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Life is My Highway

Montana and North Dakota have become home.... dang it lol.

These Girls

Lord help me but these babies wear me out.... they are just perfect!


Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

We are so smexy!

Favorite sport: embarrassing our kids in public


My mini-me is finding her own way in life

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

B*tchn Baby!

I'm obviously one of those "worry wart" peeps. I hate that. Cause all week I've stressed about my grades for this past semester. So I've haunted the website for three days, obsessively checking to see if they'd been added.

Accounting III: Final Grade: A Teacher comments: The only comment I have is that you should be careful using abbreviations and slang like evals or regs in your posts. (Guess you can tell that I worked for the military huh?)

Pysch III: Final Grade: A Teacher comments: It's apparent that you have grown through self-awareness in this class. Congrats! (Blood, sweat and internal digging got me this??????WTF?)

I'm so excited, this was by far the toughest of juggling school yet. Kept my 4.0/President's list though, which freaking motivates me beyond belief! Go me! (Okay no more horn tooting) :)

And now, next week I start Stats.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shake it Before U Lose It

I'm swiftly approaching my 32nd birthday. Damn that went fast. So it's occurred to me that perhaps it's time to start on that list of stuff that I have always wanted to do, things I have always wanted to make time for.

Turns out time flies! Bastards!

Guess I should start with actually writing that list down, on paper. Nothing like black/white to make it official. You got a list?

Now that I've reached my 30's, I wish I had my 22 year old body with my 32 year old brain.

I keep telling myself that by 35 I'll have my degree in hand, get the career I want and I'll have that boob job (breastfeeding ruins the rack peeps!).

What's your short term plan?

P.S. Nailed Accounting III, psych grades not up yet.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Spring Musical....

Princess just rocks.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finals + PMS = Sucks

This week I have finals, and PMS.

It sucks.

Once upon a time (okay last week) I was a stressed out mess. But today, a good friend gave me a verbal hug and a swift kick in the rear. So I'm gonna make it good, gonna have to work through all the lists and all the drama, gonna get my groove back on.

Take back control on my schedule.

And count my blessings, that at least I have a full happy life that needs my attention. I'm not alone, I have my bestest friend/man who sleeps with me, I have my gorgeous kids who have full content lives and I have my friends and mom who take care of me. They give me a night off to study for finals and they give me those dreaded peptalks.

Life is good, hectic but good.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sometimes you stumble across the root of the matter

So far away...

I cannot touch your hand,

I cannot feel your breath,

I cannot hold you close

Still here....

Weighed down by finals, classes, work, kids and life.

Gotta get my mojo back

Friday, March 20, 2009

Irony :)

Yeah baby,

I so needed a pick me up!
My office full of basketball players and huge fans have a ESPN Challenge pool going on. We were all encourage to enter to win a gift certificate, fun right?
So the cajun girl who can't dribble?
She's #1 in the office as of right now. It won't last, but damn it's funny.

OU all the way baby!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Living Gluten-Free

The one thing that drives me nuts is how little there is out there for those of us who are gluten-free. It's not a lifestyle choice, but a health necessity. Which is why it drives me crazy trying to find places to eat out.

I've noticed that larger cities have websites leading you to lists of restaurants that are gluten free, however even though I'm 40 minutes from a major western city, notta! Nothing! Zip!

I've taken to calling restuarants out of the blue on a whim and asking if they are gluten free friendly. If they ask me to repeat that, I hang up. I tried carrying little notecards in my purse, didn't help. I've found three places to eat that doesn't cripple me afterwards; I stalk them.

Otherwise I've given up eating out. I have learned to carry snacks and beef jerky in my purse. To have a smoothy instead of a meal when I'm stuck out and about. Except I find that there are days I go without eating.

Today was such a day.

Couldn't figure out why I was exhausted, overwhelmed and besieged. I never cry but found myself tearing up all evening. Until I sat down to eat dinner and realized that it was the first thing I'd eaten all day.

I really need a buy a vowel sometimes. And peeps, the blonde ain't natural so we can't blame that can we?

But I will say that everywhere I go, I find more and more peeps who are either GF or have a family member that is GF. I never knew it existed until this past year. Now, it's a huge part of my life.

Having a stomach disease sucks, but honestly if you know someone who has battled stomach problems for years, please encourage them to keep at their doctor. It took six years to find my "problem" and now eight months later, I'm healthier, happier and my life doesn't revolve around my pain.

Except there is no magical cure. Proper diet and stress management are key.

Now if only I could practice what I preach, lol.

Next time your having that slice of pizza or cake, think about me. I'm still learning to bake with rice flour and it sucks. ;)

Over and out.

Memoirs of A "Whelmed" Mom

Duchess coined the phrase "whelmed" at our house. Since sometimes she wasn't overwhelmed or underwhelmed (is that a word) so it's "whelmed".

And today I'm feeling very "whelmed".

I'm in the final countdown of my lastest semester. Which apparently in "teacher-ese" means overload the living crap out of your students. Add surprise assignments, email them follow-up questions, make that hour long test due in 20 minutes! Surprise, work for that A baby!

I'm "whelmed" with hate right now for teachers.

But I'm writing that extra paper on late adulthood and retirement. I'm doing that essay question on Keizen methods for target costing. Not liking it, but got a good grip on it.

Then I realized that in anticipation for my next class, I ordered the wrong school book. I ordered a teacher's manuel. I swear if it has answers in it, I'm gonna have a serious MORAL problem about sending it back.

I spent the weekend cooking like crazy to make my life easier this week. Thank you Jesus for that inspiration. When going through the list tonight I gave the kids the menu: tortilla soup, meatloaf, or roast. Princess: meatloaf, Duchess: all of it, can I get fries with that?

You guessed it, "whelmed"

The Man is well, just in another state, so I'm solo.

Duchess is running a fever, tummy ache and tomorrow I have another swamped day. I'm not real sure what I'm gonna do there. Poor thing, feels horrible and wants her momma.

Laundry is starting to take over the basement floor. I actually went through, dug out enough jeans to get them through the week and washed those. I suck :) but with a smile

Murphy smells. Need to get grass in backyard, as two days after a bath, he reeks of "I've rolled in the dirt mommy". Not cool.

Murphy has taken to sleeping with Princess, cause apparently he doesn't like sleeping in the choke hold. So I'm stuck snuggling to a pillow.

Princess wants to know why Lincoln was killed and by who and how and where and OMG, is it bad to steer her towards wikipedia?

And the last little piggy went wee-wee-wee all the way home.

Venting does a body good. Especially if you're measuring the amount of stress in your life by how many tummy pills you chew throughout the day.

Much love, but I have to finish target costing, later dude.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

The girls and I helped celebrate my mom's birthday today, that was fun. I baked all day. Non GF and GF which meant it truly was a special occassion, as I don't normally allow non GF food in my kitchen now.
Except her chocolate cake was just that real flour and chocolate, with strawberries. I rock.

Princess was in charge of gifts.

Duchess in charge of candles.

And Mim's was in charge of bringing the party-sass! She rocked it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It took seven years to find the perfect piece for my livingroom but I prevailed. Finally. It came yesterday and I must say I'm in love. Perfect color, 85% off on clearance, HUGE, and all solid wood. Be still my heart.... (pant pant)

Although it makes my tv look quite puny........

It's perfect.

Don't judge my bench, it faces my kitchen and has become the catch all of bags and purses. Fun, handy! Whew-hoo.

Although the Murphy boy isn't a real fan of the livingroom re-arrange. He's a hater.

Duchess is just pissed that Princess has a neighbor friend over for a quick imprompt playdate and she's the odd ball out. Poor pouty baby girl.
She gets that from me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mommy "The Hammer:

I've been a big ole softie since The Man went to work in Texas. Well that ended last night. They are getting away with murder folks, they murdered my house, my car and dog pooh is taking over my yard. So I brought out the hammer.

We had us a come to Jesus last night about who was helping more around the house.....

Who was cleaning out their drawers and putting their clothes away properly. This includes making sure dirty clothes get into the basket. It's not cool when they have to sniff it to see if its clean. I have started tucking them in from the doorway, it's safer.

Who is stepping up with some of the odd chores, like bath the dog....this went over well, snort. They used 7 (count them 7) towels and took three tries to dry him completely. But it was a chore that got done while I was cooking dinner and folding laundry.

Who was now in charge of feeding the dog....and who takes so long to properly count out his food that the dog loses interest, note him in the background, he's given up on eating any time soon.

Then there's the matter of dog pooh.....cause my beautiful fence is in. Which means that it's dirt, and lately snow. But the sheer amount of dog pooh was killing me. I didn't have the heart to take a picture of them tag-teaming pooh. Duchess dragging around a huge trash bag, with gloves on. Princess with the scooper, grabber thing and a disguisted look on her face.
At least I had a few minutes to sit on the couch with my feet up and flip through the mail peacefully.......snicker.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The Man was paroled this past weekend....well that is to say, he flew in from South Texas where he is working to have some family time. The best weekend ever.

Not only was he a little sunburnt (a nice reminder of South Texas sun and heat) but he had safety glasses lines. Poor guy, still looked as awesome as always. The kids were beside themselves. While waiting at the airport for him to deplane, Duchess just couldn't take the stress anymore.....she burst into tears. Such an emotional reaction for her, she just couldn't wait a second longer.
We shopped, ate, slept in and napped. We spoiled the kids and ourselves and then it was over too soon. Back to Texas he goes, but this uncomplicated weekend full of fun and joy made it totally worthwhile.
We got this. And he's coming back at Easter, things are pretty dang good around here.
Just gotta stay on top of school, the kids' school, packing lunches, giving baths, washing hair, braiding waist lenth hair, finding time to bath Murphy, snow in my yard again. Having an expired registration and getting pulled over twice in 24 hours, once in the parking lot of Jiffy Lube where I was trying to get my vehicle inspection/emissions to do my registration. Having the pleasure of handing over my conceal weapons permit and getting a shocked look from those Utah cops and most of all, keeping my girls happy.
If I can do all of this, I'll stay on top of my game. I can so do all this right? This is what keeps me young. There is something to be said for that.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I gotta quit watching that one scene in P.S. I love you. Gonna keep reminding myself that The Man lands tomorrow night. I've done four days of homework in preparation of having a full weekend of fun.

Sorry so short, but I gotta go shave my legs, cause my baby is coming home to visit!

Obviously Not Busy Enough

Since The Man has gone, I've found myself with a tiny window of time. Time that is not best spend staring at the wall, so I have been painting again. When you consider it took me 6 months to finish my last one, I bet its surprising that I managed to finish this one is 2 days. However, it needed something.
So I busted into Lowes on my lunch and found some crack glaze for walls. We'll see how this works. I've glazed it up real good.
So we'll see how it looks 24 hours later.
Then if it's not completely ruined, I'm shipping it home to Lousisiana. At least my Nanny likes my art, lol.
Accounting is in week 3, so is psych. I'd rather have sharp sticks under my nails than do this again ever!