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Lord help me but these babies wear me out.... they are just perfect!


Yes, it's from last winter but I adore this us....


This kid glows from the inside out... my almost 11 year old!

We are so smexy!

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Life in My Shoes...

So I thought I'd give a little glimpse of my day... this is a peek of life through my shoes.

 I share traffic with cows. Yeeeeehaw baby. He kept staring......

 The highlight of my work day yesterday, learning how to wire for a new product. Not cause I have to or even need to, but simply because somebody lost a bet an thought it'd be funny to have to teach me something technical as a result. IT WORKED though so I rock.

The kids' opponents forfeited without even showing up (guess word is out that we rock) so we played parents verses kids. HYSTERICAL. I can't wait to get the rest of these pics in but Dave played right field and I played short stop. Princess is still pissed cause I fielded her line drive and threw her out at first before she was half way there, lol. I do so love this sport.

The daddys! Since our 12 year old pitcher throws some super fast balls, the boys refused to hit off her without helmets. Dave's didn't quite fit, lol.

We wore them out. She didn't make it to even put on jammies.

Cause after the game, we took all the kids (and sore parents) to DQ where we ran into someone else who'd lost a bet. He was dressed like Thor (with hammer and shoes) on a date, lol.

Tonight is girl's night. Prin and her bff chillaxing on my couch. Right now, they are getting coached on two-steppping from Dave. It's always fun at my house apparently.

Duch is just a hot mess, lol. That girl has been distracting me from writing papers all day with facts about dogs. She read a new book, sigh.

We did nails! I'm blue and she's green. We b hot.

Stud monkey is just hot. And such an amazingly good sport to have a house full of loud music, little girl giggles and off key singing wife.... he's still smiling.

Speaking of hot mess.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

More from this week...again I'm lazy

 Cause they are so purty.......
 My kiddo, just chilling poolside in Texas. She's so grown!
 My baby who is also poolside elegance!
 Me and A. trying to stay dry. No make up and covering up my severe sunburn, I was sweating like a pig!
Princess in action on short stop tonight's game. Two great hits, one walk and two scores. We got'em 15-7. Go girls go.

And now fork me, I'm done. Bedtime!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Live with Video... the Texas Griswalds

OKay, first vid: middle school cheer Prin started learning today, god help me.

second vid: the close up tight formation drill from camp on saturday, hysterical (my kid in the yellow LSU shirt naturally)

third vid: showing off her arm to daddy, six weeks since picking up a glove the first time, lol. Ham.

and now pics: cause I'm lazy and just gonna throw it all up at once:

 Duchess doing Wii bowling, since it's raining and the yard is off limits.

 Princess studying for mid-semester tests, 6th grade is tough in Texas!

 Murphy keeping watch over his domain...... spoilt rotten dog.

 Duchess petting some dogs *cough-horses-cough* at the school.

 Duchess's attempt at taking mommy pics, lol....

 Prin and some of her team mates after a practice, ummm we have ice cream afterwards, lol

 She's Dave's kid, eatting sunflower seeds and spitting in an empty coke can.

 My hair is FINALLY long enough to put in my favorite "work" do....

 In control of the buttons......that's also Dave's kid, lol....

 Barbies at the ballfield, Duchess and friend on game night....

 Prin taking ball pics for the regular season...

 Girl done went and got a weave. Thanks to Miss B for hooking her up, she and her friend are the envy of the 6th grade with their feathers.

 We start our mornings with 20-40 minutes of piano practice here, do you? If not, you should, nothing says "get your butt out of bed" like the same song over and over and over

 At least she loves it, cause it's freaking early!

 Prin making Tuesday night dinners. That's her night to cook. It's usually breakfast for dinner. Yum.

 Duch on laundry duty.

 Murphy on Murphy duty. It's a tough life.


We finally got some rain down here in East Texas. Whew, the burn bans have been waving for awhile and I was happy to have rain to fall asleep to. Although not happy to have a dog and a child wake me up at 3am cause the thunder/lightening was so bad it scared the crap out of them. Poor babies. Then there was my and Murphy's special mommy/doggie bonding time at 530 when I let him out and he promptly fell off my porch into a mudpuddle so early bath time for him! Nothing says happy Tuesday like fighting a dog in the tub before the sun rises.

Today was TAKS tests for my kids. I was so worried as it's their first real state test ev-ah so I put them to bed early. Got them up and made them homemade breakfast tacos to fill up their little brains with knowledge and packed them a super duper lunch. Par for the course, Duchess swears it was easy cheesy and Prin was like... I miss 3 or 30, I have no idea. lol. She's like me, can't really peg how she did on any test. But tomorrow is the reading portion so it's rinse and repeat here. Big ole healthy dinner, early to bed (no dancing with the stars for us tonight) and then yummy breakfast to send them off. Another month of school and my babies are off for the summer.

Excited to have Dave home all next week! Gonna enjoy some chill time with my guy. He starts traveling for his new job (all over US and possibly Canada) on the 9th and I'm super proud of my guy. Three weeks till he's awarded his degree and he's already nailed a job using that degree. So very proud! I do believe there will be fishing in our future next week.

So while I'm cooking dinner, Prin is reading and Duch is play Wii golfing ... we're gonna send our regrets and hop off here.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Why I'm Not Ashamed To Not Be Creative

So when we moved into this house, I splurged on a bedding set for the master bedroom. Cause a room that makes me so happy should be purty. I get so little sleep that I literally giggle everytime I walk into my room, so freaking love my bedroom.

(and some people who know what a cheapscape I am, literally just passed out at my use of the word splurge, lol)

So when SOMEONE decided to wash my comforter to remove the Murphy drool spot, the whole bottom seam came unravelled and open. Ghetto city. And I tried ducktape but it didn't last a week.

Finally got smart, sucked it up and dropped it off at the dry cleaners to be "fixed" and cleaned. I didn't ask how much, does it really matter? I was gonna leave it no matter what so I'd rather not know.

They called today. $8 to fix the sewing.

Excuse me, seriously?

$8 freaking dollars?

This is why I don't get all twisted up over my lack of creativity and girlie crap.

I can PAY someone $8 to sew a pain in the ass comforter fixed and not hurt myself, bleed all over something and basically stress myself out.

I'd rather waste my money on something useful like slut novels, shoes, softball tournements, wii games, and Sonic drinks than sew, make hair bows, or scrapebook.

(found a shop in the mall where you can buy hairbows too, snicker)

So the main idea to this whole story: Murphy is kicked out my bed so he can't drool on my really nice comforter. Cause the I have the matching drapes and pillows and everything, and I'll never ever open my wallet enough to buy it all again.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

More of our weekend/week in review: Texas Style

So as usual, we had a busy weekend. Dave is home!!!! Love having my guy home, just lights up my house. And since we'd already had a ton of stuff scheduled, he jumped right in. We got rid of our old washer/dryer and in 21 minutes went in and agreed on/paid for/loaded up and headed out with our new ones. It's like we use the force, we just look at each other and know, yep or nope. But we got the ones we wanted/needed and here's to another ten years with a good set. Our AC unit went out in our leased house, great..... it's less than a year old too, sucks for our sweet landlord but it's a work in progress. It's hotter than the seventh circle of hell down here already. But the rest of the day was fun stuff.....

We actually went over to some friends for a crawdaddy boil. Yes, you read that right. We volunteeringly socialized with another couple not family. We may be evolving, not sure yet, lol. But they are funny and we're stocked about meeting Dave.

 Duchess spent about eight hours in the pool today and this is the only shot from the entire day of her that was NOT blurry. The kid was in super sonic motion all day. This is where she started to wilt. She's been in bed for two hours now. Poor baby was tired.

 My friend, Miss B, who drug me out of the house to socialize. It's rare to meet another human being with my snarky humor, hence she rocks. Even if she did put those hair feathers in Princess' hair today. Prin is rocking some zebra stripes, red, and blue feathers weaved up into her head. Oh boy!

Okay, the mudbugs were fuking awesome.... seriously yummy. Except they were HOT. I had half a platter before my fingers went numb, and I had to have help prying the meat out. Then my lips went from fire to numb and I had to stop eating cause food was fallign straight out. HOT. Everybody laughed when I got a cup of milk and kept coating my lips down but soon I wasn't the only one. Milk really does remove the heat peeps. Prepares you for that second helping.

 Today was Billy's camp, verses individual lessons over the holiday weekend. The girls were all brought together and put through the ringer. This is the tight formation drill. Concept is foreign to me but brilliant. Girls are told do not let ball past you, any of you, or everyone runs to the woodline and back. They let ONE ball get past. Ran. Then worked their butts off as a team to keep all balls from getting past them. Brilliant.

 See, the ball got past the first line and they were all working to get to it. Balls were coming so fast that there was no break in between. Love this drill. Real team builder.

 Prin scooping one while another chases down the stray they ran on.

 They did multiple batting drills. They are prepping for all-stars. Prin's team has the fast pitcher in the league, fastest in this area of the state true for their age bracket, at 50 mph. But all-stars we'll see teams with that and more, so they are working on it already. Bunting is getting widely used by the girls now and so is slapping.

 Prepping for a bunt, notice the feet. That is only way I can tell when it's coming.

 Regular hit.
 Showing Daddy her arm, he's been hearing about her throwing for awhile now so at 730 yesterday morning they were in the yard. Love that he's all about it. Duchess refused to get out of bed.

 Slight glove adjustment. We're trying to work her into a bigger glove but she really likes this smaller one.

 Self-defense training for Dave's daughters. lol. Seriously, Prin just trying out the sights on Dave's AK. Notice that while she's a righty, she shoots left handed. This is why they are starting to batt her lefty some.

Scrimmage game, Prin laying at third base. Bad-arse hit that got her 3 bases and safe on third. Daddy was suppose to be umping third base, but was instead taking pics, lol.

Now, I have to run to wally world and get Easter stuff. More pics later. Hugs, mudbugs, and softball from Texas.

Yesterdays fun in pics

Life be simple but blessed in the country yo. Armed to the freaking teeth.