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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Good lord

I'm so ready for a freaking holiday. Teaching is hard, lol. Good grief. Today was National Llama Day and since I kinda love llamas, one of my students made llama cupcakes. That kid rocks her face off. It was a good day but as we roll into semester tests, I'm completely aggravated at the extras that everyone keeps trying to add to my job. People, my job is to teach kids. Somebody else can be on a committee..... I'm not that dude.

We are so looking forward to our holiday. We will be spending the Christmas break at our lake house in Oklahoma. I'm ready. I'm so ready to really enjoy our house for the first time. We have a full livingroom of furniture there but sadly there is a lot of house left to stock. I've ordered bed frames and had them delivered but now comes the fun part..... I'm seriously putting together the biggest order I can and shipping it to the new house. Toliet paper? Yep, it'll be in there. Soap, yep that too.... pillows? yep. plates. yep that too. I'll have to wait and get mattresses when I get there but everything else, I'm trying to ship it ahead of us. Best part of my day, the call that when my Father in Law went by to turn the heat on for us, the washer and dryer was left by the old owners. Yes! Now I don't have to buy one. Sweet, that was a purchase I was dreading in the short amount of time we will be there. I'm so ready to really enjoy the peace that comes with the lake. One day, we will be able to live there full time, until then.... we took the biggest step and we have our very own house there. That is def something we give all the glory to God for. Big blessing.

Otherwise Princess is cheering basketball and wrestling season. Duchess is busy with her organizations, all five of them. She's my volunteer queen. Dave is spoiling the new bird dog and good lord help me that dog is eating my house to pieces, lol. Murphy is tolerating him. This is why Murphy gets to sleep with momma. He's a trouper. Dave loves that damn dog so much lol.

More soon, enjoy your holidays and God Bless