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Life is My Highway

Montana and North Dakota have become home.... dang it lol.

These Girls

Lord help me but these babies wear me out.... they are just perfect!


Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

We are so smexy!

Favorite sport: embarrassing our kids in public


My mini-me is finding her own way in life

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Whatever Day

The Man had a visit from the gift fairy yesterday. Since he's doing well in his school, he's working full time, he's carpooling and he's soon to travel for work, he needed a laptop. So after several weeks of hunting and shopping, I jumped on a deal yesterday morning. When I called and they said there was one left, I left work and jumped all over it and wiggled on it. So in my trunk, sat his new laptop.

Then I got the email from him saying that he drew a deer in the state wide register. Good job honey. Oh, it's for archery. Crap, he sold his bow. Ummmm okay........he wants a new one. So the email was him wanting to carve out the money soon to buy a bow.

So we go back and forth with the no and then yes (him obviously saying yes) and no and yes and no and yes and finally I snapped. Fine, I'll take back your new laptop. Silence.........shit, I ruined the surprise......

But it was cute, he managed to wait until after dinner before tearing into it. It's perfect for him and I'm happy that it'll make his schooling easier for him now. No much locking himself downstairs in the basement office for hours at a time. He can school in comfort on the road or at work or on the couch. Yeah!

Although this does mean that I can re-organize and clean my office back up. Yes!

I have his promise that he won't mention anything related to guns, trucks or hunting purchases for a month. Isn't he a doll?

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Longest Weekend of My Life

So how was your weekend? I'm so glad to hear that it was restful, lovely and sunny. Mine was sunny, that is about all we have in common. Friday went nice, even though Duchess was rocking some serious temps. Saturday started well, I got up early and went to brown nose, I mean assist at Princess' class with some art stuff for their end of year portfolio crappola. Me and three other parent's showed up but it was worth the time spent as I got to visit and really get to know her teacher. Too bad it was so late in the year. But I'm pleased to say that Princess is just rocking right along.

In the afternoon, Duchess and I missed a friends' birthday party due to her temps, but I got some house cleaned and Princess represented us well. The Man assured me that it was a fun party for a 1 year old and since it was his co-worker's thingy, it worked out well.

It began Saturday afternoon though that things went to the pot. After all my musing about Princess and how things are going so well with her, she pulled a fast one. Momma had to throw down. It got ugly.

I utterly hate it when kids lie, or hide things. So when I went up to take some clean clothes to her big ole spacious room, I noticed while putting them away, something I rarely do, as it's part of their chores, that the kid was missing ALOT of clothes. So I started digging, behind the bunk, found some. Under the chair, found some new ones, still with tags, in the closet behind the junk, found some. There were clean clothes stuffed everywhere. I was not happy so I took them all and piled them in the middle of her floor. Then went down to eat the take out The Man was so nice to go get for everyone.

Except, after ordering a big person's meal, cause she's needs more portions than the kids' meal mom and look this is much better, Princess ate two bites of her food and walked off. Ummm hello that was Chili's carside service girlfriend, you don't walk away from that. The Man and I realize during a chat that she has stepped up the hardly eating thing at all, unless it's junk. Her little tummy is now curving in instead of out. Not good for someone who is always on the run. Plus I'm a cooker people. I made healthy good yummy meals but I'm not physcho about the candy or side snacks. Until now.

So a new menu was made up for Princess, high protein and healthy all the way. Then we sat her down and explained it. She is getting too old to continue two bite dinners and then wolfing down sweets anytime I'm not looking.

After that The Man and I went upstairs to view the damage in her room, all the way nursing Duchess and her temps, poor thing. She just was not herself this weekend. When The Man opened a drawer to check out the status of her "putting clothes away" skills, he found candy wrappers, alot of them. He proceeded to empty the entire room on her floor and found quite the stash. My kid was in for quite the surprise. So once that started, we realized that she's not getting the whole "be responsible for myself and my stuff". She's kinda blowing us off, not once did she get upset over any of this. Until I started throwing papers and junk away, then she got upset. She does not get that packrat tendency from me!

Papers, broken crayons, and little junk toys filled FOUR garbage sacks. FOUR! That is a whole week's worth of family trash for me. So we set down the law, obviously it was too much for her to keep her room clean and organized, and we're not expecting white glove passing of that test, just normal clean. So we're switching rooms.

Princess and Duchess have switched rooms. Duchess now has the big bedroom with the bunk bed unit that I broke down into a bed, a dressor, a bookshelf and a desk, it fills the room quite nicely. Her toys are spread out and tidy and her clothes put away. Kid helped me do it in 45 minutes. Such a trooper.

Princess now has the much smaller bedroom. Between the desk, dresser, two bookshelves and bed, you can twirl around in a circle barely. But I must say, after SIX hours, she has it pretty well set up. SIX hours people, this is how much junk the kiddo had. If I never see another McDonald's happy meal toy, it'll be too soon.

So all in all, I'm pleased with the progress, cause that room is too small to not be kept straightened up. Plus I found like 200 pairs of dirty socks in the move, yeah......I hate buying socks monthly anyway. Except, after all was said and done, my Princess, the love of my life, was still trying to rule the roost, telling me where to put stuff, then asking why I hadn't brought her something to drink.......I tell you. It got bad for her. But after all that we do for her, we do expect that she be respectful and appreciate it. That unappreciation just got voice lessons put off till summer and got camp canceled. That seems to have gotten through. Time will tell though. I hate to think she really has no concept of how lucky she is. That was make me a sucky mom.

Oh the bright side, I did fall down the stairs and hurt myself good yesterday. So today, I'm sling bound, at home with pain meds and an ortho appointment, because I suck and obviously can't handle walking in socks down the stairs in the dark. The Man was already at work when I called with my pitiful plea for motrin..........where is it? where? where? where? Poor guy, has decreed that we are so buying a ranch style house, no stairs = healthy wife.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hard Knock Life

We are all about our girls. Them and their activities are what life is about. We work to fuel that. So I shouldn't be surprised when things just keep adding to the list. A long time ago, the Man and I sat down and really looked at the people around us. Those people who had kids, we measured and we noted. What we found didn't really surprise us, the kids that were active, involved and busy were the ones that were going places. They made the grades, had good friends and were growing into good people. It didn't hurt that there was discipline in the house either.

So that was what we were gonna do. Heaven help me, what was I thinking.

It started when Princess was in preschool, besides that we added mom and me ballet. Um, big joke. So then it was tots gymnastics. That was fun. The Man was often deployed so I got used to making time and meeting the needs of her activities on my own. Then we added softball, then soccer and then Duchess came along. Once again I just adjusted our schedule strapped my baby to my chest and off we went. I became the master at crockpot dinners and quick healthy meals and we continued.

As we evolved into the fam you know today, I'm really comfortable with the juggling act. Especially since The Man and I now share the duties of carpool and drop off duties. In fact, Thursday are all him, he starts with bus run then goes through choir and ballet all before dinner. Princess has stayed busy. Even so, her grades are better than ever, we work homework first and push for a clean room even if we don't get it.

But when is it too much? Hopefully not soon. Today we added voice lessons. Cause I'm a bad mom. My kid can't carry a tune in a bucket yet she is in choir. Turns out the new lady at work teaches voice on the side, she's a choir director at her church too. Get down! So after chatting, I scheduled my kid for 30 minutes a week for a month to see how it would roll.

Princess dreams of her shot on American Idol. I dream of fuzzy padded earmuffs. We broke her karaoke machine for a reason. So in addition to choir, girl scouts, ballet and speed stacking club, we're adding voice lessons. Cause maybe just maybe, we can outgrow tone deafness and work our way to normal singing voice.

Our goal now is to get Duchess involved in something other than tv land. She's very active there but so far not so much interested in anything else........except Karate. Thanks to the Photo-Elusive-Step-Dad, she wants to be a karate superhero. The Man is currently running down pricing on that in our area. But otherwise......not so no thank you (literally that is what she says, that polite little stinker) dance? no, too slow and boring (this was proven during her trial class when she was more interested in spinning in her tutu) choir? too little, dang. So we're hoping to get her started soon.......

Cause honestly, The Man and I aren't sure what we would do without an activity every day of the week after school/work. Really, what else in the world could we possibly do? I wouldn't trade this for nothing.

Except maybe successful voice lessons......

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let me set the mood:

It's somewhere nearing midnight, I'm trying to de-stress so I'm reading hot and steamy vampire romance by lamp light. The Man is reading about how to field strip his new gun in the dark, while being handcuffed, cause you never know when that task is gonna come in handy. The girlies are all snuggled up in dreamland and the wind is whipping my patio furniture around on my balcony at a whopping 45 mph.

"Honey, honey......."


"I need a chocolate cupcake, a hostess one with cream"


"Honey, I need one right now, is it too late to go to the grocery? I can go, right? I'll take a gun, I swear........I need chocolate"

"Um, no"

Okay gonna save you here and just say I begged and pleaded and poked and prodded and promised naughty things that I'd never fufill until I got......

"FINE, I'll go.......damn's a freaking storm out there!"

"I appreciate you sooooooooooooo much, I really really really do. Oh and grab some Dr. Pepper, I'm running low."

"You better be up when I get back"


"You heard me"

"Okay fine, I'll come read downstairs till you get back"

The last thing I heard before the door slammed shut was "Tomorrow we're gonna talk about impulse control......." slam

Now fast forward to today.......

"Honey, I'm going golfing with Mark"

"Don't spend any money."

"Nope, just gonna hit some balls, I swear....."

Three hours later.......

"Honey, I got a new putter and they threw in a used driver that is just awesome"


"Oh and I had a lesson too, but I got a great deal.....Mark and I split one......."

How the hell do you split a golf lesson?

Tomorrow we're discussing impulse control.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things of Little Importance

Today I noticed several things that I thought worthy of sharing with someone and since The Man was in a sleep-needing coma when he left for work, well I'm turning to you........except I'm saying them aloud as I type cause I have to "talk" when I talk to someone.

1. I get words mixed up alot. The other day The Man caught me three different times and automatically inserted the word I needed, in front of company. How pathetic right? Well yeah where was he when I was trying to show a co-worker that little gem of a video about "beeping Matt Damon (yes please)" on youtube. Cause I kept trying to log into mytube. Not because I want to join an adult site but because I have a vocab problem. So now my work email is getting mytube spam, even without my credit card. Opps........

(I would like to note that back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, I took my ACTs and made a perfect score in vocab, yeah baby.......PERFECT SCORE....just not sure WTF has happened to me since, oh wait, I had kids. That must be it)

2. When you are aggravated at someone, unless you just come out and say it, they won't figure it out. A guy at work in the next cubicle is a horrible ease dropper. Whether it's my phone calls or even chats with a coworker, he will leave his cubicle to come interrupt our convo and get involved. I tried the passive aggressive stuff for a couple of days, but today I snapped and just pointed back to his desk and told him to "go sit your stupid butt down and shut up". Funny, now he's mad at me. Huh? I need to work on subtle.

3. While sitting in my car at a redlight, I was patiently waiting my turn to go through when I tossed out my finished up ciggie (hello, no kids in my car, see good mom!) and the person next to me in the turn lane got the scrunched up "better than you" face and just shook her head. Why couldn't I have blown her a kiss? You know, just not let it bother me? Oh no, I grin and flip her off. I swear, I'm no better than a backwoods hick sometimes. (Casey you better not be laughing at me right now)

4. Speaking of backwoods, news from home is that my sister has written a book. The importance of this just hit me today. Holy cow, she's way younger and I almost want to call and remind her that I can totally kick her arse if I'm represented in her book in any way. On the other hand, I hope the rest of the family is well represented and she makes a killing.

5. In a meeting at work, we're all hunched over a very badly done spreadsheet of a company that obviously doesn't A: have Quickbooks or B: want the IRS to be able to easily follow the money when one of my boss' notes that the woman in charge of the company regularly refers to this one employee as a ****head (see me keeping it clean?). I was totally ticked off when the other guy says well "not every woman can be a lady"...........Excuse me? Just because I have gutter mouth or gutter thoughts, does that not make me a lady? I wear pearls! I'm a lady.....right?

6. The Man has spent more on bullets this month than I've spent on anything. This bothers me.

7. I'm so stressed out that I'm taking Tylenol PM to sleep. Hopefully this will all be put to rest by the middle of next week. Pray for me, cross your fingers.......I'm hoping for some relief here. Oh and I'm still a lady right?

8. Is the card on the right for the "crabs" just too tasteless for my blog? Cause I personally want to send that out to like three people I know but I'm trying to be a lady here.....

Monday, April 21, 2008

This Week Brought to You By the Letter D

Saturday morning we hit a Dinosaur Museum. Now, we'd been planning on going to this forever, but just haven't made the time. So up and early, we were the first ones there on Saturday!

It's a good thing, because I took over 200 pictures. Dang!

The Man and I do try and get our kids out for "family field trips" often but since moving here, we've slacked off, so we're hoping this puts us back in our groove.

The museum was great, even if Princess kept telling this kid from another family to "back off, I can feel your nasty breath on my neck". Seems this family was desparate to be rid of their kids and kept wandering off, leaving them all right behind us. We finally ditched them in the sand room, ha! We faked left and then went right, it's a football technique I think.

Words just don't do this justice, so I'll just let you browse through the experience of "Build A Dino"

(did anyone else notice that my eyeshadow matched my purse? How very chic of me....)

Friday, April 18, 2008

What's on my Fridge.......

Hmmm, I think I'm subconsciously trying to "up" my naughty words meter level.......

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Down Girl Down

There are times that I miss the rambunctious and crazy side of me that has matured and gotten wrinkles and says stuff like "Cause I said so" and "No......we can't....the children"

**secret: I'm MUCH better about being responsible and mature as I used to be**

So when I watched this today, I suddenly realized I'm wearing too many "grandma" clothes, I need my hair down more, these boots have to go and I need a hot date night............dang..........

**pssst: just listen to that boy growl the word "ride"...........DAMMMMMMMMMN**

For the record, my plans for San Fran may be changing, gone are the musuems and other cultural "good" ideas........momma's gonna have some fun!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh Shit....

Well I've gone and done it now. I try to keep it clean here, mainly because my Aunt Cindy says not to curse, it ain't lady like and she sometimes reads my blog, and I'm a little scared of her still.
If you curse with a sweet southern accent, is it still rude?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Boogers are Matter Too

So Princess brought home her science book over the weekend for homework. Since that is done she has spent the afternoon playing at a friends. Nice. That has given Duchess quite the extra parent time.

She has helped mom make dinner. She's helped dad replace a part in Mimi's car, then test drive it. She has played with her toys and has investigated her sister's room. Hence, the science book that she's been dragging around the house "reading".

So since we're all sitting on the couch chilling, she has conned The Man into reading her the science book. Third grade science rocks by the way. No wonder Princess carries a 100 in this class. Pretty cool poop.

Except Duchess is stuck on areospace stuff and the body stuff.

"Mommy, brains are pink."

"Mommy, electro-processing is big business" The Man helped her pronounce the word.

"Mommy, matter, space and energy make up the universe."

And when busted picking and EATING a booger when The Man wasn't looking....

She assured me,

"Mommy, boogers are matter too"

Well I should have known that huh?

Friday, April 11, 2008


Last night after dinner we were chilling, and by this I mean that I was curled up on the couch, Princess was drying her hair in front of the fireplace, The Man was reading on the loveseat and Duchess was sitting beside me drawing. Real quiet family time. Nice!

So I gave into temptation and leaned over and tickled Duchess which started a mini-wrestling match that ended with me accidently elbowing her in the chest.

"Mom, watch out for my boobs"

Could have heart a knat pass wind at that point people, not a word.

Immediately Duchess got red and pressed her face into my couch. Princess wasn't touchign this one with a 10 foot pole so she got real busy. The Man appeared to be frozen to the couch with a look of pure horror on his face.

So I did what any good mom would do in a room full of obviously uncomfortable people, I started talking about boobs and made sure to mention the word at least 20 times. Finally, everyone started laughing and after questioning Duchess 40 different ways, we got nowhere on where she heard that. Finally she loudly announced that noone said boob around her, but that she knew it cause she was smart. Yeah, I got nothing, so we'll go with that.

So since we're all uncomfortable and feeling pervy, we opened the floor to all questions about boobs.

The Man opened with "Why do you need to wear a bra"

Google and I answered that quite nicely I think.

The girls got into it too, some of the questions were off the wall but other were intelligent and surprising. Wow, they really had alot of ask about boobs.

So once that was over and we closed the floor on boobs, Duchess asked what body part was next, The Man had held his own till then, then he ran to the garage and started up some power tools.

So I noticed something, after the initial shock of the subject, my kids were totally comfortable talking about boobs with their dad and me. Their dad was holding his own, deferring most answers to me but involved. I was so proud of him.

I am really hoping we can keep the round robin thing going on with the BIG subjects so that my girls know the door is always open.

If if Duchess has biggers boobs than me one day, like she assured me.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Awards: For Kids with Good Manners and Morals

Congrats Princess!

My girl, Princess was honored by her classmates in her school's "Gala". Yeah! She was chosen by her classmates for several awards based on her personality and attitude: honest, helpful and friendly! This was a very big deal. I should have known when she came home with a fancy invite for me. But upon arriving, fresh from work in my all black work wear, I quickly took a seat on the front row, cause I'm that mom. All around as the curtain twitched with excited kids, parents were filling up rows, not seats but rows with family. There were more kids in the audience than I've seen on kid eat free night at Denny's~ Holy crap!

They did a speed stacking presentation to open the show then each category was introduced and the audience reminded of why this was an important attribute. I must say, I was super impressed that the classroom was operated on such a basis. However, I realized quickly that this wasn't normal school stuff, see in every school and state we former military people have lived in, we've never had anything like this.

My kid has stayed on the honor roll her whole school career and yet this school is the first not to recognize that in any manner during an awards ceremony or by putting it in the local paper. Nope, we had the Gala. Which I find refreshing but strange.

Meanwhile several other parents seemed to find me strange. The lady behind me was conversing with her husband in a very loud whisper that I must be new to the area as she hadn't seen me at church. Her husband responded with a question about why I was in all black......this went back and forth. Now the funny part is their 18 month old daughter had left their row in the midst of this conversation and was as of now, perched in my lap, where she climbed. I was taking pictures so I just let her sit and fumble with my earrings.

Surely you would think they noticed her absence right? Nope, they just kept talking about me.

I took pity on them, seeing how I was in a gracious non-bitch mood and turned slightly to tell them, "Yes, I'm new, no you won't see me at church unless you come with me to mine, and I wear all black because I'm depressed in my job and I'm mourning the loss of my sanity. Now could you get your kid, she's cute but she did a stinky"

Funny, they didn't seem to find me funny. But afterwards they did introduce themselves. That was nice. I could be wrong, my neighbors might not all be turds.

Oh then I finally got Princess and her friend together for a shot, aren't they too cute?
Doesn't she look sweet and innocent? I love that she choses such clothing on her own.......sniff sniff cause I was dressed like a morbid goth girl minus the black lipstick, I'm more of a nutmegy, pastel color lip girl.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Turn, My Turn!

1. Where is your cell phone? purse
2. Your significant other? studly
3. Your hair? streaky
4. Your Skin? splotchy
5. Your mother? fabulous
6. Your favorite thing? blessings
7. Your dream last night? weird
8. Your favorite drink? soda
9. Your dream/goal? house
10. The room you're in? work
11. Your ex? short
12. Your fear? failure
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy
14. Where were you last night? reading
15. What you're not? uppity
16. Muffins? strawberry
17. One of your wish list items? shoes
18. Where you grew up? sticks
19. The last thing you did? lunch
20. What are you wearing? black
21. Your TV? off
22. Your pets? fish
23. Your computer? savior
24. Your life? full
25. Your mood? bubbly
26. Missing someone? nope
27 Your car? green
28. Something you're not wearing? (I'm not answering this one)
29 Favorite Store? BN
30. Your summer? busy
31. Like someone? yep
32.Your favorite color? yellow
33. When is the last time you laughed? today
34. Last time you cried? Thursday

Putting on Airs

It was recently called to my attention that I needed a new hobby, besides books. One that takes me out of the house, preferrably with other human beings, real ones.....not highlanders, pirates or vampires. Crap.

So......I dug out the golf clubs that my husband bought me last fall after my work has our annual golf tourny. They were so shiny and pretty. Red! Then I made plans with a friend to actuallly meet up and go to the driving range. I'm still so piss poor at golf that I need lots of work.

It was a beautiful day. Living by the Lake is truly a blessing. We're far enough from town that I have to drive for a gallon of milk, but who cares. Look at that view! But once we got there it was dead. Seems the other golfers were scared off by the massive 25 mph winds we were having that day. (in my head this is where I refer to them as female cats, but I'm trying for appropriate here)
Not us, we were out there with a vengenance. See "K" dressed cuter than me so I nixed any pictures showing you how I looked like an eskimo complete with furry hood. The wind about blew "K" over three times. Poor thing. I'm a big fan of the plant your feet concept so I hunkered down.
After a basket of balls, we realized that holy crap it was cold and we were stupid. So we went home.

But I can officially say, I got outside and did a little physical activity and the feelings in my toes are slowly returning.
On another note, posting has been far and few between as I'm working on something right now that I'm just not quite ready to share, more of a CYA thing. But I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Well this has been the most relaxing weekend I've had in a while. I must say, it's all because of the a big ole conference here in town in which all my neighbors are either attending or glued to their tv screens watching. Not me.

I took great pleasure in waking up at the butt crack of dawn yesterday, cleaning my entire house. Cooking breakfast for the people before I mercifully bully-ed them into my car and off to the mall we went.

It's spring shopping time. Meaning, the snow has just able left completely and the thick fleecy clothes my family has lived in for the past six months are no longer applicable. So it called for a mall trip.

Now by now you know I'm very much a shopper, I bargain hunt with the best of you guys. I do alot of piece mail ordering off the internet for things I need/want but don't have the time to comparison shop for out in town. However, spring and fall, I get my butt in gear and make a mall trip. Otherwise I'm the smart arse giving the finger to the mall as I pass by it the long way on the way to my precious Barnes & Nobles.

I hate the music they play there, I hate the way my kids want to live the entire visit in the Sanrio store, Hello Kitty is evil. I hate the way The Man sticks his finger in his eye socket and prods his brain every five minutes. I hate that Duchess, my bathroom connoisseur, has to check out every bathroom in every store we visit. I hate the smell of too many people in one room and I HATE the utter presence of that many other people.

But we had a lovely time. Probably cause due to said conference, the entire Mall was empty. We got front row parking. We weren't in the doors two minutes before Duchess needed a potty. So The Man and I staked out the men's section in front of said potty in Dillards where we got him some awesome browning shirts. He was grinning like a kid.

Note to self: always buy him something first........sweetens the mood.........

Off it was to the Children's Place where I'm a card carrying member, who has already hit her premier status for the year and will now get 10% off everything for the rest of the year, in addition to my coupons. Woohoo! Then it was the cookie store, then Sanrio, then Penney's.

Penney's took the longest as Princess needed new undershirts for school and she's at that size where you have to try everything on to see what will fit. But man on man, I realized something new about that kid, she has a major shoe her momma. The kid found some awesome ballet flats on sale in all these different colors, and when I say sale, I mean 3.49 each. She got five pairs. Oh yeah baby, let's bargain shop.

We managed to leave the mail after another visit to Sanrio where they spent most of their Easter money (thanks grandma/grandpa) and we headed to BN. Princess and I made a mad dash in, her to spend the rest of her money on a Geronimo Stilton book and me to stock up for the week (yeah, I'm that pathetic, it's my only hobby!) So The Man and Duchess were gonna wait in the car as it was getting nasty outside.

I finally got me some books and found Princess trying to decide between her books when opps, my phone rings. Not just any call, it's ringing that special ringtone that means, The Man is hunting you down.

"Um, hello hi, I know it's taking forever, but we're checking out right now......" all said in like two I juggle books and motion for Princess to make a decision RIGHT NOW.

It got weird then cause it was very clear, but there was an echo when I heard him say, "No you're not"........

Opps busted, he was standing behind me. But luckily he was grinning. He knows how I am. Sigh, I never lie and when I do, I lie badly, so I guess I had that one coming.

Since Duchess had needed a run on the BN bathroom, he helped us schlep all the books to the counter and didn't say a word, just raised one eyebrow at my total.......hey, I was only .49 over budget.

The ride home was lovely because there was very few people on the freeways and I realized if this town was like this all the time, I could live here forever. Sigh......I hate the big city and I am kinda glad we don't live in the thick of it.

But I got home with bags upon bags of goodies. Spent an hour removing tags and peeling size strips off everything. Then washing it all. Now if I could get off my butt and move it from my loveseat up the stairs to the bedrooms, I'd be rocking. But I found a new series to read, oh yum......

So if you're wondering where I am or what I'm doing. I have the first four books and the other two are in the is good.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hometown Saturday Night

Before everyone got sick, we enjoyed quite the laid back quiet Saturday night. After dinner, The Man headed out to work on his truck in the garage, I headed for a bath and the kids were heading to the den with a movie. Somehow we all met up in the kitchen where some good music was blaring.....the results.........

Damn, he's still got it!