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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter

Life is really good. I need to switch that up… God is good. We have survived the decision to leave my oldest, Princess in Oklahoma to finish up her nursing program. It was easily the hardest thing I’ve ever done. True, we have her the very best roommates in the world… my parents… but dang it’s the hardest thing in the world to let my 17 year old really work outside the box. So my dearest oldest is marching to the beat of her own drum… and it’s working thanks to the grace of God. It’s scary to let your kid think outside the box and then act on it… and fund it lol. So we just had a great family weekend. Princess came up for Easter and we four really embraced our time together. We went to dinner and we had a girls’ day… I got my hair done and then Princess got her a deep moisture treatment… we shopped for clothes and then we laughed and laughed. Dave took us shooting. We managed to be sharpshooters at 200 yards. I’ll take that. Considering we have two leftie shooters and I have a new rifle… fun! I really have to give that man credit… we have quite the setup. We have shooting mats and a tarp and a cooler of goodies and while we set up the area to prepare… Max runs around like a crazy Vizsla chasing and flushing birds… We didn’t’ cook a fancy Easter dinner. Honestly it’s the first time we haven’t. We didn’t attend a big flashy service either. My work is a beautiful place to work. Not only because of the people but also because of the fact that underneath it all at the very base of it, they are a Christian company and they don’t disallow us the right to be Christians first. How utterly refreshing. We have a place on the property here where someone put up some crosses for the holiday… and an employee came out and at sunrise we had a simple service and then after a few hymns…. Everyone took fresh flowers someone brought and tucked them into wire that was wrapped around the cross’s base… it was beautiful. It was easily the most beautiful moment of my life…. Holding hands in the freezing cold with my husband, bundled up as the dawn started to break … the lights streaking behind the crosses where a purple sash was draped. It was amazing. My girls running in front of us holding flowers… as they approached the cross. Literally the most amazing thing every… and knowing that my sweet children are given to the Lord… that they were literally children of the cross… the very best thing I ever did… and yet it has nothing to do with me at all… Happy Easter