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Life is My Highway

Montana and North Dakota have become home.... dang it lol.

These Girls

Lord help me but these babies wear me out.... they are just perfect!


Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

We are so smexy!

Favorite sport: embarrassing our kids in public


My mini-me is finding her own way in life

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fishing in the rain

Straight from the memorial to sweats and fishing. Enjoying my kids and our lake visit after celebrating the life of a Godly man. He will be missed.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Fishing in Ok


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Too Close

Perhaps Dave and I are a little too close. We are in the middle of packing, he's working from home, we're trying to juggle getting ready to make a quick trip home so that we can pay our respects to a family member that passed. We are trying to keep spirits up. It's just the two of us this morning and I look over to see him working away on his laptop. He reaches over and carefully pulls one of my long, wavy hairs off his sweatshirt and frowns at it all meany then drops it on the floor. Cause I'm a shit, I'm like "you too good for my hair?".... I'll learn one day to stop poking my husband lol... he smiles and tells me "I love your hair, especially when I pull a long wavy hair out of my buttcrack".

He wins.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Screw My Age

I love when nobody is around cause I can totally act a fool and forget that whole downside of 30 shit. Yeah, I'll be ringing in 36 this May and frankly it can kiss my ass. Other than the fact that I'm fat and have new wrinkles and grey hair that I have to keep dyed, my life rocks, lol.

I'm deep in a fascination with agressive 80's rock. It may be my mood lately but I even got the kids asking Dave for Guns & Roses music, lol. Poor Dave. I got some Alice Cooper blaring while I'm typing this, although it's via headphones since the entire house is asleep. Including Murphy who has a new found attachment to his momma for some reason. I'm in my chair and he's shoveled his fat ass up here with me so he can snuggle up and sleep. Now keep in mind that Dave is sprawled in the king sized bed down the hall with tons of room but oh no, mom's not in there so neither is Murphy. The older he gets, the more attached to me he is. Maybe it's cause I talk to him throughout the day when it's just us here. Maybe cause I feed him but refuse to bath him or pick up his poop. Hey, I have kids. That is totally their job sugarfaces. Not mine! Likewise with scrubbing bathtubs. Oh and feet. I don't do feet either, random but important. I do not clip toenails. Dave does. Ewwwww gag, feet.

Moving on, so things are good here in the ass dimples of Montana. It's still snowing. We got up to a whooping 21 degrees today. The wind was like 30 mph so the drive to church, an hour away, was interesting. Luckily Dave drives in this stuff everyday with his commute so he's a pro. I just say soothing things to him so I feel like I'm helping.... you know, husband stuff. Like: You look very handsome in that shirt honey; I like the no shave look you have going on, sexy and scruffy; Did I mention that I made a brisket for dinner? Yeah, see I contribute.

I like riding to church in his truck. First off, its got leather seats (my poor Fanny doesn't have leather seats) and mostly it's because my seat has a seat heater that could keep soup boiling. Damn I do so luv having a warm bum. Seriously gave this some thought today. That has to be like in my top five fav things.... his seat heater for the truck. Course he never uses his but I love the fact that he goes out to crank the truck before we leave anywhere so it's nice and warm, plus he NEVER forgets to turn on MY seat heater. Yeah, that man gets whatever the hell he wants people.... he spoils my ass rotten and there is no good reason which makes him even better. Speaking of riding to church, one day I'll have to take pics of this track. We literally drive an hour one way to go to this one church... it's an amazing church and the pastor is on fire for the Lord. He preaches to real people too... today I came away with this jewel: JESUS DIDN'T DIE FOR US TO BE PERFECT, HE REDEEMED US BECAUSE HE KNOWS WE NEVER WILL BE. Yeah, for sinners like me, this is a comfort. I try to be good but I am a sinner so I will always struggle. Moving on, the kids are hysterical on the drive. They have each graduated to ipod/phones and headphones. They are jamming the whole way there. Nobody really likes to listen to Dave's music for an hour straight so we all bring our own. lol. Poor Dave. But the driver always has radio control, hence his rule for always driving lol. I usually bring a blanket and nap too. Cause I'm cool like that. Put me in a warm seat and start driving, I'm out jack. Like a light. We never eat after church in that town, it's a oil boom town and frankly there is nowhere to eat that isn't packed anyway. We always stop and get a bag of: mentos ( I have an unhealthy addiction to them), cokes, beef jerky and cashews. We have the worse snack habits, lol. But add all that crap together and Princess can burp a hole in a window. Good grief. We also spend that ride home chatting usually about our week and telling funny stories before the ipods come back out.

So on that note, say a little prayer for a friend of mine... her family is trying to get custody of their little niece who really needs to be with their family!

And to help me stay on the wagon... cause I'm craving a smoke so damn bad right now.

Peace out monkeys!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


We ran away for the weekend.  Omg I needed that. ; )

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crazy Town

My idea to double up on my last two classes for my MBA program so that I can graduate in May, was the dumbest thing I've done this year. Well, right after quitting smoking (still ready to chew somebody's head off for that shit).

My teacher is an ass. She is getting the nastiest write up on my student review as possible. I get that it's a MBA level class, but her habit of adding last minute assignments is gonna kill me. This week alone I've had two papers, discussions, an essay, and a full project. Then the day the project was due she added another paper.

Yep, she's a pickle.

I'm eatting tums like crazy but I'm determined to not let this class throw my 4.0. Which is why I've been missing in action on this site. Sorry peeps. Somebody send me some damn ciggies and chocolate STAT.

New Pope

It's amazing as I watch the arrival of the new Pope. On one hand, I am happy for the Catholics however on the other hand.... Jesus is my Pope so it really boggles my mind the power that the people give to the Pope rather than focusing on Jesus.

Moment of reflection there.

Monday, March 4, 2013

TMI - You've been warned

So we've had an interesting by product of my new "eat clean" thing I've been doing for the family. (I'll touch up on that shit later) Gas. Everyone in my house is gassy like nobody's busy. Seriously. So long story short, we'll all chowing down on a loaded up salad after church on Sunday (our go to meal) and the conversation turned to the gas issue.

Back story here.... our house is a walk up. You walk up to the main level outside. The top story is elevated with a porch and everything. You have the kitchen, livingroom, office, bathroom and master on the top floor then downstairs you have an office, den, laundry, bathroom and kids bedrooms. The garage is off to the side of the house FYI in case you are having trouble with the mental image.

So in theory if you are upstairs in the master bathtub and you have to pass a windy, or toot, or fart, or whatever you call it at your house.... well did you know that to anyone downstairs it will sound like an F16 is landing on the roof?

And in theory, if you pass such a windy in the bathtub and you have someone sitting in the livingroom, they TOO can hear it.

And this wouldn't be so freaking hysterical if at the time of the alleged incident, Princess wasn't downstairs with two of her friends and Duchess wasn't in the livingroom with her friend.

Seriously, I couldn't wait to call and tell Dave.... his response... I've known about this for years. You do it ALL the time... allegedly.