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Montana and North Dakota have become home.... dang it lol.

These Girls

Lord help me but these babies wear me out.... they are just perfect!


Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

We are so smexy!

Favorite sport: embarrassing our kids in public


My mini-me is finding her own way in life

Monday, April 30, 2007

The Story of Bob

We have a lovely new pet. His name is Bob. See sometimes I'm a good mother, sometimes I actually do extra things with my kids. Bob is one of those things. This is Bob as of this week (ignore the date on the pic, as I haven't figured out how to update the date yet).

Bob is a dirty ole sock, stuffed with dirt and grass seeds. Bob is growing grass hair. Good grass not the marketable type, naughty people! Bob is the only plant type thing I haven't killed, ever. It might be cause Princess is soley in charge of Bob.

Daily, she feeds him sunlight: this means taking him out side, almost like a real pet. Although she just leaves Bob on the porch, which would make us bad real pet owners.

She also waters Bob: bathing him in water fresh from the fridge door. Slightly chilly but Bob likes it that way.

However, Bob smells. Not like sweet sunshine green grass, poor ole Bob smells like foot.

Probably shouldn't have used one of The Man's ole socks for Bob.....

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dare You To Make This!

I don't do alot of cooking now that the step-dad from heaven has arrived with all his chef-ly skills...

However, I did make them beautiful bad boys for a recent gathering of friends. I'm rather proud of it. In fact, I've ordered a blown up picture to hang above my bed.

So here you go: Fruit From Heaven Recipe

You'll need:

-bananas (at least three)
-apples (six Gala apples are my preference)
-kiwi (for garnish so just two)
-strawberries (small carton)
-one package crystal light orange flavoring
-water (duh)
-skewers (cut to size) or large party toothpicks

The secret to the whole concoction is the juice. Start by mixing one package of crystal light orange flavoring into the called for amount of water. Stir, put in fridge while you chop.

Then chop all your fruit into beautiful sized wedges. Be sure to trim down your skewers if you use those.

Then dip apples and bananas into the orange mix. This sweetens the fruit up as well as preserves it, something about the acid in the mix. However, when I make this I soak them for about 10 minutes in the mix before skewering. My fruit never loses it's crispy taste or beautiful color. No brown bananas!
Then get creative and skewer your fruit. When complete, aluminum foil the whole plate up and chill till serving time.
I never have left overs!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


My dear blog pal, TigerLambGirl got an interview recently. This got me to thinking....okay, wrong got me jealous that I've never been interviewed, and we can't count the time I was on Texas TV plugging a work event (cause dang did I look rough).

So, this is my call-to-question for you guys, yes even those lurkers who never comment (okay some do, but I take out the naughty ones, please whoever you are, stop asking about my freaking underwear choice, it's rude!)

Throw one question you'd like to know my answer to. I specialize in giving really indepth answers on any of the following: my life, parenting, military spouse life, cajuns who eat out of ditches, cast-iron cookware, human resources/marketing, toliet scrubbing and cleaning tips as well as hoping for grace.

Anything outside of that sphere, I'll be winging it, just so you know. Belly up to the bar and give me your best shot. Tag!

Friday, April 27, 2007

I never...

Never, ever in my entire pre-child life did I ever think I would utter a phrase like this:

Just put the duck down and poop already!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some of My Favorites...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On The Road Again...

It seems that the road to work is where I spend most of my time. It's where I smoke three cigs in a row before I get to work, where I can't smoke. It's also where I call and check on my girlies while sitting in traffic leaving work. I have a bitter relationship with this horrible stretch of road that has three useless red lights (why put a red light when there is no intersection?) and only 2 lanes to accommodate a thousand cars in one stretch....

However, this morning, all was forgiven. As the sun peeked over the mountain top in front of me, I forgave all transgressions. It's magestic and a gentle reminder of the blessings in my life. Amazing how a brief glance of heaven can start your day off just right.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Morning Coming Down...

Sundays are a good day in our house, except that The Man has to work. So us girls have to find ways to entertain ourselves. Lately, we've been following a good schedule. Get up, have a big ole breakfast...go to shop and then nap the afternoon away. Followed by a bike ride if we have the energy.

Today was no different. Except, those lovely children that I gave birth to (another story completely) were absolute angels. Twice I had to check... what's your name and who are your parents?
Here we are tripping through the tulips. I love tulips and they are so pretty up here. Yep, I look horrible for church, but hey, they were little jewels. I personnaly live by the creed that as long as my children look good, I should pass any judgment test....besides I hate dressing up and wearing makeup when I'm not being paid to look nice. So moving on....
Here are my lovelies. Except Duchess in her purely regal manner refused to sit on the grass...cause it was pokey on her booty. Okay......

By the most picture perfect moment of my day? Well when those cheesy beautiful creatures, sat and gave me the purtiest smiles. It was all for me....but I'll share with you guys!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Memories in the Making

Well we have almost settled into the house. Finally, the house feels used and full. When we got here, we weren't too sure what to do with all the extra room, well. We figured it out. My mom and step dad are settling in well downstairs. Plus, twice this week I've come home to find dinner already cooked.....HEAVEN!

My tulips are blooming. Turns out the yucky looking brown stuff in the front of the house were roses and tulips. Who knew? I have such a horrible black thumb. I've promised not to touch them so they'll actually grow! I'm in love with this beautiful place.

We decided to terrorize the neighborhood. Yep, we left the house and took the show on the road. Duchess took her bike out for a first spin. The training wheel did not fall off this time, cause The Man put them on right this time. :)

We walked her along the path, the whole way....(note the purty mountains in the background). The Man and Princess kept turning around to keep her company too.

Then Duchess kept running The Man off the sidewalk, turns out when she turns her read to look at something, her bike wonders that way.

But we survived and then worked our way home. Okay, The Man and Princess rode home and brought the truck back as Mimi (my mom) and I were dragging Duchess and the bike home. She had even quit peddling at that point. Luckily, rescue came and we rode the tailgate home.

We enjoyed some fresh strawberries! We worked up quite the appetite. Now odds are good that we would at least pass a few neighbors in our long walk, right? Nope, not a one. Word must have hit the hood real quick that we were out and about. Where do these people spend their time?

Monday, April 9, 2007

I can't help myself...

There are days, everyone has them I know, where you just have to throw a tantrum. Sometimes this may be in the middle of Wal-Mart, personally I love doing it there, people just move out of your way for the rest of your shopping trip. Then there are times when it may be at home. However, I seem to have a thing for restrooms.

Public restrooms.

At work, I make it a policy to never scream, yell, curse (okay, ya got me there), throw things, belittle or bite. However, I will make an exception. All the above is totally okay, if it's in the confines of a bathroom.

So after having a very very late morning, where The Man turned off my alarm by accident and I awoke precisely at the time I should have been leaving, I managed to stumble into work.

Except when venturing into the ladies room before my big ole long Monday meeting, I bump into the cleaning lady. Who was wearing an ipod, drinking coffee and gingerly swiping at the corners with a duster. She backed straight into me and spilt coffee all over me, then in broken spanglish she told me to watch where I was going.....rudely and then turned her back on me.

It's on. First off, I looked like crap enough without big ole coffee stains all down my jeans. Secondly, she was taller than me and bigger and couldn't hear me cause she had the ipod of very very loud.

So I proceeded to call her everything I could think of and then remind her to watch where she was going. (this took awhile, I know lots of names, in three languages, what I was married to a sailor and I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not perfect)

Then she looked back, surprised to see me still there and rolled her eyes at me. So I did it, I took her duster and marched over and stuck it in the toilet. Then I flushed and marched out on a full steam of indignation.

Three hours later, feeling much better about the whole thing, I ventured down the hall where the "incident" may have occurred. Upon opening the bathroom door, I could hear the same cleaning lady telling the facilities manager about the incident.......

My first thought is wow, took her three hours to tattle. Then I realized that perhaps returning to the scene of the crime wasn't smart. So I left.

I can't return to that bathroom again.

However, the good news is according to office gossip, one crazy Anglo woman went ballistic on a cleaning lady and such. A really grungy looking woman with wild eyes and greasy hair.

I can't be late again ever, if anyone ever sees me without my morning grooming, the gig is up.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sleep Sleep and More Sleep

Since I'm out of school for now, what do you think I've been doing with that extra 2 hours each night?

Sleep, Sleep and more Sleep. Yawn. Personally I think I look much better for it too! Plus, see the above proof, I've been getting up early enough to actually feed my children before they leave the house for school. I rock!!!!

Otherwise the mom and step-dad are enroute people. They are expected in less than 2 days. I'm finishing up their rooms downstairs and trying to remember to buy more groceries. Except I just want a nap, lol.

The Man just spent his first full week at home. What a blessing. More dirty clothes seem to be the only downside. I could get used to this.

However, I will note that next week I get to go on my first recruiting trip, a one day out of towner. Very exciting times folks! I'm so loving my job. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Beautiful and Mine

The girls clean up real good for church huh? Makes a mom's heart proud. Had them stand on the front porch for a few tiny seconds to immortalize this and then Duchess proceeded to fall off and get waaaaay dirty. Before we even left the house. Ahhhh, the joys of parenthood.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


I know it's been almost a week since I've posted, I should be shot and drug through the streets but I thank you for your patience. Whew, things have been really crazy here, as usual. Where do I even start? Oh how about I go in order of events? Okay....deep breath....

I finished my English class....the last one I'll ever have to take. I kicked it's butt. I got a 96 for the entire class however, the butthead, I mean professor gave me a B on my final paper on ADHD. What a jerk, he said I didn't cite my quotes right.....Loser. I totally did cause I had them checked by the official school paper center before turning them in. That is okay. I can live with this, see how well I'm doing so far?

However, that paper, 10 pages of utter torture was my entire week from Sun-Wed. Moving on...

Wednesday found this:

Beautiful spring weather we'd had until Wednesday morning brought the pain. Yep, woke up to this nasty stuff. These pictures are from my commute into work, otherwise known as the "ant-crawling-up-the-hill-and-took-forever-journey" During which I flipped off three people, swerved to avoid three wrecks in progress, and smoked wayyyyyy to much to soothe my nerves. The picture above is the parking lot at work, I sat in my warm car until the shuttle came around and tried to leave me.....honking steadily till they stopped will apparently get you a ride.

Then on Thursday The Man came home to roost. I meant stay, forever. He is home for good. Still doesn't feel that way but hey, who knows right? So, Thursday was spent working and then picking up the man from the airport. Then people rock!

Friday was a strange day. First off, the boss was out of office so it was very quiet. Got some stuff done in the morning, then they announced that there was "snacks" in the breakroom. People, my department rocks the boat! The above is the "small" plate I helped myself to. Yum. Oh and at noon we all left for a team-building afternoon of raquetball and pool. I had to drag myself back into the house afterwards and took a three hour nap. The children and The Man just smiled and waved. I am still in pain. I'm too old to learn raquetball. And too fluffy.

Saturday was a busy day. First off I got new tires on my car. Needed them so badly but I hate spending money like you wouldn't believe. I utterly HATE parting with my money. Which is why Duchess didn't get that fur coat she wanted, see above. Afterwards we then hit the outlet, read: scratch/dent or scratch/sniff as The Man says, center of the furniture store I turned down a job with. So you understand why I can't shop in any of the local stores, I would have been the office manager over them all, opps.... But the outlet center people didn't know me, SWEET.

This ugly bench is real wood, yes I used a pocket knife and checked before I conned, I mean bartered with the wharehouse guy to sell it to me cheap. Nevermind that it had no price tag....We started at $75 but I paid $25 no tax. It's so freaking ugly but it fits that wall, gives us extra seating and The Man and I are already mentally planning it's revamp. Coming soon to a blog near you...

However, this is what I had sweet dreams about! I love this darn coffee table. Loved it in the store, even thought they wanted $300-500 for it and it's bigger brother. However, at the outlet, this bad boy was $50. Yep, seems they cracked the marble top so The Man and I will be replacing those tiles with a different color scheme. This picture does it no justice so I'll post better ones soon.
So you'll love it as much as I do.....
Now for the bestest news in the whole wide world.......
Since we relocated to this burb land deep in the mountains, we have felt very blessed to have moved on to a normal life outside of the military. Things aren't easy but they are good and we are adjusting pretty dang good I think....
However, my best friend, walking-partner, the person who made me.....My mom called me Saturday. We knew that her and my amazingly awesome Step-Dad, wanted to retire to the mountains and were entertaining thoughts of moving here next fall/winter... Well then my mom went and applyed for a transfer to the next town, which she got! And she starts work here in the burbs a week from tomorrow. Yeppers, people are you seeing how amazing this is, my mom is just as studly as I am....
So in less than a week, my mom who has never even laid eyes on this place, will be joining us here in the mountains with my step-dad following as soon as he gets the stuff together. I can't explain how good this is. Being military we never lived near any family. Our friends became our family, and any good military wife will tell you, you choose friends sparingly and well....
But we are now going to have, in the same house, family. This is good people. My kids will know their mimi and pepaw. They will spend time with us all and know their family. Plus, the whole bottom floor of our house that is sitting empty and we only use a piece of it to watch tv? Yep, gonna be filled with the sound my mom, loud music, singing, and laughing. I can't wait.