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Life is My Highway

Montana and North Dakota have become home.... dang it lol.

These Girls

Lord help me but these babies wear me out.... they are just perfect!


Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

We are so smexy!

Favorite sport: embarrassing our kids in public


My mini-me is finding her own way in life

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh I Hate It

Seriously there are times when it hits me, that I'm actually responsible for adding two human beings to the worlds' population. Two humans who are the spitting image of their daddy and who share just about every attitude, flaw and overage of anything between the two of them.

Tonight was one of those moments. I was tired of repeating myself so using the "firm, I'm the boss and by God I will get you if you don't listen" voice on Princess when I had to stop midsentence and tell her to wipe that look off her face cause it was driving me nuts, when Dave, my dearest sweetest husband annouces:

"that is totally your look, seriously you give me that look at least once a day"

Oh crap! on a stick.....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Space, I need Space

The one thing we lack is storage space. So today I'm digging out and through all the stuff my dear sweet husband has stored and I'm making room for some of our stuff.........and I'm prepping some crap to be tossed and etc. Cause this is getting nutso crazy, space wise.

Still no word on our next assignment, walking on faith and in the Lords' hands. Which is right where we belong....

But for now, let me get that beat down......boom boom boom.....

It's all about rocking this place while we clean......we don't whistle while we work, we jam

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh Boy!

Well I'm down with a rough tummy day, thank you stress! But it could be worse, I could be getting grilled by Duchess right now like Dave is......she is playing 20 annoying questions about his tatttoo on his arm.

Where'd you get it?
Why'd you get it?
What does it mean?
Why the sword?
Why momma's name?
How long will it last?
Did it hurt?
Did it hurt alot?
Did you cry?

Honestly, I stopped listening after this point and put on my ipod. :) I suck.

But we got a nasty storm coming through but know what.....I can drive to Sonic for my daily soda in a car the same in the rain as not so I'll be cool. Also, I found the cord for my ereader and downloaded some new books.

I'll be a snuggle little bug in my tiny rug down here tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He's Gonna Take My Cards...

Today took a real turn for happy on my end.

While gripping about not having a pair of bluejeans that will actually stay on me, I got the news.....

My favorite of all times jean company is now shipping to the US. You'd never believe the drama I would go through to get these Canadian jeans shipped to me.......

But Dave is gonna take my cards, cause if I'm paying for international shipping, I might as well get a few shirts too......

Oh baby baby

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bats in the Cave

So while wrestling around tonight, Princess tells Dave that he had "bats in the cave"....and brought him tissue to blow his nose.

I've never heard that, OMGawd, I love these people.....

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mommy's Little Trooper

My amazingly long legged kid climbing through the tiny window.......

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Bad Child

Everyone has one child that is just bad. I don't care how much you himhaw back and forth over it, you just have one that is bad as shit. One that you look at and think, I'm in trouble. Deep deep trouble.

Murphy is my bad child.

He has become the laughing stock of the rv park. You know its bad when he is too redneck for the rv park. I've noticed that people laugh, literally stand back and watch us go by with him for his walks.

Everyone knows his name.

Unlike Cheers, it's because we're constantly getting onto him, to stop that or don't eat the lesh or to leave that other dog alone or why are you barking at a tire? It's pretty back.

We've been told by two people now that he makes their day. That is very very not good people. He is my bad child. He might not be the future felon but he's my bad child.

Who I adore and babytalk to, so really what does it matter? right?

Mommy's Little Felon

I've come to realize that perhaps Duchess has inherited more of my tendencies than I realized. She has been cleaning her area in the rv singing, while occassionally stopping to pop a hip and put a hand in the air....cause:

"I bust the windows in your car.......even though what you did to me was much worse, I had to do something"

Oh dear, guess she is like her momma, vendictive and mean. Anyone want to contribute to her bail fund?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Facing My Fears

Today I did something that I've never ever volunteered to do: I faced a fear. And I made it through, crying, but I made it through.

The one thing that I really truly am, is claustrophobic. I hate small spaces. I am fine in elevators, I'm fine in walkout closets as long as the door is open. I'm even dealing with the tiny rv bathroom (door open, sorry if that is TMI but tough).

Today was my very own personal hell.

During our walk this afternoon with Murphy, we realized that he was not making PE possible so we came to put him back inside when it happened.

The bottom lock, the deadbolt on our rv door, the tumbler went out. We were stuck. Long story short, couldn't reach Dave, locksmith quote was way too expensive and would have taken too long to get here.

So I went to a local rv place, bought a new lock, then dug out the mallet, the drill/screwdriver, the long screwdriver and cooking oil....determined to replace the lock once and for all.

Princess went through the window we pried open above the sink (thank god they give us each a big ole picnic table) and then gathered up my purse and cell which allowed us to call said locksmith and to purchase the new lock. But then she went in again (brave amazing kid) to help me. I couldn't ever possibily fit through that window. But thanks to the recent 30 lbs I've lost, I was able to go through the bedroom window after she opened it.

My problem was not going through the window.

It was not the process that followed:

I got the old faceplate off the old lock. Gagging at the dirt and nasty gunk underneath.

Finally I saw daylight......

This was the worst part, getting the deadbolt out required that I coat it all with cooking oil spray, then mallet the thing as far out as I could without destroying the frame.....then....then...oh lord
I had to climb back out the window and pry it loose from the outside. But I had to go out the window.........I had a panic attack. I cried. But my 11 year old refused to give me privacy for my little attack. She stood outside that window on that picnic table and looking through coached me....
"momma, you're doing so good, don't can do this...." My kid talked me off the ledge, or in this case out the tiny arse window from where I was locked inside this rv. Me not do so good with the locked in part.

But I finally got the old piece out! Thank you LORD! With alot of biting back curse words and brute force (which I didn't realize I had), but motivation comes in many being stuck inside locked rv was a large large motivation!

Ohhhh daylight.......this is where the brute force, cooking oil spray and mallet came in handy.

But I did eventually get the new piece in place on the inside......

And the outside piece was put in via flashlight as the sun set on us.......thanks Princess for holding it still.

And the window that my happy arse went through.......well above you see Princess working the screen back into place. Did I mention I don't do well with tight spaces?
Thanks to Duchess for hanging out with Murphy in the ac-ed car with the music blaring, and to Princess for being my hero and helping mommy be brave. And to Mr. Abbie for selling me a new lock which was dirt cheap....and to the lock company for not putting any directions in the box with said new lock....and to my camera for letting me document each screw that came out and where it was suppose to go which allowed me to actually put the damn lock thingy back in place.
I still can't believe I made it back out that damn window.
But as of today, I can proudly say....although I'm not mechanically inclined what so ever, I managed to fix my own problem!!!

Oh Hell

it's that time of year that I absolutely hate: and no it's not my annual girlie's the start of my exercise rebirth. Oh holy hell......

So I'm putting together a new play list: Here we go......

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Moments

It's the little moments that make this so

-the call from my former boss today checking on us and reminding me how glad I am to be out of that drama

-my girls telling Dave that they don't miss regular school cause mom is way more fun

-my girls asking for more school time during the day

-our Sonic runs every morning for drinks, it's a $4 deal, every day but it's our morning routine

-figuring out all the little details to make my RV work right

-having my furball snuggle up to me on Dave's pillow when Dave leaves for work

-having Dave snuggle up to me every night!

-conquering cooking in a 3 cubic foot area

-having my friends call me way more often cause they miss me and know I'm home during the day

-hearing from my mom and dad everyday

-my ipod which allows me to jam to inappropriate music while my kids watch disney movies during dinner prep time

-taking my oldest to a book store so she can pick out a book report book and she chose a classic!

-having Dave take us to dinner with a coworker of his and proudly introducing his family

-having Dave take us to his church and proudly introducing us as his family

These are just some moments in the past few days that warm my heart!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well we are busy beavers around here. Trying to beat the old ladies to the laundry and showers, which I'm not actually doing too hot managing that one. Getting all my Texas stuff updated and renewed, fun times at the DMV peeps, people watching is hy-sterical! Plus school and cooking in a 3 ft cubic space. Dinners are not my usual fares, no.....I only miss my cooking space and bathtub.....and my momma......

But the weather was gorgeous today and I must say man oh man...I likey this slightly cool breeze down snow in sight!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Between Spelling and Math

So in the middle of spelling today, I got a text to come outside the rec center, where Dave was waiting. He'd actually rained out. So between spelling and math, he took us on a fieldtrip. The girls got to shoot the new 22 rifle they got and then to also shoot a very old 22 pistol of Dave's grandpa's. Then momma got to shoot. We had a grand ole time.
Princess is a righty but left eye dominant and before today couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Dave started her shooting leftie today like Duchess and let's just say if we're in a gunfight, she's totally my partner!
Sharp shooter!

Friday, January 15, 2010

But I had the fish....

In the interest of full disclosure and my goal of keeping it real around here, I have to do a breakdown of my evening, well just the highlights.

My blessed husband came home from work and told us to get dressed. Uncle Jon, who is a saint, was taking my kids to dinner and a movie while Dave was taking me out for some mommy time.

We had a great dinner, I had an appletini and dessert. FULL belly was me. Then we had some parent time. Enough said.

My kids however had a full and fun night. Uncle Jon has completely bumped me out of the cool zone. I can no longer hope to be cool. They had Taco Bell, went bungee jumping in a mall (which flabbers my gast cause hello, my kids? never could I have coaxed them into that), a movie and then games at Chuckie Cheese.

We sat here for an hour waiting for them to finally come and dad actually came in before curfew, that was a new one.

So while we were sitting around waiting for our kids the conversation went kinda like this:

(please remember we've been together for over 13 years)

Me: What is that smell?
Dave: What smell?
Me: Is your work boots smelling like that?
Dave: Possible
Me: Well it's okay, cause I'm gassy
Dave: Can't be worse than those boots
Me: But I had the fish
Dave: I stand corrected

We're just as bad as old people in matching rocking chairs on the front porch of our old homestead.......

But we still got the heat!!!!

They Cure All Ills

Last night I didn't get my me time. Turns out I didn't need it. After a family dinner, we loaded up and headed with little Murphy to a pet store to book him an appointment to get purty and buy him some dogfood. Instead of doing dishes, we just had family time. It was great. We started our new book, we laughed, we joked, it was just what the mommy needed. Today is all about errands, then school this afternoon. Normally we'll take Friday's off school but since we just got started I figured we'd strike while the iron is hot. hugs and kisses!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Okay I hit my limit inside this place today. I'm restless. I am cooking a big ole dinner and then after dishes are done, I'm heading out to hit the treadmill and get rid of some of this excess. Cause it's killing me. I'm ipod-ing it while the kids watch a disney movie. Bless our hearts, momma is gonna need some momma time tonight.

Otherwise we got a good start on school today. Duchess flew through her language arts, which is just a review before we branch into new things. So proud of her reading skills. She was a little more hesitant to just do reading though....tomorrow I'm heading to the library to get her some skill level books. Tomorrow we might try to do school at the library in the morning, should be empty and plenty of tables. Princess loves the science but has trouble with some of the bigger words. Once I help her figure them out, she can tell me exactly what they mean so her comprehension is awesome, just need to get the reading on level.

Tonight we start 10000 leagues under the sea. It's our new book for the "momma reading to them each night" program. Everything I put my hands on says they will become better readers if I read TO THEM, not only have them read to me during schooling and such but they need to hear me read. This will be fun, I love this book.

So in the rain storm, I managed to wash all of our dirty clothes and my bedding. Now I can't find room to put it all away, sugar-honey-iced-tea.

But you know what, I'm looking out my window watching the American and Texas flags whip around like crazy in the sunset, rainy day. Life is good and I'm blessed.

It will implode

It is toxic and it is so not good for anyone involved. It will implode and I'm just praying for my friends still involved. Be strong guys! I'm praying for you!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I heart truck stops

Oh boy are my country roots showing, but I seriously heart a truck stop. Any big truck stop. If we're driving, I beg Dave to pull over. I love the lights, the rigs, the shiny clean bathrooms, the nifty little "life on the road" gadgets. And the food, really do I have to get into the merits of the food? Flying J and Petro are my favorites. The little diners inside are like a magic bandaid.

So can you even begin to imagine how many times I've driven right down the road to the big ole shiny truck stop?

I get change for laundry there (yep, we be Rv-er's with no w/d in our trailer), I get fountain drinks there when I need a pick me up, I eat there with the kids when we don't feel like cooking, I get diesel there for his truck, I get gas there for my car, I get batteries for the game controllers there, I still get carded there for my cigs.

The ladies inside know me and the kids by name.............and they always stop and want to know what in the world we've done today, cause "you guys are just so busy!".

How could you NOT love a big ole shiny truckstop?

Now excuse me, but I need diesel, a fountain drink and a snack before I start my errands, so I'm heading...........well you get the idea.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Something occurred to me today.

I am unrated, unleased and damn it feels good.

Utah equaled so many things for me. I can count the good things on one hand:

1. My mom and photo-elusive step daddy: still there with my mom's job

2. Friends: Cec, my Canadian friend, who likes me just the way I am....Mary, my former work friend, who has become my friend period as well as my Jimmy Cricket (cause I need that extra voice of conscious sometimes peeps, I get into ALOT of trouble on my own) and my mentor in life and some people who aren't really close friends but will hold a place in my heart. Not being mean but frankly I keep a friend card that is really really slim. Friends have to be people who touch my life and are worth the effort of keeping in touch. That is hard part and I'm never shy about being honest with someone about my lack of need for friends, cause I got me some homegirls that will love me to the very end and beyond so my card is pretty full. (I'm kinda of shit)

3. ?

4. ?

5. ?

Hmmmmm, funny but I couldn't get past #2. But the things I've left behind with my departure from Utah? Well let's hit the high notes: I'm me again.

I've worked since I was 16, full time (not counting taking a few months off with each of my babies after having them). While I had a great job (in money sense) it drained me and left me doubting everything about myself. I stifled the essence of who I was to please them. And in the end, it still ended up not working. I hate myself that I allowed that to occur. I actually let someone's (plural) opinion change the person I was when I was there. I toned it down, I bit my lip and I regret that very much. So after three years in a place where I was the big ole square peg in a world of smoozy, round pegs I can honestly say this: next time I'm gonna be the hammer in this little game.

I'm back peeps. For the first time since my surgery I feel normal. Which for me is unrated, over the top, mouthy, a whole lotta redneck-ish and a little bit weird. I got my stride back. I walk like I own this place, cause I do. I'm rocking my pearls with my boots, jeans and flannel shirts or hoodies with my big ole Texas curly hair and frankly I feel younger than I have in years.

My work clothes? Packed away in storage. My heels? Packed away in storage. The one pair I brought to Texas for date nights? Camo strappy 4 inch heels, cause that is hot peeps.

Being very space challenged, I brought a small wardrobe with me. Two pairs of boots and a pair of camo fmh (anyone know what they stands for? evil laugh), jeans, hoodies, couple flannel shirts and a lot of cami shirts to wear underneath. And know what? I haven't been this comfortable in years.

I spend my days with my girls. They amaze me. I can't believe how amazing they are.

Life is much simpler.

Best of all, since getting settled in here this past week, actually since being laid off in health is improving by leaps and bounds. I can actually sleep at night. My blood pressure is level and normal steadily. My stomach is better than it's been in years, although I'm still super careful with my diet. I'm holding at 9 lbs more than my wedding weight.

God is good. Because I couldn't have planned this, I couldn't have forced this and believe me I tried for a year to make it happen. Walk on faith peeps, because he will show his glory and he will take control if you let him.

Thankful for my blessings.........from Texas

Productive Little Snot

I am, really. Today I managed to somewhat organize this trailer to make things fit for now. I ripped the kids tiny little broken blinds down out of their bunks and put up some good old tinfoil, redneck much? But now we don't have to worry about people seeing in or worse them waking up from the noise of kicking the blinds and ripping them worse. I also started four loads of laundry, made it to change the oil in Dave's truck and got it warshed (misspelt but keeping it). Picked up new shampoo, cause after getting my new hairdo, I can finally warsh it tonight (I like warsh alot better, goes better with Rv living than wash does, snicker). Now I'm making ziti for dinner and we bathed the dog. Books come in Wednesday so we're trying to get everything we can done so we can get our learning on. Excited about that! Still have a million things to do today but I'm getting there!!!

Hugs and kisses, now I gotta go check my warsh!

Louisiana Trip

Memory lane is a long winding road. I don't go home often. I worked so hard to leave that little town behind a long time ago, yet it seems that that laidback, slow little town still holds alot of appeal. I'd never move home but I've realized that something similiar is what I'm looking for, to raise my kids. But visiting is great, especially when it's been 5 years since I've been back home. I got to see my family and meet my newest little cousin. My kids got to take the brief trip down my memory lane, like they did Dave's in Tulsa. It was a great trip.
Best of all, being back with my family. I got to hold Dave's hand while walking the areas that made up my childhood. My old house is literally falling apart, abandoned and so very sad. But that is okay, time moves on. My old high school looks tired and worn out. Not nearly as fun and lively as when I was part of a graduating class of 75 people. You can't really go home and frankly that is okay with me. But it was great to see my family. Who dropped everything for our last minute visit and not only had a big ole cooking but made sure to cook something I could eat.
There really is nothing like Louisiana; the moss hanging from the trees, the homes spread out on large lots with big ole trees, doors left unlocked while people are at church. It really has a certain appeal. I love being from the sticks. But those sticks just aren't for me. One day we'll settled in some other sticks, somewhere else.
But for now, we're mobile. And I have a trailer to finally get organized. Rv living with pics coming soon. (As soon as I find a place for everything, school starts officially on Wednesday so I have to get busy!)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Memory Lane

I'm sitting in a few small town hotel with very limited wifi so you don't get pics yet. But instead of dealing with the freezing cold weekend and all that it entails, we decided last minute yesterday to make the drive to my hometown to see all my family. We rolled in last night for a great family meal and just sat around and talked. It was great. I will have plenty of pics to update ya. This morning I'm driving my babies around showing them where I went to school and had my first job and etc. Memory lane is short though as we leave this afternoon heading back to home sweet rv.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Moving forward

Okay so by the time we got back home, our pipes were unfrozen and we had water again. But we be prepared for freezing weather now. Damnit, Texas is not suppose to be this freaking cold.

Dave met us after work at walmart where we picked up everything we needed which was an interesting note for my day. He gets off early on Fridays, so around 3:15 we were crusing the walmart close to his work when bam the place flooded with guys who just like Dave wore the creamy yellow overall jackets and cold weather fire retardant gear that screams "we work in oil and gas". However, it was obvious which of those guys belong to me, besides being quite larger through the shoulders than most of them, he walks like he's taking the field for battle. He's always had this certain walk, it says clearly "get out of my way", it cracks me up to see men automatically move out of his way. He never has to weave through a crowd. So he was easy to pick out.

After a quick dinner, we got movies and came home to crash. I got to lay in bed and read my book, it was heaven!!!!

Now today we have to clean up and organize our trailer, then we have to head into Houston to the Natural Science museum, if and only if, we can find Murphy immunizations in this mess. Cause he needs them for the puppy spa next to the museum, too cold to leave him home. If not that, we'll find something close by and do that one next weekend.

But for the record, I woke up with five people in my bed. The kids and Murphy joined us for tickle fest and frankly, the sound of happy screams and barking as we all just have time together makes it all worth while.

Happy go camper here in Texas,

Now to go find room in this itty bitty rv for everything to be put out of sight. It's killing me.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Shit, he forgot to wrap the pipes or leave them the water lines have froze. I'm leaving this place in protest. When he gets off work, he can find us at the mall where we'll be watching movies today. No school kids, mommy is calling a bad weather day!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sweet Moments

I sit here waiting on my school board site to load and I am looking across the tiny little table where Dave is sitting writing his papers too. It's been so long since we've been students together. Dueling laptops and school books yet it's the bouncing back and forth of ideas in our various subject: leadership and principles of management for me, biology and chemistry for him....not sure what he was thinking when he scheduled those two for the same semester, lol. I missed this camaraderie so much. It's totally worth all the challenges of our new house **cough, RV, cough**.

It's the differences in two people who are more alike than most couples we know too that hit home. We both love school, we both exceed no matter the cost but our study habits are so very different. Venus loves to listen to punk rock and old school ACDC blaring in her ears or she can't concentrate. Mars has to have it completely quiet and he types so dang loud as he literally pounds his ideas into the keyboard.

Yet here we sit, together.

If The Trailer Is A Rocking....

It's because it's a serious windy storm here in east Texas. However, I so slept sooooooo good with the rain beating down on the roof. Snug as a bug in my bed. The girls and I are working out our homeschool schedule this morning and frankly we'll all thinking of starting at 10 so we can sleep in, lol.

Pray for me, I'm going to conquer my fear of small spaces and use the rv shower instead of using the nice spacious park shower house. The group of blue haired ladies used all the hot water yesterday forcing us to have lukewarm showers from hell. They suck!

Off to HEB later for green beans and hamburger meat to make meatloaf and fried green beans for dinner. Tomorrow will be baked zitti. Dave is sooooooo loving having these left overs for lunch rather than the same old sandwichs. He's so cute! Later dudettes.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here We Go...

So excited!

Just placed an order for our school books, they should be here on Monday. Then we'll set up our schedule and go from there.

I haven't spent so much time with my kids EVER. I'm totally loving this, even when I get impatient and grumpy.

Mastering the tiny kitchen too: ribs, coleslaw and fried potatoes

Storm is coming so we're hitting the store bright and early.

Sweet dreams internet

Ole Girl

Duchess today in response to my wondering aloud why it took her 6o million tries to actually do what I asked her. The kid has serious focus.

"Mommy, this ole girl has a terrible memory"

Umm sweetie, you are seven.

But I'm impressed with your vocab!

Oh Boy, here we goooooo

So the weather is overcast and funky, yet the hubby is still at work so we are heading out to buy groceries. Cause the baby fridge only holds about two meals worth of food, frankly it's very easy on the budget and I don't waste food. Plus I enjoy the grocery store, I'm strange.

Princess is done with her language arts placement test, now I have to go and check out the results. She's my girl! Here we go...

And frankly it's crazy but we still love Texas and love being on the road with our guy.

It helps that he comes home in the BEST mood, no matter what happens at work. It's cute the way he really just digs being with us. Now it's time to exploit that.......working on an upgrade peeps. Cause i suck

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Exhausted My abilities

So today I ran into a problem that can't be fixed. I have run out of room in this rv to store/organize stuff. 98% of everything fits perfectly. Except Dave has lived here for a year by himself and he has 3 times the clothes we the sheer amount of tools and hunting stuff.

But the heat works and I have hot water. Thank you sweet Jesus. I'm learning so much about "on the road living".

We managed to get all the laundry done and I even whipped out a full dinner. Steamed veggies, GF spaghetti and cornbread.

Tomorrow, I have to start looking for a hair salon, gotta do something with this mop on my head. Then I'm waiting on the school board to call me back regarding the kids' schedule. Princess and I bought and put together a very very small tv stand for our little flat screen. So we be watching movies!!!! Yeah baby.

Till tomorrow! With much love from TEXAS,

I Brought It With Me

I brought the cold weather to Texas. It's freaking cold as hell right now. Being that we bought a used trailer, Dave has been using two electric heaters until we could order another heating element and have it installed but I am ready to expediate this TODAY. I'm calling someone in to fix it asap. Cause we be tripping.......breakers constantly with 2 badarse heaters going nonstop. Thank you sweet Jesus that I don't pay electric here at this lovely RV park, we pay monthly so we get that break.

I know its cold because my sweet studly outdoorsman went to Wally World last night to purchase another set of flannels to work in. So yeah, it's freaking cold.

So I'd like to address the prejudice I ran across yesterday. Just thinking of it, pisses me off. I called the local school district to get the offical placement of my kids' school (long story, will address later but we will homeschool) and instead of being the nice brand new one down the road, it's 8 miles away in a HORRIBLE neighborhood. I refused to get out of the car. The reasoning when I called the district lady back, was that the grid was redrawn since alot of the parents weren't happy with kids from the trailer parks coming to their school.

Excuse me?

We are in one of two large RV parks next to the Interstate. They are nice, one has a lake for activities, both are top notch. I have an exercise room, a reading room, free breakfast, immaculate shower rooms/bathrooms, a pool, a playground, a pet playground and etc. This place is like a nice condo for RV's.

But since apparently a few of the kids' from here go to the local school, they moved this area into a school grid 8 miles away. The worst school in the area. I have to pass 4 elementary schools to get to the "right" one.

F%&^ that.

So today I gotta fix that.

And to cap things off, the LORD is so good to me.

Outside my house, fixing a neighbor's trailer is the mobile RV fix it man. Gotta go wrangle him for my heat!


Update: Shane is our new bestest friend. For a mere $90 he has fixed all my RV issues (and figures that I'd have a few....trailer was way too much of a good deal for it to be perfect): faulty water value fitting? fixed.... clogged up tiny little hose for water heater (which we thought was a much needed new heating element)...fixed and last but not least, adding in a new "hot rod" which will convert our water heater from a propane (we pay and it can get expensive) to an electric (hello....included in our lot fee). So how seriously lucky I am that my neighbor stood up the mobile RV fix it guy, cause this saves me a lot of hassle! BLESSING.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh Hell....

Here we go again. Have I ever mentioned that we are the official redneck southern Griswold family? If we do it, we have to do it the right way...which includes the absolute worst case scenario.

Case in point: we own three vehicles and moved without taking the time to get rid of one. We have his mucho badass diesel truck (is it wrong of me to reeeeeeeeeeeeally like the sound it makes when it growls?) Then we have my little foreign car (a sporty little zippy Infiniti which drives just exactly like my old firebird, FAST!) and last but not least we own our jeepy. A little beat up but completely tough (has to be when I drive in 4 wheel drive, I not gentle) 4x4 jeep. So as you can see, we have a tough time letting go of useful things. So jeepy is resting at the lake house while we figure out what we gonna do there. We are actually tempted to keep it for Princess who'll be a permit driver in 4 short years. I can't think of a better vehicle for her to start learning on......can you?

Anywho, then there is the random horrible hotel room on the trip. The ONE night we got a hotel, it was so bad, we slept on top of the covers and didn't use the tub. Nice. Again, our luck. Vending machine ate our money, the breakfast was all out of date yogurts and cereals, I'm pretty sure the owner was kin to the Bates. Can't prove it though as he was of India descent...

We actually made 1500 miles in 2 days of traveling with two little girls, a scottish terrior, 2 vehicles and my small bladder. Dave has the problem with driving (ask my mother, she has a whole nother theory), he can't simply drive...he must break land speed records. And (knock on wood, or on RV table) he has a perfect driving record. So 85 miles an hour was the typical speed. Oh sweet jesus, watch over me on the road. He actually yells at me for driving only slightly over the speed. Although he always feels bad and is sweet to me afterwards, cause I'm a horribly red crier, he HATES when I cry cause I never cry.

We made it to the lake around midnight on the second day of travel. My motherinlaw had the upstairs 1960's room (complete with all decor, black lights and etc....COOL) ready for us and beds made up for the kiddos. My dog managed to finally learn to play with their dog after a few fights and then I managed to fall down their stairs. Typical me.

We fit 7 family/friend visits into 14 hours one day as well. We spent an average of 2 hours with everyone and it was great. Exhausting but great.

Once we left the lake we visited with Dave's brother/sisterinlaw in OKC for ONE night. I can't begin to tell you how welcomed they made us feel. My sweet SIL not only started me a real hot bath but brought a variety of smell goods and a little bath pillow for me to just soak and read. That was like a pot of gold for me. Too bad we were the worst houseguests in history. 10 minutes upon arriving I was so exhausted I locked the keys in the car. Then we had to postpone dinner while waiting on the auto club peeps. On New Year's Day, thank you JESUS I'm such a good customer, cause it was free. Blessing! While they were opening my car with Dave supervising, Duchess came in from running in the backyard with her shoes covered in cat poop. Yep, she managed to literally visit every room with carpet before we caught up with her. So we all spent the next hour cleaning their carpets of cat poop spots. I was mortified. My BIL/SIL are so freaking laid back and cool....therefore we didn't get the yelling we deserved. If that was not bad enough, the next morning, we realized that my puppy, Murphy had apparently tried eatting from the litterbox as he YAKED cat poop up in a stream of puppy vomit on their carpet by the back door. I am very familiar with their shopvac at this point. Dave made us pack up and leave, before we suddenly got the urge to pull some Cousin Eddie crap.

The drive down was just as fun. One emergency pee stop resulted in Dave running Princess in while Duchess and I waited our turn with Murphy. Princess came out of the door and in a very crowded parking lot, announced to me (40 feet away)..... "that bathroom was ghetto....thank GOD you showed me how to hover when I pee....that was def a hover bathroom". It didn't help that we were in the busiest parking lot in Texas. Thanks baby.

Upon spending most of her memorable childhood in Utah where diversity is NON existant, Duchess announced after church yesterday morning (in the crowded lobby) that "I met a black girl mommy and I told her I'd be her friend cause you said everyone was the same, skin color was the only difference and we could all be friends....and she said I should get cornrows cause my hair is so long!" I seriously needed a hug after that one......she is like a tape recorder. At least she repeated something I consider a good message.

Cause after church at HEB, when I was waiting on her in the bathroom with a line of people behind me waiting their turn, Duchess yells loudly that she was pooping and "I'm gonna give a courtsey flush but that don't mean I'm done......OKAY?" Kill me now. I'm seriously wondering if I have encouraged her to be TOO outspoken.......that's possible huh?

There are seriously times that parenting is a very humbling thing........ask me, cause right now, I'm freaking so humble peeps.

Now I'm gonna go cook my first dinner in our RV. Challenges are cool right?


He leaves for work early, he gets up really the kids and I are up and it's early. Urgh.

Not to mention, as typical women, we brought too much. Now today I get to find the kids a school (temp solution to have them Texas residents so when we start homeschooling we'll be held to Texas standards not Utah), check my mail (gotta find the post office), and put away stuff in this place where there is little storage.

I've already started working on the we need a larger trailer. Looks like it's going to have to be a customized toy hauler for us. Looking to get one that is larger than what we have so we can insulate and carpet the hauler area for the girls to have a nice big room in the back. The bunks are working fine but we have alot of stuff, sigh......we apparently forgot how to live small. I gotta work on that.

Main prob to make my tv fit. Damn......

Best part of today, not having Dave leave us to fly off to work. He kissed us all bye and headed out the door. That was really nice and normal.

Now I have to go cook breakfast and rescue my dog from Princess