble. Good thing our husbands are thicker than thieves!

 Me and my Prin with matching sunburns!

 And since this morning found Dave leaving for Idaho, I was planning an entire day dedicated to house cleaning, grocery shopping, weed pulling and moping.

Didn't happen. B's hubs called while I was grocery shopping and told me to pack my shite, they were taking me crabbing today. Amazes me how well someone can know you huh? So instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, me and my girls learned to crab. Freaking hysterical.

 But we did it! Duchess showing her catch.

 Prin working her lines, the turd took right to it. Running three lines at the same time. She made it look freaking easy. Hell, I spent most of my time fishing my chair and hat out of the water thanks to the damn wind.

 Which still doesn't explain how I ended up looking disgusting, covered head to toe in filth with a grimy mustache and eyebrows while everyone else looked normal.

Meanwhile B was working the pink delicate shirt look and was fresh as a daisy when we left. WTF? Being a girl just doesn't come easy to me!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lately, in Texas

We've been busy! I rang in my 34th birthday, the girls finished school with honors, Dave is home for an extended weekend visit, and we are beating the heat while having some family fun! Hope life is good for you guys too!

 My surprise "21st" birthday party, thanks to my girl , B.

 Duchess at the range, taking a snack break before shooting a 22 pistol round. She is too cool for school.

 End of year blow out party, all the girlies. Sixteen 12 year olds party hardy! B is a braver woman than I am, for sure.

 Prin (in blue) whipping some butt at chicken!

 We parents snuck away for my birthday dinner, I really should know better than to go to the bathroom cause I get back and all this crap shows up at the table, lol. Dave spoils me rotten.

 Scrapped foot equals Daddy time for Duchess.

 No words are needed for the fabulous four.....

 Prin and her bff....

 Me competitive shooting this morning. Fun times peeps.

 B. Cause she freaking rocks.....

 Prin and Trinity.

 Dave and I at the club. Cause this is the only kind of club we do around here yo.

 My smexy husband!

Yeah, I hysterically laugh for no reason sometimes.

But we can be serious if we need to, lol.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

End of School Time

So a whole school year has rolled past us once again, holy smokes. I'm so freaking proud of my girls. Considering that they were homeschooled last year and then the higher standards of this school district I was nervous when we began this year. Silly me, gotta have faith.

Prin's math has always been a challenge, and while homeschooling we addressed this quite heavily. So she placed in accelerated math this year which was a huge step for her. And today she got the honor roll for the whole year award. Not to mention, she kicked the TAKS tests ass. Flying right on through to seventh grade.

And Duchess well that is a different subject, she child is well ahead of curriculm and has stayed that way this year. She got A honor roll for the entire year. She also got the award for highest science average of the entire second grade............go duchess go duchess it's not your birthday! She got an award for highest AR points in the second grade too. She was also voted "most fashionable second grade girl"........ oh lord.

So winding down this year, I'm pretty happy!

And sick. Damn plauge.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's Barely Noon and I'm spent....

So a great older guy I work with is on the board of the local, with a long waiting list gun club. Today the girls and I were his guests, if I like it....he's sponsoring my membership. I SOOOOOOOOOO LIKE.

We hit up the club in time to watch the cowboy shooters, who only shoot reproduction or authentic weapons and dress the part. Then there were the snipers on the 600 yrd range working on wind speeds. Lastly we got to watch the close quarters speed handgun competition which George was participating. It was awesome. I had to decline the offer to compete today (they had a gun, holster and ammo ready, sigh) but with three girls with me today, I just couldn't take my eyes off them. It was live rounds and being their first time in that kind of environment, I was paranoid. Crazy, cause all three girls (mine and a friend) were fabulous and loved it!

 It's where's Waldo, but I'm in there. The only chick on the entire range. The kid in red was there to watch his grandpa who managed to finish his run in 15 seconds and minus 3. DAYUM, that old guy was seriously awesome!
 The cowboy shooters went nuts over my left-handed shooters, offering up a truly priceless gun to let Prin try it out. I about wet my pants.

 The silver lightening gun was so damn loud, although it jammed like crazy. Apparently that is normal for that piece.

 Flowers on the range mom!

 Kid was quiet and fascinated with the whole process this morning. Proud of my girls, they were so good. Both are interested in joining the club's youth team. We'll see what daddy says about that.

 Afterwards, over to Mr. Lance to get purty. Prin got a great cut and all dolled up.

And Duch too. Although her's went straight back into a ponytail. She is my kid, lol.

And now, I'm exhausted. Naptime!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just When You Plan Things Out....Hello Lord

So this week has been an experience! I really have few words for it, it's actually taken some time to sink in before I can really verbalize where I'm at here.

Dave's job is in full swing, he's onsite in Idaho somewhere being a safety advisor. He seems really happy with it, BLESSING.

So, this week I gots my official official you be done stuff from my college. The same day, his recruiter called me.

She offered me a position as an associate with her firm.

Working from home.

Scared crapless but after going round and round and round.

I'm in.

Although I still have my current job as well for now, until we see where the cards fall.


Like I said, there are no words sometimes, but Blessing covers everything that could be said doesn't it?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I earned it....

I got up at the very butt crack of dawn. Who knew that once school was over officially I would actually get more than 5 hours a sleep a night. Last night after 8 solid hours, I woke up with energy. Holy heart failure batman! So I cleaned and scrubbed tubs, toliets and other nastiness. Then before the kids even rolled over, B called. Kids up and dressed, we hit the track.

We started with a half mile jog (okay, honestly there was a little walking in there too, cause we were yaking but mostly jogging).

Then we walked another half mile.

Then we stretched some more and decided to torture the kids. Softballers need endurance so the girls kept asking how to increase their "wind" per Billy so we showed them. They about died.

We hit the bleachers. Up and down, four times. Best part, I didn't fall and I smoked'em! Although it was fun to watch B walk with jello legs to the water coolers. I'm evil. The girls just couldn't hang with the 30-something-year-olds but they tried.

Then we did wind sprints. Hysterical.

Then we played ball for an hour. I seriously have to get my over-hand throws stronger. Pitching underhand for years, my over-hand throw is average. Twelve year olds were smoking my glove dude. Ouch.

Duchess hit and we shagged our buckets of balls and came home.

So I burned some serious calories today, I earned this huge ass batch of peanut butter rice crispies.

Sugar coma commencing as soon as dinner is out of the oven.

And It a virus

Little Bit wanted a glove for her leftie self a month ago. So I got her one. She's slowly picking it up and wanting to play. Except she only wants grounders and to hit. You throw or toss something to her and she ducks/covers. Bless her heart. But this morning when B drug my arse out of bed to go jogging at the track, we brought along our equipment just in case; good thing cause we hit the practice field afterwards. And I must say, her throw is much improved. She no longer closes her eyes, winds up like a manic baseball pitcher but instead is learning the arm/control technique. The ball is going in the right direction now!

Yeah Duchess!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Today....cause we couldn't cram more into this day if I tried

So this morning was Billy camp, and afterwards we came home to veg on the couch before I drug my lazy self outside to clean out my jeep. Which led to Prin going missing when she was suppose to be doing laundry. But I found her, hiding in the far corner of the yard, doing her daily pitching drills.

Love this shot, coming up off the ground to get that strength.

Then I embraced my inner mechanic (shut up!) and fixed the wiring problem when my tail lights refused to go off. I only got stuck under the dash once. Yeah me!

Afterwards, after only three "you're ass had better be on the way over here" texts from B, we went swimming with her fam. Her 'rents were in town so I got to meet them. Fun!

B, the photo harpy, taking a million and one shots that will end up on facebook later tonight. I looked like roasted ass so I'm sure I"ll be untagging myself.

Our softball girls! Exhausted after a full day of field time then swimming.

Did I mention that we be in southeast Texas, close enough to the Louisiana border to spit...? Yeah, we eat a shitton of these things. And afterwards, I put their little corpes on my fingers and did my off-broadway show of "yo boudreaux, watch this".... it was hysterical, really....okay, probably not.

 My waterbugs.

And yep, that stuff is still dark. Cool.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Week in Review

Pitching basics with Ms. Ally. Learning her form and techniques.

 Practicing, I had a hard time concentrating as me and Duch realized that their neighbors had pet deer, way cool.

 Like this, very graceful form.

 Wrist technique. Now while I'm all aboard for whatever my kids want, they have to drive it. I had someone recently concerned about me pushing Prin in softball. That bothered me for a hot five seconds. I have always jumped with my kids into anything they want to try: karate, dance, ballet, gymnastics, etc. So softball was no different. When/if they lose interest, it's done. But as long as they want, I'll support them and provide whatever they need.

 such as the internet access so she can youtube softball videos instead of watching tv at night....

 Duchess cleaning that nasty room, notice the earbuds. She be jamming.

 waiting on gado, I mean the bus....

90 during the day and cold in the mornings, which explains why she snuck out of the kitchen with her eggs and toast to get dressed under the bathroom heat vent. Nice. Babe, it's May!


Sometimes you have to be the buoy. When you're not sure where you're going, be the buoy. I'm awaiting my confered degree email to make it official that I"m now a college graduate. My second degree and it feels a little anticlimatic. I'm really a shit sometimes.

But I'm not entirely sure what to do with myself. Work is great and I love the people there, I could do the job in my sleep. I am working on the volunteer board now which puts in the local schools doing hands on presentations about our line of work; freaking fun as crap. Apparently I'm all down with the shitz cause I know cool band names and what movies are hot (from a sixth grader's view point anyway).

The summer is coming on winged feet and I'm just not sure what it will bring.

But I have my babies, and I have softball and I have my music.

So this buoy is just freaking floating along, things around me may get crazy, but I can't hear it, I'm jamming.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First pitching lessons......oh boy

She wants it, so let's see if she has the drive. Seems like she has a really good starting form

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Counting my weird ways

Soooooo....I kinda got bored, and when I'm bored and lonely I do stupid things like color my hair, over-pluck my eyebrows, rearrange entire rooms of furniture (then forget and fall/hurt self in middle of night).. so it shouldn't be a surprise that I went and got impatient when I forgot my appointment with Lance the fabu hair guy.

Tada: With makeup in sun and without makeup in house and still dark as crap!

Yep, I colored it myself.

And I luv it.

How very goth of me.

I'm gonna keep it awhile.

It's like being incognito. BOO!

Otherwise it's been too quiet around here. The kids are all about outdoor play, and then they go to bed. Last night I was writing a paper and between the ipod/tv and Murphy snoring up against my leg, it was still too quiet. I was literally crawling out of my skin. I hate that. Cause I'm mentally challenged that way I guess. Then I watched what I thought would be a good movie, but turned out to be a sad movie and cried. Cause apparently I'm still a girl. Huh!

Dave is now on his new job in Idaho. It appears to be going well. Good for him! Funny part is when he goes "gee, it's kinda snowing up here" as I'm wearing the least amount of clothing possible and running around sunburnt and baked from the Texas sun.

So does anyone else ever have internal monologues? Cause I have caught myself doing this often this week.... is that a bad sign? Oh well, at least myself and I are catching up.