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Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween

It's that time again. Happy Halloween, pumpkins, costumes and other icky stuff. Princess decided that she alone would gut the pumpkin, this was after 20 minutes of me hacking the pumpkin. Is this done easier when it's already de-seeded? This is my first pumpkin carving as The Man is out to sea. Duchess decided to observe the activity from afar, least she get slimed or such. Smart kid, I'll be picking seeds out of my hair all night, the older one didn't have a good grip on one handful. We finally agreed on the face we wanted. Somewhere in the middle of "Happy" and "Scary". I should have bought two. Duchess finally decreed that she would be Snow White this year, only because she refused to give up the ruby slippers. I credit The Man for this, he called and sweet talked her into it. YES! Dad rules.

After work we had to make a quick store trip (I hate those in the middle of the week) as Princess lost her good jacket and the cold snap has kicked in. So in the middle of negotiating coats, style verses warmth, we found both. However, both girls found the Christmas section of the store, located right next to the escalators. So they immediately started working on their Christmas lists. Not even sure where Christmas is gonna find us. We'll see. Crossing fingers and hoping that The Man gets a really good job soon. He has an interview coming up. So ready to get out of the military, it's a great life but ready, ready, ready for my girls to have The Man everyday.

The girls decided to put on a second Halloween for The Man on Saturday. Their plan is to dress up in costume and take him to Denny's. Do my girls know how to treat a man or what? Costume pictures coming tomorrow. School books in the mail, here's to hoping they get here before school starts on the 9th. I hate media mail, it's too slow. (Mentally cracking my knuckles here) I'm taking English 102, great, took English 101 about ten years ago, should be a breeze right?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Still sick

When mom is sick, everything goes to crap. I've been battling this cold for a week now and still I'm in a haze. The girls have taken control of the house. This morning there was a tug of war over the last clean towel, I won. So I'm gonna be a big girl and clean this house, sick or not. Okay, I'm gonna start cleaning and then issue chores to the kids too. Then I might as well run the errands that have been put off, cause apparently we really do need toliet paper! The Man is out for another week so I'm on my own. Good news though, he got a call about a civilian job but it's in the desert. Yeah, the desert. I'm dreaming of green grass and thunderstorms and we get a call from the desert. But we're walking on faith here! So bring on the desert if it means he can get out of the mil and be home with us girls everynight!

Still having the Halloween fight with the Duchess (the littlest in line for the throne here), she wants to be a cheerleader like her sister, the Princess (the highly dramatic older one), instead of the Snow White costume from Disney that she wanted to badly. The Man says no. I say no. But Duchess is still fighting it. Halloween night will be interesting here. Our goal is to meet up with a friend and trick or treat then hand out candy at her house (she actually decorated her porch). Wish us luck on that one. Oh and Duchess dressed herself today, this is what happens when I'm sick. The little one goes to the drug store looking like this, she lost the wide orange belt that she had wrapped around herself though.


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