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Friday, July 24, 2015

I'm kinda a mess

So here I sit and look over my work. I know that I have my hands full but as always I have managed to think of a great idea.... and I have to get it out of my head while I can. I've already launched a store so instead of doing the business side of things right now... I'm doing the creative side. I accepted a space in someone else's store and am putting together my own inventory. My way. I have always wanted to refinish furniture and have the room/space and creative lease to do so and so I have. Started that is...

I started with a desk I found that was falling apart. It's now my desk and I'm so freaking proud of the way it turned out! Then I picked up an old wash stand and a vanity. The vanity is done and ready for waxing and I started the first coat on the wash stand tonight. I can't tell you how good it feels to wash the paint and wax and saw dust off my hands at night before bed. We are making some crafts to go in there as well and I'm designing a line of shirts.... because I can. I pray that I'm not in over my head and if I am, well we will see how it goes. If I fail, I'll end up with some cool stuff out of it for myself. :) The sky is the limit.

So homeschool is going well. Chemistry is a rough start for her but she's getting there. English is going well. She's adjusted well to homeschooling again and I love that she's in complete control of her schedule. I don't have to remind her to do her work... she gets up and gets on the work at some point each day. She plans her day around what she has to do for each class. The drive is her, not me. Thankfully!

Both girls are currently awaiting results of a celiac test. Praying for God's will but it would be an answer to various ailments that don't go away.

Dave and Max are working hard as usual. Thank goodness for Facetime!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Intro to Homeschool - Griswald Style

So we have fully started our homeschool adventure. My oldest starts her pre-nursing program this fall and she'll be going from noon to 3:00 each day for that which means that she will be doing homeschool in the mornings. She has already begun her three hard classes and is doing well. She is definitely showing  me that she can handle the scheduling. The materials are laid out in a way that she has a certain amount of work that is required each day. I love this about using Alpha Omega. It's christian based but also it's completely compatible. The information that is in the curriculum is honestly information that the kids should be getting in classes.

The really hard part of this is that last year I taught. Until that, I really didn't understand. I was completely surprised at the amount of time that was lost in the classroom. Teachers are freaking rockstars! Seriously. I have listened to my children talk about the classroom disruptions and the discipline issues with students. Until you sit in that class, you don't get it. A school system that had no separation of special education and student grouping is very politically correct... everyone has the same advantages true. Yet your class gets bogged down by playing catch up and making sure that the people as a whole are grasping the materials. The kids that nail it in the first shot are sitting there bored out of their minds.... the discipline issues are ridiculous. So I'm taking her homeschool. I wasn't sure if I made it clear earlier or not why I was moving her into the homeschool until graduation. There you go, I'm determined that she will have a great basis to build off. So she is already working through Literature/English 3, Chemistry and Algebra 2. We will add American History and Civics to that later in the season. She is completing the amount of work and making good grades while being totally self directed. I'm super freaking proud. The best part is that AOP curriculum is that the materials are all graded. This means that it takes the burden off me to score her which is hard as a parent. She is being graded on a consistency with other students in the same curriculum.

As we are working, I'm also trying to challenge Duchess (also known in real life as Meri). Our move to the lake has put us firmly in the school district that I wanted. When we bought this house last year, we considered the school district when we bought it. It was hard honestly knowing that the nearest high school was so far from us, another reason we are homeschooling my high schooler, but up until 8th grade, it's a real jewel. A small class system and the reality is it will challenge her. Woohoo.... but since I'm already doing summer school through AOP with one, I put my youngest in Spanish. She got to pick any class and she wanted to learn SPanish so we started that. SO far so good.

Now I have to share something with you. My frugal self discovered a great deal when computer shopping. I wanted to get my kids a desktop computer that could easily handle everything they could throw at it. I'm freaking loving it. So digging around I ordered an HP that was labeled as opened. Meaning the packaging was damaged and it was repackaged and sold at a 45% discount. HELLO. I was able to get twice the computer for the amount I had budgeted. The only drawback, was waiting for it to be delivered. But I recommend doing your research!

If you think of anything in my area that would be a great field trip, let me know. So far, we have scheduled a big trip over Spring Break for the Washington DC tour and we are hoping to get to the WWII museum later this month when we hit up a concert. Again, we find ourselves making our own way but the Lord is good and has blessed us so!

Peace out girlscouts.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Civics for the win

Today we started teaching civics at home to my girls. While I'm only officially homeschooling Prin but since Duchess is always looking over my shoulder I'll just teach her too. I've outlined my goals for this class. We are covering a full semester worth of civics and government... I'm not gonna lie, I'mm excited. This is a favorite subject of mine.

So to start it off, we are reviewing what it means to be a citizen. Did you know there is an official citizen almanac? Yeah, google that. It exists and frankly most people have no clue what it means. I'm starting with a series from the 80's, that's right.... Schoolhouse Rocks.

After reading the entire constitution, we start tomorrow by breaking down the steps that brought the Constitution to life. Wish us luck. I'm most excited about a series I just bought.... a six hour mini series on America. Yes!