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Montana and North Dakota have become home.... dang it lol.

These Girls

Lord help me but these babies wear me out.... they are just perfect!


Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

We are so smexy!

Favorite sport: embarrassing our kids in public


My mini-me is finding her own way in life

Monday, March 26, 2007

Random Thoughts...

Random Thought from a stressed out paper writer:
1. Why is it that she wakes up happy but comes home from school with attitude?

Maybe, just maybe it is the school doing this and I should stop sending her there. Or maybe it is pre-teen angst. Hmmmm.

2. On the other hand, this one wakes up mean as well, you get the idea. Cries at the thought of going to school, which requires leaving the bed where she'd rather sleep till noon, kid after my own heart here! However, offer her a breath mint and she is golden. This picture is obviously pre-breath mint. Surely a daily breath mint will not require my paying the dentist enough for a new boat in the near future....right?

3. Why do they make little girls clothes like this? What is cute about this? See everything behind her, we got two of those. Just two, out of a million. She is four people, not ready for a job at Hooters.

4. Why do I allow Princess near a camera? This is a rare picture of me. Usually I burn these before they see the light of day, but hey what the heck. Here I am rolling my eyes back into my head. Dang, but I am whiter than paper. I need some sun. Or a gift certificate to a tanning bed.

5. Post-breath mint.

This has been brought to you by the letter F, in honor of my friend who just put it out there (Tiger Lamb Girl)! I love this.... cause no body is perfect and some people just suck.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

No Snow!

We can see green people! We have no snow this week and it's so purty I want to cry. The temps actually hit the high 50's today. Never mind that I was wearing a sweater still but hey, woohoo. So I took the girl's dress shopping today. We've found a church and we're back in business! Feeling very good about that. So here are some lovely sights on the way to the nearest mall. Don't ask how far, but The Man thinks that is a good thing.
Above the pasture we see the beautiful ---- mountains. Snow capped and lovely.
Almost to the highway, we see the other side of the view. more pastures, road and snow capped mountains, I still can't believe I live here.

Again, almost to the highway, more green trees and beautiful sky. Ahhhhhhhhh. Peaceful!

Monday, March 19, 2007

What a weekend...

Happy Belated St. Paddy's Day. For all my lovely Irish and wanta be Irish friends. Just love this picture, very cute when you don't consider that Mr. Care Bear is totally poluting and such. Oh well, happy holiday.

Great visit from The Man. We had some good family time. I baked......see those yummy yummy rolls. (Took the leftovers to work, they Loveeeeeeeeee me now, as never before)
We took the fam out for dinner. Ms Princess decorated her leftovers, what fun. What was even more fun was them scrambling back and forth under the table cause no one could decide who they wanted to sit with. Ahhhh the bliss of having children. Add the fact that Duchess wore big ole pants that showed some ahhhhhh crack, and that made for lots of table laughter and pissy looks from other diners.

Then The Man and Duchess took me to lunch each day while I was working hard. Note that they were fishing and playing hard while I was working. But we managed to behave ourselves at lunch at least. No buttcrack in sight.

The Man has this unfortunate affection for crab. I HATE crab. I HATE the smell of crab, the look for crab and the mere presence of crab on my table. Yet, he orders crab legs. Princess went over to the dark side to join him. At least they didn't chase me around the restuarant with it this time. They left me to temble against my seat in fear that nasty crab juice would fly my way. Ewwww. Still having nightmares over that one.

The only other big news is that The Man managed to return to the East Coast for his last 11 days of training without a freak snow blizzard hell-freezing-over flight delayed all night adventure. Oh and then on Sunday I wrote a lovely paper about how commercials during kid programming are ruining our children, spoiling them in every way and making them obnoxious and disobedient punks who will one day destroy Earth as we know it. Yeah, good huh? I was pretty proud of myself. Go me and my statistical argumentative paper!

Oh and there was the matter of my getting my first pair of roller blades and attempting to try them out, prior to which both The Man and my MOTHER told the children to call 911 if mommy fell and couldn't get up. Needless to say, there are NO pictures on earth of this feat, and I didn't fall.

However, note to self, a good mother does not grab the four year olds hand and drag her down with her when she takes a spill.

If I keep repeating this, maybe it'll stick.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spreading the Love

The week is going so well, I thought I would spread the love.
The Man is coming home for a visit tomorrow. Three days of blissful family time. Oh and there is that pesky "honey-do" list that is waiting for him. Yes, this is a good thing. Duchess will finally get training wheels on her bike. Princess and I will get our curtain rods hung (evenly this time). We have planned another Big Person dinner out, hoping that by having the sitter here early, we'll get at least through dessert before I get the call home from Duchess. Such a slave-driver that one.

Work is loving me back. Got a bump up in responsibilities today. And a briefcase from them. This could be so cool. If only I wasn't already mentally packing it with snacks. It's hungry work, working hard. Right? Still head over heels for my job. I must point out here that by "walking on faith" things in my life work out so much better than when I get impatient and try to force them.
Bashful, yep.... Thanks mom for loving me even though I'm a trial. Really sorry that you didn't know about the f-bomb at your wedding. However, please remember that it was my husband and NOT ME that snuck booze into your wedding and then put it in your saddle bag as you were preparing to drive away. Cause you love me....more than him....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Delicately Put...

Everyone strives (I think) to be the very best person possible. I know I do. Which is why this post if about my worst fault (besides the fact that I'm a control freak, slightly OC, and well anyway) language.

If you have actually spoken to me, you know where this is going. Yes I married a sailor, however that does not excuse my potty mouth. I have no idea where it came from, my mom's favorite cuss word growing up was "clean", maybe it was my oh so southern grandmother with pearls, who named her dog, "Damnit". Yeah, we'll blame her, although people she is the only reason I know how to use makeup! She rocks the pearls.

However, not sure if I've shared this with you or not, but it highlights my point. I use the F-bomb more than the crustiest sailor of old times. It's an adjective, a noun (get your mind out of that gutter!) and if possible a participle too.

Like the time when we moved here, to this snowy mountainy place where people are more gentile and very religious (not my religion but hey, I'm not bothered by that, just DO NOT knock on my door) so you can imagine their suprise when during the busiest time in Wal-Mart grocery shopping I drop an F-bomb and people, I cleared the aisle. It was like watching a fire evacuation of a large discount store. Buggies full of children and shocked mothers flew off that aisle in mere seconds. The Man tells me I have a gift. In my defense, The Man DID run over my foot with said buggy before I dropped the fire bomb that was the F-word.

This is also strange cause I'm a person who can't say certain things without blushing. Very strange. My poor poor OB-GYN, I spend more time stammering out answers and trying to sink throught the floor than actually getting an exam over with. It's pathetic I tell you.

But I have no known problem with the F word.

I used it at my mom's wedding. Yes, I'm classy. While putting on my matron of honor dress, then having my dear sweet aunt tell me that panty lines don't work so "get in there and hand them out" WHOA! Upon attempting to do all of this and hurry, I headbutted the wall, hence the F-bomb flew out and the ENTIRE dressing area of the CHURCH we were in went deadly silence. I heard my aunt sigh deeply, so deeply I heard her back pop, and then just reached in for my ....well undergarments. They know me, they love me anyway, I'm so blessed.

So today I should not have been surprised when I once again let that baby fly. And fly it did. Why you ask? I walked into a glass door, while carrying my lunch and am still I'm sure wearing pieces of it in my hair. Apparently I can't walk and talk at the same time. Green key lime yogurt doesn't accessorize well either. And apparently 300 people in a crowded cafeteria have never heard the f-word.

People, I just keep outdoing myself.

Friday, March 9, 2007

What I Do..

Having been blessed to have landed smack dab in my career of choice field upon arrival to the snowy mountains where we now call home, I have been asked exactly what I do. So here is the version fit for public consumption.

I find, recruit, interview people for a large company.

Notice that I don't hire, people who have my real big dream job, do that. I am their assistant but I still have a ton to do with the process.

Here is my normal day: Yesterday in fact!

Upon arriving to work, since I work at a large large facility, I park in the boonies and take the shuttle in to the front of my building. (note: be careful when using your ipod during this commute as you'll miss your stop and end up three buildings away thus ensuring that your feet will be hurting before you even get to your desk. Ouch) Yesterday I arrived at work to find breakfast. Yes, breakfast. Someone was cooking pancakes in the office for all of our department. So I grabbed some pancakes and headed to log in to my computer and see what the day has brought me.

As we're having a large hiring event next week, I have tons of travel to do, references to check and paperwork to prepare for the arrival of the hopefuls.

Then I have to prepare for the actual event, the presentation. Which is part of my duties. I bring them all in, like a glorious tour guide herding hopeful cattle into a large room (after walking them 1.5 miles from the visitor entrance, not for the faint of heart).

No these aren't garbage cans. These are portable presentations. We fly with these, drag them from building to building, college to college and so forth. My company is the pooh.

Then, I spent all morning double checking paperwork. The folders above contain all of every hopefuls life history and such. I have list upon list upon list. Then I called to verify that everyone on my list had their travel arrangements and reminded them to bring their credentials. Otherwise this would be more leg work for me.
Then we had onsite interviews in process, so I did pre-lims with my people then sent them off for a site tour and blah blah blah. Then waited to see if they made it to the next round. Then made sure my schedule went smooth and no one was waiting too long.

Then lunch. I had a salad with no dressing to make up for the fact that I hit the strawberry shortcake dessert bar and made myself a HUGE one. Good thing they don't charge by the pound. Eating dessert first is such a chick thing to do but hey, yum......

Then I had to walk two buildings over to get copies made for my files. Then touched up my manicure while waiting on them to finish them. :) Gotta look good eh?

Afterwards, I sat with my ipod and together we knocked out most of the travel for next week's event. Woohoo. Go me and ipod.

Next thing I know, it's time to go home. Yet, I had a last minute travel complication with someone who missed a connection flight and called in a panic. 20 minutes later, said hopeful was happily on their way again and I was to begin my long walk to the shuttle.

Ahhhhh blissful work. However, those who know me know that I run 90 to nothing all day long from sun up to sun down. That is just my way, if I'm not exhausted, I won't sleep anyway. So this job is the perfect fit for me. Now, if only they would STOP feeding me so much cause I'm not gonna lose any weight this way! Crap!

Here is the secret to my "hit the ground running" attitude....The Big Gulp....

This happy cup and I stop each morning at the spit and shine corner gas station for a full load of Dr. Pepper for only $.62. This lasts me until lunch. No kidding. Little watery by then, but I'm good to go. After lunch, I switch to fat free hot chocolate (cause I'm always freaking cold and we live in the snowy mountains....) until I get home. Then it's sweet tea. Geez, it's a wonder I eat at all. Or have teeth...

So that is a day in the life of Hope4Grace. However, today finds me missing the luncheon and work event cause Duchess has ummmmmm tummy isssues since 4 am so I'm stuck here with her, geez........guess we'll cuddle up and watch tv all day. And I can do some homework, and clean my house, and wash my car and clean out my closet and scrub my tubs and sanitize the bathrooms and steam clean the carpets and wow, alot. But what will I do AFTER lunch? Cause I've already started my Big Gulp so I got energy to burn!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Still kicking...

I'm still kicking over here. Just had to wrap up a large nasty paper for this class in my spare time (meaning I drool on it, smear food on it and read it on the shuttle to/from work). However, I turned it in and got a freaking B+, my first B since going back to school. All because I forgot to use quotes. I specifically named my sources and pulled info but forgot some direct quotes, yeah I missed the bus on that one completely. Oh well.....

Come back tomorrow night, as I'll be describing in detail what it is that I do for a living: With color pictures and hand puppets, lol. Seriously, I got asked what I do and as I love my work, I'll be giving you the breakdown.

Oh and I'll start bringing you the stories from work....Oh boy are you in for a treat.

See you tomorrow, I'm going to get some much needed sleep.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Another weekend bites the dust

We started our weekend with a snowy day. As you can tell, it completely repainted the back of the house, funny how living next to a lake will do that. Huh. We managed to keep warm and dry until the sun came out and melted all freaking 3 inches that fell earlier. Still scratching my head over snow, can't believe we actually LIVE here.

Once it was pretty again, we decided to take Princess for a much needed trim. After braving Costco and Wal-Mart. Forget weekly shopping trips, now that I'm working, it's all monthly baby. I could barely close the trunk! My baby looks great with a couple inches off the bottom and a serious bang trim but camera died when Duchess decided to run over it with our buggy.

This is the innocent face she made right before she absconded with the camera and buggy. Stinker. She who refuses to have a haircut in two years. Get her near a beauty chair and you get the look of death and a promise to bite. Sooooooo no trim for Duchess.

Otherwise I did manage to completely (with no help at ALL) organize and clean out my garage. No more Duke boys maneuvers out of windows! I also had to move The Man's truck from one side of the pitiful excuse for a driveway to the other. Since I don't drive standard, this was a 20 minute process however please notice that it is in there straight! Also, ignore that metallic smell of burnt gears while looking at the picture. I'm sure the smell is all part of your imagination!

On a happier note, this is from my meeting on Friday morning. Yes I had to be there early. Yes I had to not eat lunch and then stay late but it was worth it. Why you ask????? Cause I had free food all day. This is the spread for breakfast. Please notice that my usual 32 ounces Big Gulp of Dr. Pepper is nowhere in sight. I actually had water, all day...........are you still there? Get off the floor, it's cold down there. The job is so great I'm wearing bruises from the constant pinching of my flesh. Did I mention that I love this job? Even though they attached the umbilical cord on Friday, with the instructions that yes it even goes to the bathroom with me. Crap! However, once someone actually showed me how a text pager worked, it got easier. However, I work walking between 10 different buildings (in glassed in tunnels, how cool is that, specially in snow!) so I totally got the reasoning behind that when at 3:45 I got a page that read "come to room 1322 in bldg 10 NOW, we have CAKE" Yep, I love it there.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Changes they are ahere....

I started my job today finally. Whew! What a relief to get up at the butt crack of dawn, coax my kids into clothes and spoon feed them breakfast while they are still snoozing at the table. Then put on my "big girl clothes" and go out in the snow and ice for A JOB.

It was everything I hoped for and more. Sighhhhhhhhh. I worked like a dog. Getting thrown in is truely the best way and I was thrown all over the place today. Recruiting, hiring processes and lots of meetings. I'm in heaven.

However, I forgot that getting off at 5 and fighting traffic to the kiddo's school and then home again was so exhausting. However, I'm a rocking tough cookie, therefore I passed McD's and came home to make baked chicken for dinner. Yum yum.

But here it is 830 and the kids are in bed and I'm freaking whipped.

Yep, I'm back in the saddle again and I can't wait for tomorrow to start the madness all over again.

As Princess put it, now you can get us a bigger tv mom!

Nice to know my kids understand the important things in life.