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Monday, September 1, 2014


One day I'm chilling. I stay at home, I run my online store.... I nap. I cook. I clean. I text Connie or Mae all day. Murphy and I were hobbits that never left our little cave. Then we moved to North Dakota for the summer. Then I accidentally got a job writing for a paper. I started getting busy. Then it was our move back to Montana but a ways away from the original town we lived in. Funny but seriously though we're close enough to play them in sports but not live there. New town is freaking awesome. Holy shit it's awesome. They have fro-yo. I can live here forever.

Then the kids registered for school and the local high school offered me a job. So here I am. Teaching advanced accounting and business to high schoolers. Holy crap. Seriously blown away. I never see God coming but I go whereever he sends me. I'm open to his lead. And being that I have finally managed to drop the f bomb from my daily vocab, it works out.

So I'm teaching, juggling kids on the cheer squad and advancing grades. It's a rush. God is good. We closed on our house in Oklahoma so we officially have our lake house. That is our permanent home for when the crazy goes away and we're tired of the road. It's such a huge rush knowing that we have a fall back position. A place to go when we need a break.

So I got real today. A perk of teaching is that I have access to a state of art gym at the school. I love this school. Pimped out to the max. So while Dave and my girls were hunting doves, yeah.... badass huh.... I have cooked, done all the flipping stupid ass laundry. I also went to the gym and got my sweat on. Ewwwww. Yucky. But I'm trying to embrace the new schedule.

I can't believe it but I get no naps. I get up and ready leaving the house before Dave and the kids so I can open my classroom which is also one of the computer labs to students who don't have computers at home. Luckily it allows me to actually work on my lessons and projects too. I'm staying ontop of my grading so that works. Duchess rides the bus from the middle school to the high school and hangs out with me while I"m finishing up the day. Princess made cheer squad so she's practicing and working out after school. Frankly, we stay busy.

Dave is loving his new job. He's so damn boss. He set up a home office at the townhouse here and he's home or on the road working from his truck. Love his new free schedule. He's working hard but still managing to get time with us. He's not missing anything and yet helping me with the house and cooking. Shiz yes. That man can have what the hell ever his cute ass wants. I can say that since he bought me my damn dream purse for our anniversary. Whatever. He. Wants. But don't go and be texting him that shit. Mind your own business.

On that note, I'm totes heading off to finish wiping up the floor and then get packed for tomorrow. Sweet Jesus I'm trying to go to the gym in the morning. Before school. God.