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Ear Porn (Music)

Rock out with your..... well..... just rock out

Sometimes old memories are good
Old School Rocking

For some good head banging Irish tunes to wash your dishes tooo......oh yeah there is def wine involved....

For the over 21 age group..... my personal favorite: Yeah baby

The Pogues - awesome band.... google them!

Old School Luzinanna Night:

Yummy, that's all I got for you on this one ;)

I'm back peeps, and it's alternative up in this mug today! So we're hitting up a fav of mine! 12/22

Going old school, but this is always on my moody playlist! Quit laughing and just click play! Trust.

OKay this is a little outside my normal listening range but man, this shit is catchy!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this song! There are times I just need to drive and country lanes with no street signs come to mind when I hear this.

Walk - Foo Fighters (on repeat tonight)

Breaking Benjamin: my latest find...

breaking benjamin forget it mp3 download

Next up: Hinder - basically I luv anything they have out

And let's not forget Kings of Leon.... Use Somebody (yummy)