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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pinch Me

Long time no post... I'm pretty horrible about posting now but since I have my columns as an outlet, I haven't really remembered to post. I haven't forgotten my blog though, it's where I began writing out my thoughts and sometimes it's so neat to look back. Life has taken so many crazy turns. God is so good. My column was nationally syndicated and now I have the opportunity to plant seeds for God weekly in newspapers across the US. There is no way in the world that a girl from no where Louisiana could accomplish this... it's all God. Dave is wonderful as usual. I cant get over how amazing this man keeps getting... like my favorite wine, he keeps getting better and better. Yummy. The girls... good Lord but the girls have grown so much. Princess is in her first year of nursing school after graduating early. All the way down in Oklahoma, far from her momma but she's got both sets of grandparents nearby and she is just thriving. God is having his way.... making her path. Duchess well she's in 8th grade and frankly if she could go off to college tomorrow she would... in fact she's already asking about studying abroad in a couple years... she is a handful... but a beautiful musical handful. She plays the sax like a pro and it's pretty cool to hear some blusy jazz in the evenings. North Dakota has become home. It's quiet and peaceful.... so few people and such beautiful land. Oh you can see God's hand everywhere you turn here. The bison, the moose, and the land... it's good. I keep stretching and working to get closer to God and I'm enjoying our quiet life. It's good. Oh so good.