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Lord help me but these babies wear me out.... they are just perfect!


Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

We are so smexy!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Total Slacker!

Wow, I've been really slacking with me blog. Apologies! I have an excellent excuse: I've been napping. No, seriously I've been a little whelmed trying to get kids all settled and etc here in Montana. It's such a tiny little town. It's also a tiny town mentality. However, we are slowly making friends (kids are, we all know I hate people) and getting a schedule.

This past week was hysterically Griswald shit up in this murther:
  • Dave is doing his money making, boss man thing
  • They tiny house is still tiny as hell
  • Dave has decided to build his own AK47 ~ the only way to get around the "I promise to not buy another gun till Father's Day" pinky swear (stinker)
  • Princess had her first vollyball game evah. She made the eight grade team yo. It was awesome seeing her bust her butt! Although they lost (which seems to be a town thing, their football team is sooooo bad)
  • Duchess started soccer season (a measly 6 weeks long) and during practice it occured to me that she isn't a fan of running at 9 just like she wasn't a fan of running at 4, the last time we tried soccer but this was her idea). She's one of two chicks on the team, and she's the only one who isn't well versed in soccer
  • Both kids are carrying strong GPA's at the new school! Yes!
  • I subbed all five damn days (I'm cutting back to two days a week!)
  • Dave and I both had finals.
  • I upped my classes so I will grad with my MBA in May of 2013. Holy smokes.
  • We register for our news classes, starting next month.
  • I finished my paperwork to volunteer at the shelter and with the probation office
  • Dave took me to lunch and then got called into a meeting with a client while I sat outside in his truck for an hour and a half, playing with this truck... resetting all his stations and etc.
  • We finished out yearly budget.... set the budget to pay off the last remaining bill before we are debt free (except the house). What a HUGE exciting thing!
  • We bought Murphy a doggie - bed since we finally acknowledge that we can NOT share a queen bed with each other and the dog. So we caved. And come bedtime, I pulled it out and slipped it right next to my side of the bed. He promptly curled up and went to sleep, I covered him with his very own blankey and he slept there the entire night. OMGosh, my back is so thankful!
  • I've started stripping down pallets to get some projects done.
  • I have given up and decided that I'm gonna start painting a few rooms of this place, if we are gonna stay in the tiny house, then I'm gonna make it extra comfy.
  • Been reminded that the tiny house is a huge blessing! Met another family from LA: Shreveport, LA actually and they have FOUR boys and two dogs shoved into a two bedroom house so frankly, I'm thrilled with our tiny little house! Everything is relative.
So as busy as we've been, we have a ton of stuff coming up too. A bunch of house organization projects cause hello the tiny house is storage challenged. We have dueling soccer and vollyball action going on. Dave and I are trying to stick with our nightly walks after dinner.... this actually lets us have time to talk about everything under the sun without the ever-present easedropping kids. (tiny house remember)

So I'll be back and with pics too, swear......

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So not only have a stopped smoking (efffffffffing bite me)..... but I'm trying to stop cursing. I kinda feel like I'm being neutered.

Booze me now please.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


"He's a douche Bag"

Ummmm, Princess?

WTF? Yeah, that phrase came out of my sweet 13 year old kid's mouth.... So instead of running my truck into a ditch, I calmly waited till we parked (okay, not calmly but I faked it well) and then did the head spinning around, pea soup spewing thing.

Turns out, she has no clue what it means... she thought it meant bonehead.

Dave is dead meat.

So apparently, she's overheard him say that several times when something or somebody pisses him off. Usually involving traffic issues. His cover is to then say bonehead.

This wouldn't drive me absolutely insane if this wasn't repetative behavior.

I'm having flashbacks to my two year old in the backseat of his Firebird. She is all blonde curls and sweet smiles with her huge tweety bird sunglasses on and her floppy hat as we roll down Interstate 5 in southern Cali. Except, somebody cuts off Dave and he immediate response is to yell "COCK..."

Then he freezes and turns his head to me with the bug eyes.... as our precious two year old in the backseat sweetly finishes it "SUCKER"....

Yeah, true story.

I flipped my shit.

Twice now. Sigh............

Thursday, September 13, 2012

That's Mrs. Cool Teacher To You

So I decided when the kids started back to school that I would stay busy and volunteer at the schools. Then I realized that they need subs and I just happen to have a degree. So it's laughable what I'm making an hour, but I freaking love subbing for the middle school kids. They crack me up. Please Princess and I get to hang out, cause she loves having me there.

Except, now that we are three weeks in and I've worked darn near the whole time... well I've become well known. I can't go anywhere....... without a kid calling me out. I remember that this use to happen to my mom when she taught school, but it's really funny.

Until I'm in my pjs, with no makeup on and my hair is a greasy mess. Then it's all....

MOM, it's the cool teacher I was telling you about....

Little dude, that's Mrs. Cool Teacher to you.

These damn people up here do not raise their babies to be respectful at all. Good grief.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Got Me A Busy Teen

So we are settling in here in Montana. I've got my kids gently introduced into social life here. Meaning, I signed them up this summer for tennis and swimming camps. They met a few people and then boooooom, we got really freaking busy. Dangit.

So Princess joined the vollyball team. They practice four days a week, two hours a day. Grief! Keep in mind that the nearest team to play is over an hour away, so we will be doing some traveling soon.

So lucky girl has a study hall period this year since she is not a band girl and after four years, she is tired of chorus. This leaves a whole period just for homework and studying. Go girl! Eight grade homework is different here. She still has the math problems to do each night but it's not 50 like before. She has more mature projects. Last night she was scouring the net for a "feel good" news article to summarize and cite. Her response (while sitting there still in her vollyball pads)... "it'd be easier if they would actually report about something happy in the news". Truer words kid.....

After practice last night, she came in and grabbed a plate of dinner from the mircowave to scarf down while working on her schoolwork. She looked so centered and sure of herself. I love this growing kid of mine.

Until she looked up and goes "oh mom, can you put piano on hold right now and sign me up for dance?"


Seems she talked Dave into letting her juggle vollyball and dance.

You get what you ask for...... I'm convinced that this is just a ploy. I think she is determined to keep an extremely tight schedule from now till she gets her learners permit in June. Cause they can get them here at 14 freaking years old........holy shitballz.

I'm not even gonna mention that she found an old ass F150 that is for sale down the road. She wants that truck like I want a cupcake. Sigh.........

She makes me feel old.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Efffffffing 90

My truck has a slight problem. Just a tiny little problem.....

I should back up. My truck, well she is a sexy beast. My kids name all our vehicles, it's their thing. Usually it's a cute name that goes with their color: Clifford the big red truck, Blacky the truck, Sage the green car.... but my truck. Well she's Fanny. As in Aunt Fanny, cause she has a huge rear end. And if you don't get it, then you haven't seen the kids movie Robots. Hysterical! But Fanny, she is a deep grey so she's kinda looking like a guy. So I put some really cute stickers on her and dont' even get me started on how funny it is to see Dave drive my chickie truck. But then he had to go and put a grill guard on her so she looks like she has a fumanchu thing going on.

But see, my truck she drives like a freaking dream.

I swear it's because she's paid for. It's gotta be the difference in paying cash for a vehicle rather than financing. This truck was the first vehicle since my high school car that I walked in and paid cash for. It felt freaking awesome!!!! And it drives awesome! There is a huge difference in the way I baby this bad boy knowing that she's paid for too......

But I get sidetracked by my cheapass ways.......

My truck drives so well that I literally fly.

As in, my truck really likes to drive 90.

Now in Texas, my car was very familiar with 90 much to my father's dismay.... but I"m a safe driver yo.

Now imagine my disappointment when we get here and word in the lower US is incorrect as Montana does indeed have a speed limit. SUCK IT. I really really looking forward to the no speed limit thing. Now highway speeds are 75, which means that I drive 84. Cause that is the way I roll. I also am constantly on the look out for a "rabbit" to follow.

But the backroads, like the one that stands between me and the town where the hubs works, the same town where we church? Yeah, it's an hours drive at 65 miles per hour. Because it's oil country in a boom and it's neck to neck 18 wheelers on a two lane highway, they go 65.

I pass alot.

Again, I sidetrack... but the truck... every single time I get caught up in the music or start talking to kids, or counting cows (dude, there are a TON of cows in Montana!) I look down and I'm driving 90. It's like that is her default speed.

So in the interest of safety and not getting a ticket that my father will NEVER let me live down.... it's all about cruise control these days.

My life is so damn boring here. ;)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Disney or D.C.?

So for the past several years, the hubs and I have noticed a trend. Since my kids' birthdays are both the week of Christmas, they tend to get a crapload of bounty! Seriously, they get alot of stuff. Then we notice that toys get stuffed away, clothes are never worn and etc.... because they just get too much. So we started parying that down to just some with one big nice gift. Cause their stuff tends to get bigger and bigger as they get older. I'm sure that this is not news to you peeps.

Being that we are doing our save, live cheap and make a difference in our life thing: we decided this year we are not doing that. Since the kids get clothes as needed yearround (frankly as wanted to) we decided that they will each get one gift per event. Yeah: cheapskate parents ahead folks.... one bday gift and one christmas gift.

Then for Christmas we will do a service project.... we're not sure what it will be but we'll be looking as we get closer.

So we're taking all the rest of the funds that we'd have spent, splitting that in half and and it's the perfect amount for a December family vacation.

Except, we can't agree on where to go.

Dave votes for Disney cause he's the fun parent. And frankly, a big ole kid, luv his face!

I vote for D.C. because I never got to go and I think it would be way cool for me and the kids to experience it together the first time. Dave has gone but only seen a little. Plus at Christmas, D.C. shouldn't be packed right? (And yeah I pulled the pity me card cause I reminded Dave that when everyone else got to go on the school trip to D.C., I couldn't go.....)

We haven't told the kids the location of the vacation yet, mainly because they will vote Disney and that is all she wrote. Although Duchess wanted Hawaii and Princess wanted a cruise. All I can say to that is wow.... people... wow. We're not quite there yet.... still got another year of Dave Ramsey before we can think like that. Good grief.

So yeah, we're still ironing it all out!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dinner for Two

So tonight was unusual....

Princess went over to hang out with a friend until tonight's local football game... (Note: we live so far in the boonies that the vistor team drove 3 hours to come play us, dayum) and Duchess rode her bike to her friends house to go play petshops....

So Dave and I went to dinner just the two of us. Sitting down to chat over burgers and fries.

I haven't laughed so hard in ages.

We talked about everything under the sun: my day, his day, the water bill, the kids' schooling, their friends, the tiny stone house, his job, my boobs (hello weight gain).... it was fun just to have that time together.

Then we met up with our babies at the football game to watch the local heroes get trashed 26-6. Those poor kids are just teeny tiny little boys, not so good at the football! Sigh.........

All in all, pretty nice night here in the wilds of Montana.

Weekend full of hiking, cooking, and projects coming up!