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Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


So we spent our Easter weekend a little different than Easter's of past. My kids are growing fast. Princess is 15 now and driving, Duchess is 11 and too smart for her own good. Dave and I are constantly seeking ways to enjoy time as a family now that the kids have so many outside of the house influences. Both girls still shoot and both still train with various NRA programs and such through our local shooting club.... so when Dave heard about a shooting competition on the over side of the state that includes a history lesson and indepth submersion information about the Revolutionary War. He scheduled it months ago and I booked our favorite hotel, (side note: Homewood Suites by Hilton... $120 a night and you get a freaking apartment.... full kitchen, livingroom with a fold out queen sized bed/couch, seperate bedroom and bathroom).

It was a freaking ten hour drive there and a ten hour drive back. Holy crap that was rough. The kids were great considering everyone has movies, ipods, phones and books to entertain them. I slept. Literally almost the entire way. Dave and Princess traded off driving and I enjoyed shotgun. Feet up, napping and sometime singing along with radio, sometimes just yakking with them.

I took a million pictures of the mountains for my mom. She's missing the mountains and since we moved over to the Badlands, I miss them too. It was just gorgeous! There was still snow on the ground in the Glacier National Park. It literally started snowing on us as we drove through the passes. Just unspeakable glory in God's work. I so wished I could live up in the mountains again.

They so enjoyed their shoot and now Dave and Duchess are signed up to do it in another part of the state in June. :) Since I'm still recovering, I can't with my shoulder until after August.

So Duchess and I were so excited to see that our hotel was literally in the very middle of a wonderful shopping area. Wally marty - check.  Tons of food - check. Nails & Pedis - check. Target - check. Ross - check. We had a blast! And we walked about four miles in our shopping trip. Was truly exhausted and needed a huge nap.

We managed to squeeze in a late night Sat showing of "Heaven is for Real" and seriously, you need to see this movie.

The best part though, instead of dressing up in cute dresses and hunting eggs and etc.... we spent a part of our drive home reading the Easter story out of the bible and praying and talking together as a family. It was a beautiful thing. Such a blessing.

Now the laundry we came home with? Not such a beautiful thing. Crap.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Trade show

Working hard. Thanks to Princess and Dave for assisting 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Softball is upon us

Good lord but it feels nice to sit my fat ass in a camping chair and kick back to some softball. True it's 32 degrees outside. True that it's windy as hell. True that my kid didn't make varsity but true I'm proud that she made JV. True that I'm so ready to leave this little town and their little town ways.

In some ways, this little town reminds me of my hometown. Doesn't matter about your character, doesn't matter about your job or what you accomplish on your own, it's all about how you are, what family you are connected to and lastly, where in town you live. Seriously. We've been here two years now and we've found a niche. We are friendly with several families in town and our kids are friends and slowly both Princess and Duchess have carved out a place for themselves, even if they are super ready to move on. We still run up against the town wall though, the travel team here this past summer was put to the test with the high school team. They are outfielders or subbing bases for girls that are no where near their skill level. I seriously sat through the varisty game bitting my tongue. Myself and several other travel parents, it was terrible and almost laughable. They lost like 27-2. Ouch.

So there I am, keeping my mouth completely shut. Are you shocked because I am still am. These people don't make noise. They don't cheer unless it's their child. They don't interact with each other. They just chill. So there I was chilling. Until it was my kid, then I tried to be somewhat quiet, BULLSHIT, I was her cheering section.

She played third. She's never played third. She did great. She hit great. She then shifted to center field after people kept boggling the balls out there. So yesterday, she played all center field, chasing balls that the infield kept missing. She fouled every damn hit but walked bases. So it was a good two days.

It was fun. I'm getting the hang of how Montana does softball.

But the thing is, Prin is still doing her thing. She's just happy to be playing. She works hard and doesn't complain too loud when people who never practice, get more playing time. She's learning. She's trying to take the high road.

She's a better person that me.

That shit ain't right.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Duuuuuude I'm Out

Count me out for cardio. No matter how hard I try, I just can't get involved in full time gym works.... I'm just not in. My bff who is also preparing for our cruise in 36 days texts me, I'm gonna do the 30 day shed.... gonna kick ass. Good lord, I'm tired thinking about looking that up on the Internet. This damn surgery, the down part is you are drained constantly. I have no energy and the pain just wears at you! It's hard and I'll stop whining for the day. lol  Huge update tomorrow with pics, we've been busy