Southern girl plowing her way through life making the rules up as she goes. Warning: likes to bake, curse, quote movies/literature, is tattooed, married to The Man and mother of two girls. We bring new meaning to the "griswald way of life". Come along for the ride!

Life is My Highway

Montana and North Dakota have become home.... dang it lol.

These Girls

Lord help me but these babies wear me out.... they are just perfect!


Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

We are so smexy!

Favorite sport: embarrassing our kids in public


My mini-me is finding her own way in life

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This sums up my life....

(Even though we are no longer military, it doesn't really feel any different in the civie world when your man is a road warrior)

A military wife is mostly girl. But there are times, such as when her

husband is away and she is mowing the lawn or fixing a youngster's

bike, that she begins to suspect she is also boy. She usually comes

in three sizes: petite, plump and pregnant. During the early years of

her marriage it is often hard to determine which size is her normal

one. She has babies all over the world and measures time in terms of

places as other women do in years. "It was in England that the

children had the chicken pox...In was in Texas, Paul was promoted..."

At least one of her babies was born or a transfer was accomplished

while she was alone. This causes her to suspect a secret pact between

her husband and the military providing for a man to be overseas or on

temporary duty at times such as these.A military wife is

international. She may be a Kansas farm girl, a French mademoiselle,

a Japanese doll, or a German fraulein. When discussing service

problems, they all speak the same language.She can be a great

actress. To heartbroken children at transfer time, she gives an

Academy Award performance: "New Mexico is going to be such fun! I

hear they have Indian reservations...and tarantulas...and

rattlesnakes." But her heart is breaking with theirs. She wonders if

this is worth the sacrifice. An ideal military wife has the patience

of an angel, the flexibility of putty, the wisdom of a scholar and

the stamina of a horse. If she dislikes money, it helps. She is

sentimental, carrying her memories with her in an old footlocker. One

might say she is a bigamist, sharing her husband with a demanding

entity called "duty." When duty calls, she becomes No. 2 wife. Until

she accepts this fact, her life can be miserable. She is above all a

woman who married a man who offered her the permanency of a gypsy,

the miseries of loneliness, the frustration of conformity and the

security of love. Sitting among her packing boxes with squabbling

children nearby, she is sometimes willing to chuck it all in until

she hears the firm step and cheerful voice of the lug who gave her

all this. Then she is happy to be...his military wife

Monday, August 29, 2011

Music is My Drug

I have a serious music problem. I live my entire life to a soundtrack. If you're talking to me, I'm probably thinking the lyrics of a song that either goes with what you're saying or else some that relate to what I think of what you're saying.

Cause I've noticed that very few people actually say what they are thinking. You know they are pondering, you can see it cross their eyes but what comes out their mouth usually doesn't match their eyes. I think it's called a "filter", I apparently don't have one of those. Ebay?

Anyway, tonight I've rediscovered my love for Foo Fighters and stumbled across Breaking Benjamin (seriously, check out "Forget It"). Totally just wasted 15 minutes of sleep time while I'm waiting for my ipod to update with some Hinder too.

Cause heaven help me if I don't have my ipod charged and loaded tomorrow.

Shhhh.... I'm one of those that wears their hair down in their face so I can hide my earbuds. If I walk past you in Walmart and don't have my kids with me.... and I ignore you.... don't take it personal, I'm jamming out.

It's me, not you.

I blame the fact that I have very few people to actually talk to. At work, I talk at people. At home, I talk at people (kiddos) unless it's about disney channel or school gossip then we actually converse it seems (I speak tween and pre-tween, do you?) but otherwise nobody actually talks TO me. Or WITH me.

I spend way too much time with my internal monolouge. ;) I have a song for that too.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Kid, the Red Power Ranger

This morning before church we headed to the fields for some catching practice. It was early and under 80 degrees outside........HEAVEN. But her new catching gear really does make her look like the red ranger, lol. Best part, how excited she gets after a good play and "breaks it down"

I don't think I can deny that she's my kid, lol

Saturday, August 27, 2011

What the tweens do...

My house is dance dance everynight. It's how we stay in fighting form

#12's Got A Little Swagger

 We had a tourney last weekend, not too far from home. Alot closer to Cajun country than we are down here on the border in Texas. It was hot and I do mean freaking HOT. But best part about the tourney's? The team, they really have become a family. We all spend so much time together and it's just amazing to watch these girls grow each time. #12 is my Princess and the girl has gotten a little swagger in her walk. It's freaking adorable. The confidence I see in this kid just blows my mind. She's got game and she can bring it. I've waited a long time to see my kid blossom like this. The rest of the "family", worth their weight in gold. I just adore them! The moms are cool as cat shit and the support this team gets is amazing to me. Very much a blessing!

 This would be my girl running home.... stealing home in fact. She went in head first with her arms stretched out in front of her body at an angle. Slid right in between the pitchers feet. The ball went wild, Prin came off that bag and the pitcher ran to cover home. She blocked home which is technically illegal but eh, Prin just went down and through. Close call but she was SAFE! My heart stopped beating for the entire play. Whew! Thank gosh for those helmets.

 Up to bat.... it cracks me up. She takes the plate like she's just admiring the view. But when the ball is right, she pulls that elbow close to her chest, pops those hips and the foot digs and BOOM. My baby got her first full slam to center field on this hit. She was almost to second when the center fielder dove in the grass and caught it. We still cheered like it was a grand slam!!!!!! The kid has come so far since March when she picked up her first glove. The other times at bat during the four games, she bunt, struck-out once, hit a line drive to short stop and walked. Never a dull moment.

 The girls wear in-field face masks. Makes them all look like Hannibal Lector but it protects them from the ball. These girls throw hard and fast plus they are hitting off 50 plus miles per hour pitches so to save noses, eye sockets, teeth and etc, they wear those funny masks. This pic, 5 seconds later she caught a fly ball at second and shut down a very tough inning where the #1 ranked team had already ran up 9 runs on us. She was grinning ear to ear.  When she's not catching, she plays second and left field. Second usually gets the least action so it was fun to watch her play there and get that out.

 In between a long stretch of games, I took some players and we went exploring in the town after a quick lunch (which consisted of getting thrown out of Wendy's when some ball players had a water fight in the restroom). It was HOT but we found water!

 And of course we got some planking in........... cause who doesn't make time for that right?

 I'm pretty sure it's illegal to do this but eh, they were quick about it. Smile for the camera! Tell me that the sky isn't just gorgeous! It was a perfect day for ball.

Ask Duchess who was my partner in crime the whole weekend. This is the first touney I've been to where you couldn't bring in coolers and/or snacks for the players. You had to buy everything on site. Wrong. I have never stuffed so much cold stuff in my sports bra, my chair bags, my purse, Duch's shorts, etc....... ever. We b smugglers ya'll.

We have this upcoming weekend off and we are really excited to have some down time. Labor Day weekend will see us deep in the heart of Texas though!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Obviously bored

So I'm sitting here bored. A pic taken for Dave led to some editing. I need a lot of editing obviously. Found a tool to erase wrinkles too. I may become the Garbo of my family... Hiding out in seclusion just releasing retouched pics from time to time as proof I'm still causing trouble and breathing.  

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fun times....

What u don't randomly jump and choke out your husband?

testing.... attempting launch of mobile blogging, standby for stupid autotext posting

First Day for my babies

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Momma's Night Out

So recently, I took a momma's night off. I.E. - I was H4G (oops, totally just typed my real name verses my pen name before I caught that), not the mom or the wife or the worker, nope.... I was just me. My girl, B, and me went out to a concert. I havent' done this in AGES. Seriously, I can't remember the last time. My only concession to going out was to allow B to do my eye makeup, the rest was normal for me. Except, I wore some boots in the middle of August in Texas. And unless you think like me that may seem unusual........ one boot had my smokes/lighter/id in it and the other had my ruger LCP. I literally go everywhere armed to the teeth. Momma didn't raise no fool!

So we played a little pool! We chilled in a corner booth! We hung out on the smoke deck where I got to say hey to the headliner of the concert as he strolled by. He was nice! And I love his music but haven't seen him play in about six years so it was fun.

B and me are similiar in that we are walking advertisements for 1. married so don't even talk to us and 2. we b beetches so move out of our way. This worked out into front row positions for us. That and the help of my boot to shove one drunk person out of our way when he thought to chill right in front of us. I pulled the distraction move: I started talking to the old lady next to me and then after ascertaining his location directly in front of B out of the corner of my eye, I planted my boot in the middle of his back and pushed hard, then continued my conversation without interruption. Never saw it coming, or going. But he moved his dumb ass out of her way.

See what a problem this could have been for the ENTIRE concert? Problem solved.

Headliner was great. Sang all my favs! But it was so freaking loud and I'm apparently too old for this mess, took two days before my hearing was normal again. Oh well.

I haven't stayed up that late outside my own house in quite some time but it was totally cool. I can't wait till he comes back to town! I kinda like the occassional ME time.

And to prove what a complete dork I am, does anyone else take a picture of their outfit in the bathroom mirror and then send it to their husband?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's Official

I just pressed submit on my first test. It's official, I'm an MBA student now. I'm only taking one class this term and I am so thankful that I was smart enough to do that with all the other stuff I juggle. Kinda exciting though to get all my first week's stuff done and then close that book. Whew! Now I can go do laundry, paint my toes, do the dishes, lay out clothes for tomorrow and change about 7 light bulbs that blew today. Good grief. All aboard the crazy train beeches!

Psssst: Dave turn your shite in and get some sleep. (Cause while we're in the same program, taking the same damn term, luckily I changed my teacher so we aren't having to share the same exact class. Cause that would just be awkward. :(

Peace, Love and Lizzards!

Self reminder

Anger does no good. There is always a reason and some growth from every situation....... so I have to figure out what I need to learn from this.

And then have a good cry.

And a glass of wine.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I need an assistant (read: helper b*tch)

There is very little down time in my day these days. So in the tub earlier I made a short list of things I HAVE to do tonight/tomorrow. And promptly came to the conclusion that I need an admin, who can preferrably cook in a pinch (GF of course), oh and will do a load of laundry when there are no towels, yeah and make quick trips to the store when there is NO toliet paper in the house, and who can multitask for example: listen to one kid practice the piano, while making dinner with the other kid AND write up some essays for my class that just started this week. Then there's the little things like take my new computer and organize my docs/pictures into new usable folders. OH and most importantly, make some kick arse playlists for my itunes cause I'm dying here with 5k songs and nothing sorted. It'd be super helpful if my sheets got washed, the clean clothes on the bench in my room miracliously got put away before they wrinkle so bad they must be re-washed. My shoes need wiping down and organized by color (not kidding, I have a shoe thing... shut up).

A really good admin who'll know me well enough to go through my Facebook and "hide" all the people who post sad, depressing or boring crap leaving me only things that'll give me a laugh, like funny thoughts, griswald-moments (my fav) and family pics. Side note: it's my goal to only put that kind of stuff on facebook from now on.

Then there is the organizing of my house, cause the clutter and frank dis-organization of this place just sucks donkey.... stuff.

Oh and someone who'll rub Murphy's belly and toss a toy around with him when I'm doing a million other things but feel guilty about not showing my boy some attention.

Basically, I'm thinking a clone would be the cheaper most efficient way to go here.

Have they successfully mastered that cloning thing?

Cause maybe'll I'll just clone Dave and walk around with a smile on my face all day.

Coon-Asses, they’re not just for breakfast anymore

So Dave is heading to Canada for a week of travel soon, hence the frantic scramble to get his passport shite lined out recently. I recently "confessed" that location shirts just don't do it for me. Not even as sleep shirts. I want funky shirts...... like the one he got me when he was laid over in Amsterdam once, that beeach said "Good girls go to Heaven, Bad girls go to Amsterdam", I wore it will it was a rag. So in lieu of his usual gift when he travels somewhere new, I asked him to hunt me down a shirt in the spirit of Candian/US rivalry. Something along the lines of "I only like maple leaves in my sweet, sticky bbq sauce". Apparently they don't make those, so can some of my Canadian friends find me a good funky shirt? Or maybe I'll just make my own, although I like his suggestion too.... "Coon-Asses, they’re not just for breakfast anymore".

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's Launched!

New format and blog launched. Insomnia can actually be productive! Some areas aren't online yet but I'll work on it through out the next month or so and get the new areas up and running. Till then, look around! Take your shoes off and get comfy, but if you spill anything I'm not cleaning that crap up.


Thursday, August 11, 2011 secret guilty obsession


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random Thoughts

So I'm back in full force, laptop all set up and loaded to the brim with music and pictures and school work. Lots of stuff going on around here these days, have no clue where to start so I'll just throw my OCD nature out the window and run with it......... so I present you random thoughts from H4G:

I've quit one job before (not counting one where I forced their hand), and I left with a quiet "I won't work for a jackass, unpatriotic asshole" rather than a blaze of glory. The rest were due to military transfers of the Man I married. I quit the morning of 9/11 when I was told I couldn't leave work to go join my baby who was on lockdown at a military base daycare. The company was later under a RICO from the FBI and State Department for mishandling medicare funds so I didn't feel bad at all. However, I will say this: the next time I quit a job......... I'm baking cookies and icing them to spell out F*** YOU and leaving them on my desk. Recently heard that story and frankly I'm inspired. Lol. However, it'll never be my current job, cause I freaking love it.

Work is going amazingly well. They love me for exactly who I am. A stapler throwing, f-bomb dropping, loud singing hard worker. In fact, last week I got promoted. And a raise, which is a feat itself cause the company only typically gives raises in Jan. Holy smokes, what a blessing! My boss even lined up two extra staplers on my desk, "just in case one isn't enough". :) I really got lucky and I'm so glad I was so picky when it was time to go back to work! I love working in a technical environment where I don't have to dress a "part" or be someone I'm not. I'm blessed peeps.

School starts tomorrow. For me, not the kids. I start my master's program tomorrow and I'm excited. I'm taking one class at a time so it'll be awhile before I"m done but it'll be worth it! Dave starts too and we're in the same class. Ouch. I'm determined to ignore him, lets see how that works out.

The kids start school on the 22nd. They are super excited. Duch is going into 3rd and we decided to leave her in her current school this year rather than the science magnet school. We want her to have at least another year of normal before she moves over. She is flying through with piano lessons and will be starting I believe the french horn as well this fall. Thank goodness for her music teacher, he totally rocks! I'm looking into drawing/painting classes for her as well, since she flat out refuses karate, dance or etc. She's my artisitc one so I'm running with that.

Prin is starting 7th. Junior High. They have dances, can wear makeup (not my kid, lol.... she scoffs at teh idea thank goodness!), and wear ID badges and get treated like teens. Oh yeah, she'll be 13 in Dec so that makes since. She is also loving select softball. We went to Austin this past weekend for her first tournament and it was a blast. Pics coming one day. They played four games in one day and my baby is working on becoming a good catcher. Although she does look like Hannibal Lector in her infield face mask when she plays second. :) The confidence has just grown and sprouted from this kid overnight it seems but I thank God for softball, it's really given her a chance to dig deep and shine. Even if dad and I did have to butt in and make her choose between pitching and catching. It was too much, but she chose catching so here we go. Best part, this year round team's coach sat them down last night and informed them that they had to have a minimum of a B average to play. :) Love it!

Texas life is pretty good. I"m swamped and there are days when I call into a coma after juggling everything but my soul is happy. We have a great new church down the road and I truly feel good about putting down my roots right where I am. Watching my kids blossom is the #1 reason too! I have a house full of happy little girls and their friends often and it takes me back to my mom doing that for me when I was their age. Rare happy childhood memories right there!

This week, I'm going with a friend to a concert on a weeknight. I'm so bad! I feel a little guilty but then I remember that I took the next day off so I can get the babies registered so yeah, guilt gone! Nice to find a little Lynn: other than the wife/mom time.

My parents are happily settled in Tyler, a mere three hours from me. I've seen them more in the past two months than I have in two years. I LOVE IT. My kids want to go to Tyler at the drop of a hat and frankly, I love roadtrips so I plan on doing it alot. Between softball, my folks and my family in Lousisiana, I get alot of road time. :) Just more time for me and my babies to jam out!

So as you can tell, life is neck break speed as usual but it's good.

More to come, Hugs!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm Still Here!

I'm apparently extremely rough on my laptops, so since several rows of keys stopped working... I tried babying it through. No dice. And I'm lazy too, that doesn't help. But I got off my duff and ordered a new one. Hello my pretty little friend. All rugged and crap, like the ultimate space aged hard core toughie of laptops. Now once I get everything transferred over I can update like crazy again.

Dave came and went. He's currently driving us both nuts prepping for international travel. Fun! for him, not me.... usual. :(

Kids are wrapping up summer.

We are traveling now every other weekend for tournements. This weekend is hello to Austin Texas. :)

I got a promotion at work, hellur how u durring?

So see, we just be running along at full speed. More soon!