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This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

All good

Softball is back in season. Its been a year and a half.... but my baby had got game. Her wrist is better just sore. She taped up and first step up to plate she hammered a triple. It was pouring rain.   I was soaked and freezing. It was wonderful.  Dave was late but he made it tonight in time for dinner. At least three more games this weekend.   Enjoying my hotel stay.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The week started out soooooooooooo good with a great Mother's Day. Then my professor returned my stupid research topic request and did not chose my number one choice (which of course what I was already researching and pulling sources for) so that meant stop drop and work my ass off to get a research proposal put together for my new topic and ready for submission last night. All day Monday was spent working on that bad boy. Then yesterday, the same. Last night, I took Princess to practice and sat there while she gets her softball on. And then after she landed wrong sliding into second, I took her to the ER. Not broken, just splinted for a sprain. She says she's playing this weekend for her first Montana (or as Dave calls this place, Montucky) tourney. I'll keep you posted.

After all said and done, I managed to squeak my proposal in with three minutes to spare. I'm also two paragraphs short of the required page length. Crap. Really hoping the professor over looks that. Crap.

But I have already mowed the yard this morning, watered the yard , and started washing bedding. Seeing how she was hurting and tired and drugged, Princess climbed straight into bed covered in dirt head to toe. It's gross. If it weren't for all the pink she wears and the ever present mascara and cherry lipgloss I'd swear she was a boy.

Side note: She lost her cell phone, for being a teen doing stupid crap. Amazingly enough she may never get it back, Dave has decided that seeing her all the time rocks. With no cell phone, she is all about family time now. Huh.....

Pray for me though, Duchess managed to talk us into her joining band. Playing the sax.

Sweet Jesus.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mothers day

They spoilt me rotten! They sent me on a dinner date with Dave.  They built me a locket. And holy shite.... they took me clay shooting.  Best weekend evah!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tinkle Time

I'd like to say that I have had huge improvement. Tonight, I had to pee so bad and we were out shooting clays. My dear sweet husband tore his shirt so I could pee (don't make me go there) and this time people.... I didn't pee on my shoe. This is huge improvement. I'm sure you all remember my canoe accident in Texas where I wet my shoe. Disgraceful.

TMI alert, is it too late? ;)

More later

Thursday, May 9, 2013

And my day went down the toliet

Looked in rearview mirror on way to drop kids off..... that sucks ass. Poor kid. Pill and cream time. At least laundry will b done

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cheap asses

So the grass is green and the snow is gone. And I am a cheap ass who refuses to pay these freaking oil boom prices for a damn push mower to mow my tiny ass yard. So I did what any serious Southern woman with a debit card does, I got on Amazon Prime. I ordered a small lawnmower. It got here today. The fucker is a no electric, no gas honest to goodness ole school blade cutter thingy. It's a nice arm workout. But seriously, it was $78 bucks and the yard looks freaking AMAZEBALLZ (welcome home MaeBaeBee).... so yeah, I did good.

Only prob, Dave was totally working from home when the Fedex guy showed up with my Prime packages. Shit, had to explain the new sandels, bahahahahaha.

Tomorrow is a long drive into North Dakota to civilization so that we can have kids braces' checked. Gonna get me a overdue pedi while I'm there too.
I may have wolfie toes.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sniper Training

Now that the snow is gone and we are finally seeing some days with decent temps, it's time to shoot. It was a busy day. We were all up and running in different directions this morning. Duchess was at a friends house but since it's in the neighborhood they bounce back and forth so I just leave my door wide open. Princess had to be at the track meet at 830. Dave had to leave for work at 830. Murphy and me went through the house and did some chores then I went for a two mile hike/walk. I made it home just in time to take kids lunch and grab a shower before Dave came home and captured me. Just the two of us loaded up and headed out for some shooting.

While I love love love to shoot, we've been working with the kids on shooting clays. Both of the girls got shotguns for Christmas, 20 gauges. We've spent some time just letting them shoot targets to get the feel of their guns. Now that we have progressed to clays, it'll be awhile before they get the hang of it but that's more fun for all of us. Dave and I did the math and the last time I have shot clays was when we were dating.

Long story short.... when we were dating the guys all got together at somebody's land to shoot clays and Dave brought me along. I actually brought a book to read but got handed a shotgun at one point nad turns out I'm a decent shot with clays, lol. So now back to today...

Still sore from our last clay outing, we decided to just take our rifles today and one of his pistols. I really like my new toy. I'm way better with a rifle or a gun with a good peep sight then I am with a pistol. Mainly because up until this point, I have been trained with handguns to point shoot. I point shoot accurately however I can not target shoot with a handgun for nothing. So handguns for me are to protect and kill. This might explain why I simply adore my 22 rifle I got for Christmas. Although Dave just handed over his Savage 223 bolt to me. So today was all about getting my new scope dialed in and accurate. It was super windy but a box of bullets later and I was sad that I was out. We put up some metal flip targets at 50 and I had them babies singing in the wind. Love love love that gun. Loud but no kick. My only problem is that it's heavy for me. I have little ole arms (not quite t-rex arms though) so I have to shoot prone or sitting. Which got me to thinking.... I gotta practice more so I can get that baby up to 500. Then I can be a real sniper. Woot woot......

Until then, just gonna join Dave on his preditor hunts.

Friday, May 3, 2013

My homeslice

There are times when I just sit and thank God for my marriage.  We have truly grown up together and I find myself living with my best friend. This was not always the case. But I got a call.....

Hey bestie can u do me a solid?

Yeah that was my husband.  Lol. Hes my bestie. My comfortor. My protector. My conscience.  My lover. Rawr. My homeslice.

So yeah I did him a solid.