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Lord help me but these babies wear me out.... they are just perfect!


Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

We are so smexy!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Queen of Everything, proof

Please maximize the above.... look at the ooeey goodness of that glaze, and the yummy moist cupcakes that I created from scratch for my husbands birthday. I'm the HBIC in my kitchen and holy crow, did I pull out a good one for this meal considering that I've had the plague, yeah again. Can you tell that they screwed up my flu shot, yeah they did and I didn't get one. Asshats. So since I was sick, I'm a pinterest ho. I threw my bbq chicken in the crockpot for eight freaking hours. Yum. And lazy. Then I sliced up some squash, zucs, tomatoes, and onions... drizzle with olive oil and spices and roast in the oven... parm on top then done. Finally, buttered baby potatoes........ yeah it was fantastic. Took a tiny little amount of effort and it was amazing. But those cupcakes.............holy shitballz. I made 12 miniture cakes for him and we all ate them... so now I'm stuck making some for his office. (and me) and maybe some for the teachers at the middle school cause they cool and work for peanuts and frankly, they are awesome. (and me)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pissy Me

I really hate when the pot is passing judgment on the kettle. I'm just irrated as fuck right now. taking my grumpy ass to bed. Oh but the good news is that I survived my weekend... Prin had a softball clinic in the big big city (four plus hours away) and we enjoyed some shopping and hotel beds while we were there. I picked up the few things I needed for the new house and finally, I'm making progress on getting settled in. Now if I could just get that garage cleared out. Time to shovel that crap around and find some parking space. Peace out....

Friday, January 18, 2013

Okay fatie

Well I had a talk with myself yesterday. TOld that lazy ass hobag to get off her saddlebags and get her shapely self back. Yeah, so I downloaded a ton of cadences (shut up they help me stay in rhythm) and some really "guily pleasures" music for my running.... I'm back at it tomorrow. Plus, Dave overheard me telling the lady at the gym that I was interested in their new kickboxing class. Oh lord help me that man is gonna be the death of my ass.... he came home tonight with a receipt and a "so proud of myself" smile.... he signed me up and paid. Bless his heart... I may have to kidney punch him in his sleep. Here we go.... again ;)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Kitchen is A Bitchin

So these days are busy. I'm subbing alot... long story that I need to revisit soon. My classes are doubled up. I'm cooking up a storm. I'm still 24 lbs up from quitting smoking, cause dayum I cook all the fucking time! Urgh. But speaking of cooking.... I've gotten on the coop wagon. We live in the middle of nowhere and I do mean nowhere but somehow somebody got a coop set up here so we get baskets of yummy goodness every week. Oh and let me tell you, for $15 freaking dollars a basket, I get a crap ton of stuff. This week I bought two baskets; I got parsnips, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, strawberries, apples, oranges, grapefruit, celery, and can I just tell you that we LUV some fresh food up in this house. Dave kicked out breakfast this morning with little plates of boiled eggs, cheese, apples, grapefruit and oranges. Delicious. Simple. Fresh. Now, he gets into cooking with me more now because literally all over my kitchen is fresh food just sitting around on the counters and in baskets. You can't escape it. (We'll not mention that last night when it was pickup time, it was -9 degrees outside and half my celery froze on the ride home in the back of his truck.... it's a 3 mile ride but my man totally went and got it since I was cold... he loves me) So I'm trying some new brussel sprout recipes this week: think, bacon and maple syrup and nutmeg. I can't wait to see this shake out and get the kids' response. Nice! I have been experimenting and cooking up a storm. I've made from scratch lemon pound cake, which was amazing. I've made french toast casserole, outstanding (although that was with gluten regular white bread for the fam so I couldn't eat it.... they reviewed so until I nail that with a GF bread, it don't count) I've nailed sweet potato mash and I have an awesome recipe for strawberry tarts that I'm trying tomorrow. I so enjoy working in the kitchen and putting yummy healthier options in front of my peeps. Except, I gotta up my game at the damn gym. Bastard gym. Bitch gym from hell. Sigh. I gotta go scrub some carrots for braising....

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Armed and trained

My kids are troopers. Seriously, I'm preparing them for a very long and safe life if I can help it.
Seriously it's been a goal of ours to raise our kids to enjoy shooting and to beable to properly protect themselves. They are great girls. Both are left eye dominate but only one is an actual leftie. So they make it pretty interesting to set them up. But we work at it. But good lord, since we moved to Montana shit is getting real up in this muther. Holy crap. So seems that we have landed in the middle of the wild ole west.
Not only did both girls get custom shotguns for their Christmas presents (which they LOVED) they also got color coordinated accessories (such a thoughtful daddy) but we have started actual training. Sundays find Princess only at small bore rifle training, she is preparing for a competitive team. She leaves there and has 30 minutes before they both go to their competitive BB Gun meetings/practice. Then they have that again Tuesday night while I go to the opposite side of town for ladies night at the gun range. Small town Montana living has a shit ton of options if your fun involves weapons. :) Which obviously we do.....
Our life is good. Simple. But good. And frankly, I'll take that any day of the week. Oh and for the naysayers, my babies also take weekly piano lessons, Prin has begun weekly softball practices even though they are inside here since they don't actually play any games until May, and Duchess is working on dance lessons..... they do have some typically girlie crap going on. ;)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Cause im bored and its cold as hell.... and yeah I got nothing. Lol.....

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I heart him, but for realz

I'm exhausted. I had school due tonight.... two classes worth. But as I got so rudely woke up and compromised this morning by my dearest man.... he suggested that we jump in the truck and run to see his new potential office. It's an hour and half away. Yeah, he's opening another location of his branch here. So he's gonna be so dang busy but he's thrilled. It's a Dave thing. He cracks me up. Anyway, he found a location and met with the peeps yesterday but forgot to take pics for the board so we were off to see it again. What should have been a wham bam was instead an all damn day trip. Bless his heart. I'm exhausted. But his new place has a ton of parking room for his equipment and guys and a nicer office than the one he is in now. So it works and he is looking forward to getting it going.

And since we were in a town that has HELLO... Walmart and a tiny little excuse for a mall (four stores, wah!) I took the kids shopping. Ok, Dave drove us and I was on wrangle duty, lol. Duchess got her some toys... Monster High toys and Petshops. Princess got some phone accessories. I looked for some boots but all that was left was size 10. Craptastic luck. But this is also why I have an obsession with my Amazon Prime account. (I may or may not have ordered an even better pair when I got home) and the whole time, Dave was fielding work calls and we swung by to drop off burgers to some of his guys working in the area. All in all, it was a nice LONG day. Good lord but that man makes me laugh. We really had a good time and the kids were fun. I can't believe how fast they are growing.

So since I'm trolling on homework this evening, my sweet studly man makes dinner grilling some steaks. Princess passed me in the hall and says "he's doing it again mom, being weird" so cause I speak teen, I grabbed my phone and stuck my head outside. On the main deck of the house, he's grilling in the dark, since the porch light is at his back and he can't see the meat..... he has a miner's light on his head. I did. I really did. I put that picture on the facebook. I adore that man.

And he's the sweet thing that came over to me and took my remote to change the channel from "You've got mail" which I freaking heart to some wilderness man movie that he can quote along with. Just freaking disappointing..... sigh......

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

He Adores Me

So I lost my keys. This morning was fun as I realized he had the spare set and I had notta. Luckily my workout partner picked me up and dropped my kids off at school. I spent the entire day looking. I rearranged rooms,  looking. I emptied totes,  looking. Notta. Then I had a horrible thought. My kid grabbed them last and went outside,  in the snow. He melted alot of snow and cleared our sidewalks of ice with his torch thingy but alas no keys.

He sits down in recliner to eat dinner and remembers losing his keys out of his pocket into the recliner.... yeah sticks his hand down there and surprise.

All that effort I put out today gets me a drink tonight. Good grief. But I luv that he brought home a torch to search my yard.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Been Busy

Oh boy do I have some wind in my sails! It's a good day to be me baby. We are moving right along. I have gotten the very last fucking load of our stuff from the tiny house. Thank you Dave, you stud. The second of only two days that this man has completely taken off in the last month and he has spent both days moving us into the new house. Honestly my guy couldn't be any cooler than he is. I adore him. That is another post though. So it'll probably take me the next three weeks to fully unpack and settle in but I've started. The peeps go back to school tomorrow and I haven't taken on any subbing assignments until the house is done so I should be good. Tomorrow morning, the hospital auxiliary resale shop is open after their holiday break. I'm so thankful. The garage is PACKED with clothing and crap that we are donating. Love it and love it and love it. I love the idea that we can help someone else.

However can I note that I am holding back my skinny clothes because I'm trying hard to lose the bubble gut. Going so far as to partner with the Connie Poo Poo and get this shit done. For realz. I'm gonna be a runner one day.... or as Mae once said.... I'm be a fast walker with a slight jog one day, lol.

So I've been setting things up. My new nifty "recliner end tables" have come in. I was a little disappointed in that they didn't come already put together (yeah, I really was and Dave got a good laugh at my expense on that one... turd). But these things are the best and they are well built and so purty! If you are curious check Amazon for Pierce Espresso Chairside Table. I got them bad boys on super duper sale and they are well worth the price. So since I saved some money there, I went ahead and ordered the matching tv trays. (yeah the house has no real dining room and our dining room table is now in the downstairs kitchen for kids to have as game table and/or homework table. So we eat in the livingroom, fun times.... we take turns picking dinner movies)

So while I have a ton of house stuff to finish, I also started some of the painting I wanted. The landlord replaced everything but didn't have enough money to repaint everything so here I am.... The kitchen had a great grey and cream tight wove carpet so I went with two grey walls for the kitchen (washable to cover grease stains from stove) and then I'll do the other two in heavy cream. Nice. So I got me a red and cream colored rug for the kitchen and a red tea kettle. Eventually I'll get to new curtains and redoing my bench. I'll keep you posted on the kitchen.

Now I have gotten a little creative cooking wise too. I tell you, I'm baaaaack baby. Today I cooked up my yuumy black eyed peas (screw the greens or the cabbage cause I hate that stanky shite). I'm working on some new recipes to eventually get my kids back on taking their lunches cause frankly the new Mrs. Obama's lunch program isn't really feeding my kids the way they should. Yes, please someone send my regards to her ass. So my goal is to feed my family yummy healthy breakfasts each morning (while helping myself on my weight program!!!!) Tomorrow's breakfast is already cooked and resting on the counter waiting to be wrapped in the fridge for morning reheating. Yummy little bacon and scrambled egg muffins. A complete self contained breakfast. Perfect. My little secret touch is always always always add some parsley flakes to the eggs cause it just enhances the flavor SO much. Trust me. Delicious.

So yeah, I'm finding ways to make Montana work for me. Maybe it's the new house, maybe it's seeing my momma.... but man oh man... I'm finally pulling my head out of my arse. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get cracking on cleaning up my closet and helping Dave set up his man cave. Cause he has taken over the fourth bedroom as the ulitimate man retreat.... I'm beting that soon he'll be up in there reloading ammo and man stuff. I love him.

Back later! I gotta go plan some after school snacks for my people.

New year resolutions

1. Lose the 24 lbs that quitting smoking brought me.
2. Finish my MBA in May and walk in grad.
3. Spoil my hubby.
4. More one on one time with my spawn
5. Visit my momma mo

Otherwise, why screw with a good thing. Happy new year! !!!!