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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Almost unpack....

I have managed to almost unpack this house. The girls' are settling into their rooms here and I have a major list of things to do. My mom and dad are leaving tomorrow after spending a week with us. Every day spent starting it off by splashing in the lake or swimming in the pool. Life is different here, very slow and very relaxed. Dave took a week of vacation and has spent it here as well. We are loving our family week. He and Max will beheading back to work up north soon but fear not, he'll be back before long.... God is good.

Yesterday we signed our paperwork selling our Utah home for more than I ever thought possible. What a blessing that turned out to be.... considering the mess it was and the condition we found it in April, it is God's pure grace that we were able to make it beautiful and new again. Eight long years after we built it, we actually sold it and didn't lose money! Considering the ressession and every other crazy thing that has happened between then and now, never did we believe it would be able to sell when our renter left. But it did. God is so good. And if you have any real estate needs, my advice.... please go on the Dave Ramsey website and get one of his referred and preferred realtors... they really are amazing and worth it.

We combined both sides of the family tonight at my inlaws for a big ole Greek food feast.... having my mom and my inlaws and my babies all in the same room... everyone getting along and laughing and having a good time. We are blessed. Moving to our house here at the lake has been an amazing blessing already!

Because the world is a small place.... a long time ago, we were stationed in south Texas where I met someone who would become a very good friend... and years later, we have met up and visited each other a few times along the way but mainly we have just simply kept in touch... phone calls and emails.... texts.... effort. She was in North Carolina but a few months ago, they retired from the military and relocated to another city in Oklahoma. If we both drive one hour, we can meet in the middle.... in a nice town with good shopping and excellent spas. We met up last weekend for a few hours (who cares that I wasn't unpacked yet, priorities!) and already have plans for another! God is so amazing....

We haven't found us a church yet though so we are asking prayers there please. We need a good strong church to keep us grounded in the faith!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Doing it my way....

We have almost finished unpacking our home here in Oklahoma. I can't believe that we are living in our house here. The humidity will take some time to get used to but mercy it's beautiful outside. The gorgeous trees and the beauty of air conditioning. I'm within driving distance of a Sonic and a grocery store that carries a million products for GF. It's a good thing! I managed to get my internet and cable up.... including an old school phone so I can buzz people in the gate. I still need to get closets set up and frankly that scares me. We are so beyond the point of a single rod, I'ma need some tension rods and cubes for socks and etc. Lots of new and exciting changes coming.... Madz (Princess) homeschooling rest of high school and starting college early. Meri (Duchess) is learning drums to go along with her saxophone and starting her school in August. All in all, life is amazingly awesome.

Prays please as we close on our Utah house this week. Selling that gorgeous completely remodel led house after 8 long years.