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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Holy Crap, 1000 posts

It's pretty obvious that I'm an extremely dull person. Cause according to my nifty dashboard, I'm now at 1000 posts. Seriously? I do sorta kinda have a life, really I do. I swear. I think. Okay, I have kids and a manly gorgeous husband and a dog and a career and school and parents and etc.

It's been crazy town around here. School is tough, the last 3 classes before my degree. Work is great but hectic as I'm in the process of completing auditing that I was brought aboard to do so I can fix everything that is wrong. The kids are amazing. Prin is so deep into ball fever that I'm dancing a jig over the loss of attitude and mere mention of boys, as there are NONE. Duchess is killing her TAKS pre-tests and generally being a little ham.

And my sexy husband is on his way home for a sneaky weekend visit.

Excuse me, I have to go shave my legs.

Updates later ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

And It Begins

Got up at 7 to make it to the fields at 8 this morning. Prin met with a private softball coach for a one-on-one lesson. It was fantastic, and it's going to be a weekly thing!

Being a late comer to the sport, she lacks confidence and basic skills. Being that I've played alot before and am overly passionate about it, there is only so much she will absorb from me. That said, Dave is the MAN. Seeing how excited she was about playing and how well she is doing, he made some calls and chased down a name. Billy.

Mr. Billy has played ball forever. He has put three daughters through college on softball scholorships. He has since put 17 other girls through. He coaches two local all star teams. He is a no shitter, plain talker and seriously hysterical man. He knows his shite!

The idea was one lesson on batting, to boaster her skillz and boost some confidence.

Scratch that idea, she loves him. She worked hard for him, running, batting, learning and all over the place. She was sad when it was over even though she was exhausted.

We're going back every week.

If nothing else because my girl has finally connected with something. She finally is involved in something that she doesn't complain about. She begs me to go play in the yard. She hustles. It's a shocker! It's about time. We have searched high and low for something that she would connect with. BINGO.

The funniest part, Duchess grabbing the big ass bat at the end of practice and wailing a ball past second, left handed. I thought Billy was gonna do a jig. Seems my leftie suddenly wants to play too, but she'll have to wait till next year. But maybe, just maybe she'll pick up some tips from these early Sunday morning lessons.

Softball fever has FINALLY hit my house. I couldn't be happier, or more sore. Crap.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Softball Season BEGINS

Today was opening day for the local softball season. Prins team is made up of mostly newbies to the sport and when it was announced that their team won a state award last year, we all kind of wet ourselves in fear but we pulled it together. We scrimmaged the freshman team since our schedule is still being built and they freaking won. We had some seriously ticked off older girls today! Snicker.

It has begun. And it's wonderful!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life in General

Life is pretty dang good. I seriously am blown away at the continued blessings that the Lord brings to me and mine. My parents are healthy and good. My inlaws are well. My extended family just rocks and don't stop. My kids are little balls of energy far from perfection which makes them just perfect. My husband manages to surprise me and bring a smile to my face.

Even if someone did actually ask me today if I was in a good mood cause I'd coaxed Hansel and Greta back into my oven. My job is good. I'm blessed to enjoy what I do even if they got me for a steal. Two weeks of prep time and I whole lot of hassle worked out well today when I nailed a 100% on a huge audit of my records. Considering the shape I found them in when I started in January, that is a blessing in itself. Thank you Lord for giving me my OCD conditions therefore ensuring that I'd work at it till it was perfection or darn near close. My ankle is fully recovered from a fall over a box (clumsey much?) and I enjoy walking into work each day which is sadly something that I'd been missing from my last job.

There are always little issues and problems but I'm thankful for mine, cause honestly I wouldn't want to trade with anybody for theirs!

Dave made my week. He brought the girls home and spent the weekend with us, ensuring that I'd following docs orders and stay off my foot using my crutches. Even if he did manage to turn an innocent Sam's shopping trip into perv land when pushing me in the wheelchair around the store with his pelvis shoved up against the back of my head. (you stinker, that was awkward and you know it!) While he works in another state and I miss his presence horribly, I don't dwell in that negativity like I used to. Thanks babe for the constant and thoughtful efforts you put into keeping us connected. The texts, calls, and emails make this so much easier. And yeah, after giving it some thought I've realized that most people probably do think we live an abnormal strange life but you are totally right in that it works for us, babe. Cause we work at it! Now go stroke your new gun until it comes to live with momma! And he gets big kudos and attaboys for arranging to have someone keep the lawn taken care of while he is gone, taking that off my plate.

My tattoo is healing beautifully and it just gives me such joy every time I see it. My "brand" as my momma calls it, is exactly what I wanted and I'm really glad I finally made the time to get it. And happy to learn that I wasn't quite the puss I thought I'd be about actually getting it. I rocks! Even if I had to do it without my vaginal support units (VSU), i.e. the bestest friends in the world that prop me up when I get tense, nervous or scared about trying something new. (p.s. I'm patenting that phrase so be warned)

Tomorrow I am back at the grindstone, finishing up the last three classes of my degree. I put my graduation papers in today and tomorrow I'll submit my MBA application. All this schooling paperwork has got me thinking of my career track too. After I have that degree in hand, I'm going to seek to move out of administrative support once and for all. Recruiters here I come (but be forewarned cause I know all your little tricks of the trades). Guess it's true that we never stop reaching for new goals, thanks Maslow for that lesson. I'm working on my higher needs. (google it, it's fascinating!) Scary but exciting all the same, I have to continue to evolve my goals. No stagnent water here!

I really came full circle today watching Prin at softball practice. Opening day is this saturday for our season but since she is a traveling team, they don't start games until middle of next month. So today was the first hard core practice for the team. Fascinating. After the first 20 minutes of a 2 hour practice, I realized that I was in need of a really good lawn chair. I can't be trusted to sit in the stands. And I need to coach next year. I called plays, I gave advice, I called out my kid, lol. I drove myself nuts, don't even want to know what the soccer coach turned softball coach was thinking. I moved to the end of the field by the fence and felt like I behaved better, lol. My kid was super cool though. I really worried that she wouldn't exhibit the amount of give/effort necessary for this sport. She totally brought it. She ran, she worked the bat, she worked the bases and while we are gonna have to have some batting practice up at the cages very soon, I could see clearly that she's fallen in love with my favorite past time. Sliding into home didn't go well though, she tripped and landed face first into home. But she was safe, so of course I totally embarrassed her "Safe, doesn't matter how you are safe, you're safe!". So tomorrow after work, we're putting on grubby clothes, wetting down the dirt pile in the backward and "learning" how to slide into a base. I can't freaking wait. I love mud! I cherish my memories of playing and I hope that she will too.

Duch is really surprising me. I knew the kid was powered by an intelligent brain but man. I'm in trouble. Preparing for the TAKS test, she has scored 100% on every practice test they put in front of her. She has gotten enough AR points for two kids for the entire year, so much that they aren't even logging them anymore. She now reads aloud as well as I do.

So while things are so busy that I can't think straight around here, they are such blessings. And I thank the Lord each and every day for those little miracles in my life. I hope you are being blessed right now! Hugs and peace out!

Pics coming soon!

Friday, March 11, 2011

So I've Been Busy...

So I've been so dang busy! The kids spent Spring Break with Dave on assignment in Oklahoma near his family so they had a blast. I took the time to do some things for myself... dental work. Tattoo.... yeah, finally got my dang tattoo..... surprised myself and it was nothing like I expected. Then I updated my eyeglass prescription and got new frames. Then I fell at work and busted my damn ankle. I'm a hot mess. Back with pics and updates soon............ Hugs.