Southern girl plowing her way through life making the rules up as she goes. Warning: likes to bake, curse, quote movies/literature, is tattooed, married to The Man and mother of two girls. We bring new meaning to the "griswald way of life". Come along for the ride!

Life is My Highway

Montana and North Dakota have become home.... dang it lol.

These Girls

Lord help me but these babies wear me out.... they are just perfect!


Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

We are so smexy!

Favorite sport: embarrassing our kids in public


My mini-me is finding her own way in life

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rounding Off the Perfect Weekend

And because my computer is being difficult, you'll have to turn your head to see....but we hit the monster truck rally this afternoon. A perfect cap to a great sunny but chilly weekend here in Texas.
Princess was grinning ear to ear. If we aren't raising the perfect little redneck, I don't know what to call it! She was all about the trucks. It was great. So we got up so Dave and I could do school first thing this morning, then made church which was awesome. The kids just love the new church, finally we all agree on a church. We let the kids' have a huge say in our church choice as they really like their own individual kids' churches for their ages. Can't say I blame them, big church is so much better when kids are not present, but that is just my opinion. But after church my sweet peeps dropped me off to get my nails done while they hit up a local fair. Then after a quick grocery trip for food, we were off to the monster truck rally.

Which was awesome! Duchess decided that the motorcycle tricks were the best. So we noted that and realized that she is the one we'll have to watch around those wild and wooly boys that ride the cycles. She had that gleam in her eye that scared me and made me pray to the Lord that she didn't ask for one of her own at Christmas.

But we all had a great time. Even if the fumes were intense. Thank goodness Dave brought us all earplugs. God love that man!

Even if he does eat RAW OYSTERS. At dinner the other night I had to snap a picture of his appetizer. Thankfully I was envolved in my shrimp cocktail and was able to block out the slurping and sighs of contentment as he horked an entire bowl of these slippery nasty suckers.
So I'm in my pjs now and I'm off to eat me some grilled steak and watch "Over the Hedge" with my kiddos.
Hope your weekend was fabo!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday in Texas

What do you do when you have an afternoon on a beautiful Texas day? Well considering Dave got off at 330, we packed up and took my new Ruger LCP to the range to get some rounds in. I have offically christened my new gun. I shot a full box of rounds. It was awesome. And Dave gave me high praise saying I was dangerously accurate at 10 feet. You betcha babe!

Princess brought her 22 and she did awesome. She takes her time and is way accurate. Duchess shot once and then spent the rest of the time standing on Dave's feet "dancing" around the gun range with him.

But good times were had by all. I heart our family time. It may seem a litte strange to you but I love my family time.

Tomorrow is church and then it's MONSTER TRUCKs! The kids are so very excited!

But we have school to finish tonight and Murphy is sitting on my bed barking at me. He's ready for us to go to sleep, lol. Spoiled ass dog.


I am mommy, hear me roar. Thanks to a very grownup conversation in which both my girls acted like big girls, they finally agreed to retire the sad, torn old blankies and get new ones. Princess gave up hers for the above in pink and brown but couldn't find that pic. She named it "fuzzy". She's very pleased with her pick. We agreed not to say the words "woobie" in the store as it's embarrassing mom! But we were rather stealthy and got new snuggle partners for them both.

Duchess surprised me though. For my "not so girlie" girl, she chose the Zsa-Zsa Gabor blanket to replace her green blanket. The same kid who wears only ponytails, boots and jeans everyday went all female glam on her choice. She's named hers "silky" cause duh mom, it's not green. And she justifies having a blanket cause she can't sleep snuggled up to daddy the way I do. Since I snuggle with daddy I don't need a blanket. So there.
Points to my mom for taking time out of her to assure them that they could ship her their old blankets for safe keeping. No storage living for my kids' blankets, cause they deserve better. Obviously dude, duh.
With that said, Murphy has taken possession of a bunny that is damn near his size. It's his woobie.
We be a house of woobies. Geez.

I'm A Smiley Girl

So the man came through, Dave came home from work and promptly took me out for an amazing dinner. I had grilled shrimp and lobster tails, with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. Started my dinner with a big ole shrimp cocktail and an appletini. Life was gooooood. We actually got up and moved tables so we could sit side by side rather than across from one another and we talked.........we talked alot. We laughed. I giggled. It was great. The movie afterwards, was depressing as shit. Don't go see a movie about dead kids when on a date. Not cool. Thought Shutter Island was about a scary mental institution. Nope, dead kids. Not cool. We left before the ending cause dayum, buzz kill.

And now for a huge adventure, we are going "green green" shopping. If you know my kids then you'll know that they are huge fans of their security blankets. Their woobies. They only use them at night and when we are traveling in the car for long trips. And while they are now 11 and 7, Dave and I are totally cool with the green greens. Not a big deal, unless one is missing then holy hell. But frankly I act the same way when I can't find my cigs so there. Anyway, the greens are truly nasty. Frayed, holey and tired little blankets that need replaced. So today, we talked them into shopping for POSSIBLE replacements with the promise to ship my mom the originals to put into storage "for their kids". Pray for me.......

Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh Yeah Baby

I sent Dave a message today: I changed my ringback tune that plays only when he calls me to "Momma Don't Get Dressed Up for Nothing"....cause it's date night.

And I need a mommy break..................HOLA!

And now we're back to doing homeschool in the rain. I do so heart the rain.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh Hell

I did it. I can't believe I actually did it but I did.....

I cut off my hair.

I've had long hair for awhile but with life on the road and little primping time my ends were a mess and I sucked it up and told her to take 7 inches off.

It's barely past my shoulders and it looks clean and healthy but my dog doesn't recognize me. Let's see if my husband does.

But today during our service time, we painted nails and gave lotion massages to all the hands we could find at the nursing home. We had a blast. Duchess somehow got polish everywhere even though she was on supervisor duty. Princess and I had a little table set up and got to spend some time with our favorites. Yep, we already have favorites.

One such is Mrs. Orange. Who didn't want to get out of bed today, so Duchess went with a nurse and got her out of bed, even putting her shoes on her. Mrs. Orange was so pleased by that. Then she invited me to come visit her once she goes home next week and gave us a tour of her room. Her semi-private room that has not one decoration. When I asked her nurse about it, turns out Mrs. Orange's kids sold her house and put her in the home last September. They didn't bring any of her things and they hardly visit at all. No wonder Mrs. Orange thinks she's going home next week, I'd have to think that too if I were in that situation just to get through each day. My heart hurts for her.

The kids and I are thinking of "adopting" Mrs. Orange.........thoughts? Would have cause any harm? Since we are only temporarily in the area?

Love on a Plate

Yesterday was a very busy school day for us peeps here in Texas. So when the late afternoon rolled around we headed up to the ole pharmacy so our med refills, some cold pills, and ziplock storage bags and a 30 minute wait next to a police officer who told Duchess that she talked too much.

So when 530 rolled around, I sent Dave a text:

"where u want eat?"

his response: NE where

After I deciphered that, I let him and his brother pick and we all met up at Johnny Carino's.

I am in love.

Not only do they have a gluten free menu, but they let me bring in some GF pasta and the chef cooked it into my favorite dish, shrimp scampi.

I have tell you how wonderful it is to be in a restaurant where I can eat something I didn't cook. Oh my mercy, I just love it. It makes me all happy and giggly. Yeah go ahead and imagine me happy and giggly, it ain't a purty sight.

And I'm sitting here trying hard not to get up and heat my leftovers for breakfast.

I'm showing much restraint!

PS: restraint is my new word of the year: cause my taxes paid out and I just moved it all over to savings. I'm gonna forget its there! retraint........

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Redneck Is as Redneck Does

I'm embracing my true self.

I am a redneck.

I carry a gun (actually I have 3 but I only carry 1).

I shoot my gun for fun.

I heart hoodies, camo, boots and jeans.

I just bought tickets to take the family to the Monster Truck derby after church.

I rock.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh Sweet Baby Jesus

In making an effort to curb my sailor mouth, my latest exasperated phrase is "oh sweet baby Jesus" as in Oh good grief, Lord help me. This came in handy this morning.

The kiddos were gotten up bright and early for school since today was the first appointment in our new volunteer program we are doing with the kids. As life is really more about how you live it and what you do for others, we felt the kids were old enough to really learn service. This morning we had our first service appointment at a retirement home down the street.

Now because I know my children I went over and over the list of rules:

1. Do not run
2. Do not yell, scream, or hysteria
3. Do not talk constantly, listen to your partner
4. Be good
5. Be good or else
6. Be good or else I'll kill ya

So on the way there this morning, we ran through the list again. But I really didn't hammer it down because I wanted my kids to be themselves and just enjoy this service to others.

We met with the director and the kids were gushed over and promptly put into service helping their assiged partner with bingo. Bingo is apparently a cut throat deal in the retirement home. Fierce sport!

Duchess was paired with a very sweet and sassy older woman, who was the most "with it" of all our partners. She told us she was "in for" not listening to her doctor and frankly she wouldn't be listening cause she loved the home and would rather stay there. Well call her Mrs. Orange from now on as she has requested Duchess be her partner all the time.

Princess was paired with Mrs. Silent who was very quiet and quite paranoid that they were "doing it wrong" since they weren't winning. Princess was a saint.

I was paired with Ms. Judy who needed constant help and kept telling me over and over that I was beautiful and that she loved me.

We had a blast. We were asked how often we could come back. We're going back this week for another bingo round and nail painting time.

It wasn't until we were in the parking lot loading up when Duchess produced her "gift". Two shiney quarters that she and her partner had won at bingo.............


Apparently I forgot to add to the rules how we're not suppose to shake down old people as part of our service project.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Heart Sundays

Sundays for the last three years have been about church, grocery shopping, and watching tv or yard work unless it was a day with Dave. It was the one day a week the kids and I had to catch up with our house stuff and really get things ready for the next week.

But since the almost two months since we began the next stage of our life (which we refer to as the "footloose and fancy" stage) things are a little different.

Dave works 6 days a week. He's on a set schedule. His alarm goes off at 4:00 am. Then again at 4:05 am and finally he gets up when it goes off at 4:10 am. He packs his gym bag, shower bag, and work clothes. Grabs his lunch we pack the night before and a microwaveable breakfast biscuit. Takes Murphy out then brings him back to snuggle with me. Then he's off to the gym, then off to work. He's home by 6:30 everynight to have dinner, school time, and movie time with the family. We actually get alot of time with him now, and it makes for a happy family all the way around.

But Sundays are the best. He's off every Sunday. We sleep in till 8 then we get up and get our butts in gear for church. Then the day is ours to do what we will.

Today we had the best time at church. We've been attending one branch of a big christian church family but due to the lack of kiddos in Princess' age group we drove a little extra and tried the branch down my Dave's work. Bingo. We met new peeps, the kids had a wonderful time. It was a great time had by all. Then my sweet loving peeps dropped me off at the local mall to try and get my hair updated to no avail. While I was looking into that, they went off to the gun show. Redneck much are we?

But alas, no decent place to get my hair done on a Sunday, even at the mall so boohoo. But my peeps picked me up where Dave promptly drove me to an outdoor store cause he saw something at the gun show that I apparently HAD to have. As in today, right now! Um since I got a beautiful pearl necklace and new study bible for Valentine's Day I couldn't think of anything I needed.

I was wrong. I am now the rightful owner of a sweet Ruger LCP. It is the most amazing lightweight gun for a girl. It seriously weighs about as much as my cell phone. I heart him. And now have enough ammo to stop a herd of elephants. Awww honey, that is true love.

And speaking of true love, pardon me I have to go admire my RV awning he put up to give us some rain protection and check out my brand new shiney TEXAS plates on my car!

May your day be just what you need it to be.....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here's What I Need:

A trip to clean out ville!

I am still organizing and cleaning left and right but I have still not completely found room for everything. I think we need to plan a trip to Goodwill. Wonder how that will go over with the owner of most of this sweet loving giving husband!

Hmmm let's see how it'll go.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Could Do This

live on a limited diet? yep, I'm GF so duh
go without a bath? yep, all I have is a shower now anyway
deal with people who piss me off? um yeah I worked in Utah for three years

so yeah I could totally do Survivor

cause I'm a huge fan dude

I heart Boston Rob and Russell......

I could totally hang with them! I am a strategist, and while I have a huge tell when I'm lieing (I go beat red in the face) I could totally try hard.

the sad part that concerns me is:

the swimsuit part cause I'm super allergic to anything that shows that much of me. I still blush when Dave walks in when I'm changing clothes, and hello we're 13.5 years into this one

got a problem with bugs, that bothers me greatly

but oh boy would I make a good villain

and like Boston Rob says: being good makes me physically sick

just occurred to me that blogging under the influence of tummy meds is probably not a good idea......but if your reading Jeff Probst, I'd love to be on survivor!!!

Party Time

Last night I submitted my taxes finally! Then woke up to the acceptance email from the IRS, wohoo baby. To celebrate I'm gonna take my heathens and go stand in line at the DMV to get my TEXAS tags. Oh the fun!

So how do you make two kids stand next to you patiently for 25 minutes? Make gumbo from scratch and have them "help" with the roux. They were fascinated with the roux process (mixing flour and oil to get the base for the gumbo) and were convinced that I was burning it, lol. But once we reached that magical color, we added in our veggies, then our liquids, then our seasonings, then we boiled it and served it over hot rice with garlic bread. It was a magical meal. They got the biggest kick out of it! It was even gluten-free.

What's even better than finishing my taxes? Finding my favorite shampoo and conditioner (Redkins) in large containers! I saved so much buying it that way and then putting smaller amounts in the travel containers for easy usage. That was a serious find for me! And wow makes my life look very trival huh?

So still no firm word on where our next assignment is. Frankly don't care. Beaumont is great and we love all that is Texas. The project here is still going so we're hoping to just enjoy our time here.

So off we go...........into the wild blue yonder, at the DMV we go.......

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh Boy Wednesday

Fun times are here......yippee....I'm knee deep in our taxes which have never been such a pain in my rear! If only I could blame Dave, lol, then I'd feel better but even exhausted at night, he's wadding in to help. A man among men, although it could have been that wild and scary Irish side of me peeping out when I "asked" him to help that made him say yes. ;)

So while doing spelling, cleaning the bathroom, prepping chicken for gumbo, and watching Pride and Prejudice, I'm reviewing tax codes in my head. Sigh......his new job opens us up to a whole new deduction nightmare, but it's working for us. After I file this bastards I'm gonna deserve a huge spa day! Hint, Dave, Hint.

Although in the midst of all of my tax drama, the children have gotten a little wild today which called for a mommy velvet covered hammer. It wasn't my fault that it was in the HEB parking lot, I don't choose the place just the methods! I am mother, hear me roar. But the best part, on the way home my dearest Duchess passes me a note from the backseat....

"Dear Mommy, I'm sorry I was bad. Are you made at me?"

Dude, the best part of my was perfect spelling and punctuation! Oh boy oh boy! Good job to mommy's little first grader.

So now I'll take my puffed up self and scrub the toliet.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Educating My Kids

I got up this morning to a text from my sweet hubby reminding me to have a good day and to have fun educating our kids. Believe it or not, it is fun educating our kids.....and its sad.

In anticipation of our new lifestyle, I stopped in at Barnes & Nobles and for once did not head straight to the sl&t books but visited the surprisingly large homeschool section. I knew I needed a cheat sheet, so I picked up two treasures that I could not live without: What your fifth grader needs to know and What your first grader needs to know. These two books are filled with lessons and sharp! What saddened me is right off the bat I realized that my honor roll children did not have any exposure to half of what they should have already. When I sat down to order their A Beka christian curriculm it was very noticable to me that the books were going to be a challenge to my kids. I was excited and scared for them.

One: except for a brief 1.5 years Princess has been in public schools (the private school was amazing but we transferred). Duchess has only known private schools. I watch my oldest struggle with reading to this day and all I can think is "well I blew that" because she was in three different states before fifth grade with three different "reading" teach methods. One state was old school- it was all about phonics. Then another state was memorization with no spelling as the kids were encouraged to spell the way it sounds or use memorization. Another state was all about a mixture of both that left me dizzy and confused.

So the day my beloved A Beka program came in (highly anticipated as this was the cirriculm Dave used when he was growing up in Christian schools) I realized something. I was in trouble. Princess can't touch the math book. Half way throught the 5th grade and she knows nothing that is in the math book as they haven't made it that far.

Before we left Utah I had both of their teachers give me a detailed idea of where they are and what they were to meet by year end. The sheer lack of math and reading on these bother me. The kids are in for a challenge. Which means I'm in for a challenge.

But it's a good challenge. There is no purpose that has motivated me more than knowing that I have the chance to make a huge difference in my kids' lives. And honestly, I am not sure how I'll ever wrap my head around going back to public schools. That is gonna really kill me.

But for fun, let us look at what I'm currently teaching them:

Bible verses
Math and math comprehension
Spelling and vocab
Reading and reading comprehension
Creatism science
Health and PE

Now let's be honest, there is what else is in our daily schedule:

Making lunch together, cooking, baking
Long walks, going to the park to jog or basketball or play ground jungle gyms
trips to the post office, bank or grocery store

Now we'll look at the schedule of a day one had when I volunteered in their classes before we left Utah:

Social Studies
Music Appreciation
Helping the teacher make goodie bags for a church event
3 recesses
1 lunch break (where it was more like an episode of gossip girl than lunch, dude where were the moniters?)
library time (yet another great social event)
Helper time (time spent in another classroom - helping)

the sheer amount of lines my kid stood in, I wished I'd have timed it. The main thing, the amount of time kids were lined up at the teacher's desk with questions, the amount of social time explained all the drama the kids were constantly bringing home. But even better, the schools there have so many freaking kids that they are on "tracks". My kids were A track: meaning they went to school from 830-110 and B track was later in the day. Do the math, how many hours were they actually in school learning?

So while my latest adventure is mind boggling, I feel good about what we're accomplishing with it. That said, please pray for me..........I gots me some kids with me 24/7 now dudes...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mirror Mirror

on the wall.....

I'm feeling bitchy

so F it all.....

Seriously there are times when people irrate the utter living crap out of me. Which is seriously not good for their health cause I think we can all agree that from time to time I'm completely "bat shit crazy".

But here's a little secret....

I totally feel refreshed and happy after losing my temper. How utterly unladylike of me.

Busy Days

Well one thing is certain, I do not miss working. Ha! Never thought I'd say that. But I've comfortably left my work clothes and heels behind for jeans, hoodies and boots. I'm so loving my new life down here. It's far from perfect but it's mine.

I got up first thing this morning thanking the Lord that the propane tanks had held out through the very cold night. Burrr.... Then in my adorable "hello kitty" pj pants I was unhooking the tanks to stash in my car when they pulled up. Apparently I forgot that I'd ordered an RV cleaning when they didn't show up last week due to bad weather. But boy were they bright and early today. Fun times. So I sit here snug as a little bug while they scrub and polish and shine my rv, cause honestly the peeps we bought it from obviously NEVER washed this bad boy. Plus I had somebody around to heave in place my filled propane tanks. Fun times peeps....It never hurts to do business in your pjs......

Murphy is the little love bug having the worst adjustment to his new house. There just is no room for running around like a crazy person for him. But we do take quick trips to the doggie park where he can go off leash and run like an idiot for miles......Run Forrest Run.......

School is moving right along. I've noticed (and others too) that their vocab is greatly improved, as is their reading abilities. The best part? My eleven year old (going on twenty year old) and I are getting along better than we have in years. It's insane but the more time we spent together the less attitude and drama I get. It's fabulous actually!

Valentine's Day was spectacular. Dave was running late for a Friday so we assumed he was working a 12 hour day but no......he popped in with gifts and cards. I have the most beautiful pearl necklace, so classy so amazingly perfect. He did real good. And truly pearls do go with everything.........cause baby, after church I wore it with my zip up hoodie, jeans, waders and etc when we went out in the mud to go visit some baby times.

But after all is said and done....we're loving the Texas weather which runs swiftly from thunderstorms to hot sunny days to burrr....cold cold winds. I love the changes. I love the people who are friendly and happy, I love the slower way of life.

How very blessed I am.....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

True Love

Tonight was a testiment to true love......

1. Duchess tells Dave: even though you smell, I love you

2. Dave buys me some amazing boots, just because (seriously no hints or anything!)

3. Princess tells me: this is what we need, us together and Daddy and Murphy. We don't need anything else.

I love that my kids are learning that we can have a great life without all the "extras". Now when we pass something cool they now go "next year when we stop traveling and get a house, we need one of these".



My dad had appointments back home so my mom flew in with him. Hence....ROADTRIP. Woohoo, cause I'm only 6 hours from there and it's been over a month since I've seen my mom and dad. So we planned a last minute trip and kissed Dave and Murhpy bye bye. And off we went....

We are ridiciously close to the Louisiana border so it wasn't long on our early morning trip that we found the land of bayous and moss........oh yeah baby. It speaks to my heart.

And my kids look really good standing in the midst. Which they happily did until they saw the signs for snakes, then those prissy girls took off for the car leaving me and my camera standing there looking like an idiot. Fun times.

Six hours in the car is fun. We take DS's, DVD players, ipods, books and we even do school on the road. But Duchess couldn't hold out. Her and her little old nappy green blanket took a long old nap. Waking up only to sleep walk into a bathroom, then back to sleep in the car.

So once we made my hometown, we stopped in to grab my Nanny's keys. Dropped all our poop off at her house and then we rushed over to Vicksburg, MS to pick up my mom and dad. One was standing at the end of the road, flagging us down and the other was standing guard on the porch with his bags packed ready to go. I think they missed us. But since we were across the Mississippi bridge we took time out in the sprinkles to visit the visitor center. A tradition any time we cross over that big ole muddy river.

Yet another family tradition. I've got so many pics of me on this cannon as I've grown up. Now I have a pic of my kids on there with me.

My mom and girls looking at the "old" bridge. The old old old black bridge is now closed to traffic but standing still. Beautiful. History. The river is soooo high too. That freaked me out. Only once before have I seen it that high. I can't imagine how it'll rise when the northern snow starts to melt.

OHHHHH a rare documented sighting of the Photo-Elusive-StepDad aka Daddy.

Another look at the mighty Mississippi.....

I pout when I'm Dominoes with the girls of my family. Fun times peeps. My beautiful Nanny and cousin Dana behind me. And no comments on my no-makeup face.

And I got to finally meet and bond with Luke, my cousin's first baby. Lace you've done yourself proud. That kid is such a sweetheart. I heart him alot and he likes his crazy auntie. We drool at each other and make funny noises and faces.
Then we braved a surprisingly cold morning for the local parade.....stockshow peeps. lol

With this guy singing country music before the official start. Princess took a million pics of him, wonder if I should start worrying.

Then we had the opening of the parade with the girl on a horse.

Go military peeps!

And lookie, a band. Our parade has shrunk since my days of childhood where local bands would number in hundreds and dance and rock out. But now, we had only one, but they did kinda break it down and dance a little. They saved the parade!
Now I'll have a few more when I get my cousins to get me copies of all the pics they took too. And while it's amazing to go home........I was so ready to come home. I missed my guys.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who Dat Baby

I yelled, I screamed, and I prayed....
And the boys did us proud. 1st superbowl win for the New Orleans Saints!

Who Dat baby, who dat!
I also apparently scored major cool wife points since I put off my homework for a football game. ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baby Got Her Groove Back

I'm thinking it's my new upbeat workout playlist or it could be the too superlow levis I bought that make me feel 18 again or it could just be cause I'm happy and feel better than I have in years. Fun times! I'm loving life.

And no I'm not running fever.

I'm still living in a 30 ft RV with my family.

Dave is still working here in Beaumont but that job is almost up so who knows where we'll visit next.

We're still homeschooling which is such a new thing for us but we're getting there.

I may need my roots done, and I may need my nails done (thinking tips cause mine look like crap peeps) but I haven't worn heels in a long time and frankly, I'm loving that my feet never hurt at all anymore. My tummy hurts on very rare occassions. And my heart is full.

Life is pretty good peeps.

Living our own version of the american dream, however redneck it is, works for us. We thought the typical american dream would be exactly what we need but frankly, it wasn't. This is working for us right now. It may not last forever, it may be temporary but I like what we got going on....

And I'm loving buying my jeans in the kids section, where they fit perfect and are short enough that I can wear flip flops or boots without the heams dragging in the mud.

And I'm going to see my momma peeps. Three days of cutting up and cutting loose. Gonna miss my man like crazy, but he'll be waiting on me to get home with our babies. Cause this is home now. Tiny and cluttered and space challenged as it's home.