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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Saga Continues Part 2

Well this morning I went on the most confusing interview in my life. I was up for a corporate travel position where I would just book travel for a company with alot of VPs. Okkkkkkkkkkkay. Sounded good. So off I went looking like $$$$$. Except here is how my interview went (summary of the best parts):

Her: Well you would do the travel and in any down time help me...

Me: What do you do here? HR?

Her: Sorta, I just do that plus assisting the big boss, plus plan events and supervise the office staff.

Me: Office Manager?

Her: Not really, just alot of little stuff.

Me: Okkkkkkkay, who are the other office staff

Her: Let me call some in so you can meet them.....(skip past intros)

Me: Is a tight shirt and belly ring required wear? (I swear!)

Her: oh no, we're just really laid back

Me: Why are they all 19?

Her: Well we pick a type of person then train them to do what is needed, like they do filing, answer phones and pick up presents for wives or run them on errands....

Me: What? As in personnal assistants?

Her: Not really....

Me: About the job, what are the benefits? Leave time, pay, insurance?

Her: Not really sure, I'll put that on a list to ask my boss.

Me: Oh is he the one hiring and supervising this position

Her: Oh no, that is me

Me: Yet you don't know exactly what your offering? (extremely confused here)

Her: Not really....we just need some help. I've only done office work for a year, before that I was in xrays but got too much radiation so I had to do something new.

Me: (Thinking: wow, must have been bad at that job too) Oh.....

Her: So it'll be fun having a helper that has like 4 times the experience I do, it'll make my job easier. (yep, she really went there)

Me: No

Her: So when can you start?

Me: No

Her: What is your goal for future growth in the company? (Swear she just skipped over my no and went right on)

Me: To take your job

Her: (laughing hysterically)

Me: I've wasted your time and mine, good luck with your employee hunt. I'll see myself out.

Her: (Calling after me) I'll call you if we choose you for the job....

Me: (hand in air and I hustle to the door)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Ho Hum

Well I have to say that it is very hard to get motivated this week. With The Man gone, I've found every excuse NOT to clean the den up and finish unpacking the office. I'm worthless. However, I did bake alot, lose 2 lbs in spite of that, de-ice my driveway four times and well took alot of baths. See, I've redeemed myself.

Oh and I've found my way from the house to all the best stores. That is top marks in my book. Look at the beautiful drive through the neighborhood....

Except the job thing. Since jobs are few and far between here in the boondocks, I've been looking every morning on local sites and calling a few places until BINGO.... we have an interview. And I'm scared. It is for the one place I never thougth I'd have to visit again. A livestock barn/feed lot.

See growing up, I'd occassionally hang around at the local livestock barn during sale days, basically just to bug everyone while my uncle finished his business. However, some twenty something years later, the smell still invades my nose just thinking about it.

When the sweet OLD (geez) lady called me, I could smell it on the phone. I have issues. The pay is much better than I thought and they have me scheduled for an interview next week. I'm wondering how many old ladies I'll be in competition for to get the job. Hmmmmm.....

Also, will I start smelling like that if I work there? I'm such a wuss. I should be so much cooler than I am.

I'm gonna keep sprinkling out my glorious resume and see what else bites, but now I'm wondering, should I wear boots to my interview? Cause that would be kinda cool.
UPDATE: Hmmm, things are looking interesting. I now have a job interview tomorrow morning (hello big girl clothes) with a company that needs corporate travel....ohhhhhhh my fav....seriously, I love that stuff, lol. Wish me luck. This place rocks, for being the boondocks that is.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Saga Begins

Now that my yummy man has gone across the country to work (I love the new facial hair, sorry about all the pics, I love them! :) I have gotten busy: taking long hot baths, reading my school books (okay and some plum novels too), getting the kiddos in a schedule, cooking home meals, and oh yeah, starting the prospective job hunt.

That said, I live in the burbs/boonies. :) I love it though. However unless I want to do some serious commuting, there isn't much around here for my kind of work (get your mind out of the gutter, I'm a business top level admin or office manager). So I got my big girl clothes out, you know they don't consist of elastic waist and flannel or wool pjs, and printed some resumes and took off for town. Town being a generous word for our little communities in the area. I hit the city hall, cause I've done gov/county work before. Hmmm, the office was full of little ole ladies and the HR lady kept putting her hand to her ear, until finally I yelled that I was there about a job. Geez. Then I dropped off an app and a resume for substitute teaching. I have enough credits now to do that too here. Hmmmm, that office was full of little ole ladies too.

My question is: where are all the other middle/younger aged moms and wives? Do they all stay at home with their kids? Does no one in my age group work outside of the home? WOW!

Stay tuned as the "Will she, can she find a job" saga continues. Until then, I'm gonna put my flannels back on and work on my business plan. Yet another paper....geez....

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to The Man

The Man has celebrated 30 years of blessing this world with whitty come backs, smoldering looks and a great tush! Pardon the messy house, I'm still moving things to logical places, lol.

There is no better gift than the first day at a new job after 10 years in the Navy for a birthday present. The Man came home with a smile on his face. After I picked myself up off the floor (the shock), I realized that the stinker was genuinely happy with his new job. Who knew it could be that way?

So as he flies across the country to training today, I wish him God speed. Cause I plan on redecorating the house when he's gone. I also plan on cooking chicken three nights in a row and taking four baths a day too. :) That will show him!

It's a good day.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Recipe for a good time?

6 Double A batteries and a cup of milk. None of it for me. I actually got a chance to sit down and read a chapter not of my business books, I'm reading High Five yet again! Woohoo, it took 6 batteries for the remote controled jeep in the den and a cup of milk for the napping Duchess. Peace and quiet. Woohoo, I'm beside myself with excitement.

I'm working myself up to job hunt. I can't sit here staring at the mountains all day long. I found Duchess a part time preschool and Princess is happily enjoying school. So what is a mom to do all day long? Extra money would be helpful, so I'm gonna job hunt, tomorrow maybe, after I finish this book. Maybe.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Comes Crashing Down...

Trying to raise two little ladies is a feat not unlike taking siege to a castle. They resist "proper" and "dignity" at every turn. All my friends/family assure me that this is normal. Okay, I can live with that as long as they aren't gum smacking, bra showing, cigarette dangling from lips, truck stop waitresses when they reach puberty. However, are my two precious little girls the only ones in the world that are fascinated by bodily functions? Delicately speaking, any gas in this house stops them flat and becomes a giggle fest of high volume (heaven forbid we're in public!). Princess had this problem recently in class, Duchess is known for clearing a room but together they are a force to be reckoned with.

Last night The Man was attempted to entertain the children by doing his pushups while letting them sit upon his back (you can see where we are going already huh?). This is a hugely popular thing at my house. So on his back they both go. Looking like little precious angels, in their pjs, all sweetly talking and having fun daddy time. This goes well for the first 5, then....

The Man turns strangely red in mid-push-up, turns to look up at the angels clinging to his back and demands "What's that smell?"

The tower came crashing down in a wave of hysterical laughter and green toxic fumes.

Poor guy. (Sorry about the blurry picture, it happened quite fast....)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Lickable Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls, People!
We successfully baking FROM SCRATCH in our new house tonight. Thanks Ree. I cut the recipe down to size but dang, we are swimming in homemade cinnamon buns over here people! So in honor of the occassion, I documented the process, for you non-believers who didn't think I could cook....

We successfully butter up big time! Princess wrote her name in butter on the first batch!

The butter smells brought The Man out of hibernation. He even assisted!

And then he took over. He said my rectangular dough wasn't the proper shape. However, we did manage to create "heaven on earth" at my house tonight.
Taking one pan over to the plumbers house in the morning. Betting these babies will get my gas line for my dryer put in asap!
Warning: the mess after this is impressive. Maybe I should just leave it and move again!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sexy Bum Back

Sickness has left the house.
However, it just gets better from honor of that,
I've written a very badly composed poem...

There was a very cold girl,
With furry socks a going,
Down the stairs a hurling,
Like an airplane from Boeing.

Except she missed a stair,
The Man one step behind,
He grabbed but missed her hair,
The long fall wasn't so kind.

So young but so very hunched over,
She creeps aroung the house,
Medicated to the hilt while The Man, he hovers,
Because he is a loving spouse.

Send bengay, motrim and fudge,
My back it is a throbbing,
I try not to hold a grudge,
But I've finally stopped sobbing.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Boudreaux's Butt Paste

I think the title says it all, but for those not familiar with this product, here you go (the weak hearted and weak of stomachs should leave now). It's a lifesaver when your little one has has "tummy" bug and has spent the day pooping every 5 minutes. Needless to say, I have accomplished nothing today, other than repeadily clean bathrooms and wash my hands. Good Grief.

Add to this that the plumber has not arrived to run the gas line for the dryer. So The Man and Princess took a load of bedding to the local laundramat (urghhhh) taking my car. Thus leaving me with a stick shift truck that I can't drive, oh yeah, it's buried in four feet of snow too. So for three hours, it was me and the poor poor Duchess who was in pain. Yelling at me seemed to make her feel better, but I just feel like scum of the earth at this point.

I was dreaming of Butt Paste.

So when my garage door opened, I wasted no time in grabbing Princess by the collar, kissing her and shoving her into the house, while wrestling The Man from the front seat. Yelling directions and explainations as I took the car and left him standing there.

I bought Butt Paste.

People, this stuff works miracles. My little one is still "tummy" challenged, but the rear end is in great shape and she is no longer YELLING AT HER MOTHER.

All hail the Butt Paste.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Snow, Hair Dryers, and the Toliet Seat

When I got up this morning it was really freaking cold. So cold that Duchess met me at the sink looking like this ----> She was ready for the day. Thankfully it being Saturday I didn't have to walk all the way to the bus stop so we hung around till noon then hit the post office and did the final grocery stocking on the house. I love this place. Since The Man is leaving next week for training for his new company, the girls' and I will not have to leave the house unless we choose for approximately four weeks, if my grocery calculations are correct. That should be enough time to climitize myself and the kids. Right?

So this after noon after my nap, I woke up and it was even colder. The house (despite being on 70 degrees heat) was freezing.

Has anyone else ever taking a hair dryer to the bathroom to warm up the toliet seat?

Friday, January 12, 2007

Tears For Fears Inhouse Concert

The big drama last night was Princess coming to me in tears because she will fail her spelling test today. Let me back up, since beginning her new school Tuesday, Princess has had to work on spelling each night as well as math. Not a bad homework load, much better than the 2 hours a night previously. However, the state we lived in just last week taught that words for a second grader should be spelt phonetically rather than correct English. I have yet to figure out why. She was just beginning to touch on regular spelling. So, fast forward to the 10 spelling words that were the fixture of my evenings this week. She does great, she can do all kinds of exercises with them, until you remove them from her sight and she has to spell them.

So she realized quickly that she would be failing her spelling test. This set off a rather scary "I'm like my mother" panic attack. My little achiever doesn't care that she can't spell, she is upset because she isn't going to excel and make an awesome grade. I took a novel approach last night, I agreed with her. Yep, you're going to fail it.

As TLG would say, BLINK----

Princess couldn't believe that I said that. I had her full attention at this point. Here was something that mother couldn't and wouldn't fix. Whoa! The Man and I then pointed out that this was new for her and through hard work, she would eventually spell like a pro. However, until then, it was her job to do the best she could. Even if she fails. She sucked it up and took herself off to bed after another trail test (that she would have failed).

So......The Man dropped her off at the school bus stop and then ran home, jumped in his truck and drove to the school. (I LOVE THIS MAN) He caught up with the new teacher and after assuring him that we were concerned and explained the problem, he asked what we could do more to help her achieve her goals. The teacher was awesome, gave some suggestions and is now aware of the situation in case Princess breaks into tears over a spelling test. He was also home before the bell rang, so Princess never saw him.

Tonight we will begin intense spelling lessons for my sweet, control-freak daughter, who is so much like me in this area that it's scary. Also, my school starts back tomorrow, my book has yet to arrive so I wonder if The Man will go talk to my professor too?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back in The Saddle

We made it finally. After four days of driving two cars through the worst weather I've seen, we are at snug in our new rug, I mean home. The moving truck made it here, only after running over someone else's snow covered lawn which prompted a visit from the Home Owner's Association people. Yep, we are already THOSE neighbors. We're home.

The kitchen and the office are the only things unpacked but they actually have DSL in this rural, beautiful snowy place. Who knew!

The Man is happily growing facial hair to celebrate his "no-longer-in-the-Navy" life, although the neighbors thought he was a mover. Imagine their shock when they realized that the young grizzly bear in flannel was moving into the neighborhood. It's moments like that, that make life worthwhile. We're embracing our redneck roots. Although we are resisting the urge to put the pink plastic flamingos in the front lawn. We're working for subtle here.

Princess is already in school. It's big, beautiful, new and keeping her happy, therefore I'm happy. Duchess is finding new ways to create havic without her partner in crime. Hiding behind boxes in the new house, forcing mommy to play hide-n-seek is always fun!

The Man ventured out tonight to toss some large bags of packing paper, but managed to get pulled over by the local sheriff for using the grocery store's dumpster. Not even a week in town and we've become infamous. I'd say my work here is almost done.

On a good note, we absolutely love it here and we're already settling in nicely. We've even joined the PTA, and for the record people, we are normally NOT those people.
Hope everyone had a great new year!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Nine Hours till Countdown

The movers will be here in nine hours. I'm not ready, as usual. We did take a break to play the "fishing game". Is it okay to let the little one "cheat" in order to fairly distribute the winnings? We have went round and round on this subject here today.

Otherwise for my girlfriends and my mother who lurk here (hey I check the stats, mom you can leave a comment and show me some love every blue moon! "M" not even gonna start on you, it won't work) I'll be updating and posting pics as we head to our new home this week.

First, I have to survive the movers and the final cleaning. Wish me luck! Oh, has anybody made their New Year's Resolutions yet?