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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Life in Montana

Well it's been quite a while since I've written. Time is something I can't make enough of anymore. It's refreshing to be so busy. Frankly I've missed that. Working from home was great but man, teaching and writing my column has been such a challenge. Turns out, I do have some talents to offer that don't just include dropping a delicate f-bomb or firing somebody with flare.

What changes God has brought unto our lives. We finally got out of that little town that never felt like home. Taking Dave's job opportunity to North Dakota we spent the summer hiking and hanging out with the kids. But Montana called us back.... in a matter of days we found ourselves back with a townhouse, new jobs, kids well settled into an excellent school and a town that really welcomed us. It was kinda creeepy in a "Thank you Lord" while giving a side-eye look thing. You know those, you've had those before right? But walking on faith, we try not to question when the Lord sends us somewhere. Surely there is a reason....

The good news about teaching is that thanks to my swear jar, I hardly cuss anymore. I almost don't recognize myself.... No chain smoking, no chain swearing.... without realizing it, I've turned into the closest thing to a Lady I'll probably ever get. Dave should be so proud.

Dave is flourishing. He is kicking arse and taking names which frankly should be the case. My kids are doing well as well. Princess, the oldest is cheering and working her butt off in her sophomore year of school. So far she's maintained honor roll and stayed really busy. Friday saw her kill her first Mule Deer Buck. Big ass 10 point.... <------ not fully mouth reformed yet. Since she's starting to look at her life after high school, I'm totally bribing her to stay home and go to college. I want her to live at home and I've started quite the campaign. I'm a planner yo.

Duchess has decided that music is her thing. Even though she's in the sixth grade, she moved up to the seventh grade band. She's maintaining excellent grades. Let's discuss her mouth. That child has a wicked ass mouth on her. She's sassy and witty. And since we have the "can't get in trouble if we laugh, or it's funny" rule going on, she really never gets in trouble. Lord help her, but she's gonna spend some time in detention if she don't learn to bite that tongue at school. I'ma back it up too, can't have that disrespect. Otherwise, she's getting so tall and at almost 12, my baby is long gone. She's planning her 401K and choosing colleges.

So I'm teaching accounting and business which means I'm in my pocket. I'm enjoying the crap oout of it. I'm trying to pick up some Spanish which means also that the kids have enjoyed torturing me. I yelled out "El HOMO" the other day trying to get the boys to look at the board.... turns out that does not mean BOYS. Sigh. I have a long way to go. Little turds. And by little, I teach high school so I mean that 6'4 Junior.

My column is going well. It's an outlet I've never had besides this blog. A place to share stories and things God puts on my heart. Well and frankly I'm kinda of a know it all so that works for me lol.

Time to put the teacher to bed. Peace out homes. I'll be back here more.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cooking. Thankful. Blessed